Hope Wissel

Saturday Spotlight – Taylor Sam’s


It has been awhile since I focused on the AMAZING Taylor Sam’s located at 1563 Route 88 in Brick, NJ.


They just recently won – BEST BREAKFAST on 94.3 The Point radio station.  

Here is a little bit about them:

Taylor Sam’s is operated by Executive Chef Scott Spivak. Chef Scott along with his wife Dawn, formerly owned Sixth Avenue Bistro was started in 2006 and soon become the local hotspot for guests who enjoyed their unique flair on comfort food in Toms River. Voted one of the best fine dining rests in Ocean County in 2007 by the Asbury Park Press…..Sixth Avenue had quickly made their mark in Toms River, now with the focus soley on catering, sixth avenue can offer that same experience at your next event.

Now Scott and Dawn have started a new venture in Brick….there goal was to offer a great breakfast and lunch dining experience for the local residents in Brick as well as visitors enjoying the Jersey Shore. They wanted the menu at Taylor Sam’s to be eclectic and homestyle by using quality ingredients as well as offering personal service. They want you to feel at home while not breaking the bank!

Open EVERYDAY from 8AM – 3:30PM. Delivery service available, phone: 732-458-7267.

What started for hubby and I as a “let’s just try it”, has become like a second home.  The staff: Nick, Dan, Rose, Fernando, Kara, Taylor and the rest of the crew are AMAZING!

I think I speak for all of the regular customers when I say that you couldn’t find a better place to eat. The food is FRESH. The staff is friendly. Special requests are no problem – believe me I know since I am always changing things up.

Pancakes and French Toast are AWESOME!


Their variety of salad combinations always leaves me guessing with combinations that I would have NEVER thought to put together.


I have probably tried everything on the menu that is NOT meat since I am a vegetarian but I haven’t heard anyone complain about anything there.

If you haven’t tried it, you need to. Having an event, meeting or party – have them do the catering.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say AFTER you have tried them out.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

The Start of Summer at the Shore

Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Memorial Day weekend was filled with mixed emotions.  It was the start of the summer season which meant that the “bennies” (or shoobies as we called them in South Jersey) would be invading for the next few months. 

In high school, I worked at Kohr’s at Third Avenue so this was the first BIG weekend that we got to work.  Typically, we started working on weekends when it was nice around Easter.  This was the weekend that we were able to reconnect with old friends who came home from college or those who traveled to work for the summer.  We enjoyed days on the beach and long nights on the boardwalk – working and hanging out with friends.  The summer traffic was never really thought about nor did we really think about the people that invaded our shores.  

As I got older, moved to South Jersey (just outside of Ocean City), I came to dread this weekend.  No longer did if hold the joy of traveling to the beach and long nights of hanging on the boardwalk.  Now it was filled with shoobies/ bennies who congested the roads and littered our beaches.  It made parking impossible.  The joy of the summer was replaced with dread.    Honestly, we spent more time at the beach from Easter to around the middle of June then we did the entire summer.  These were the days that were filled with sunshine, quiet moments on the beach and only a little bit of traffic mostly caused by locals.

Yes, I know it is great for the economy and is a definite plus for all of the small businesses in the area. For many businesses, the summer season is what carries them through the long cold winter.  This year holds even more challenges at the shore as many businesses are still recovering from the devastation of Sandy.  

As for me, I will wait until the mid-week between now and mid June to enjoy the warmth of the beach and strolls on the boardwalk.  Then I will wait, patiently, for the crowds to go home before I head back to the beach.  The pool at the complex will be my haven during the day and on an occasional mid-week night, we may travel down to take a stroll on the boardwalk.  

What are your plans for this weekend at the Jersey Shore?  Do you have any tips for avoiding the crowds and still enjoying our wonderful beaches?  I would love to hear them.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!