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Are You Phoning In

Happy Monday!!!!

Do you feel like working your business today?  Did the unbearably cold weather this past weekend have you wanting to stay home instead of heading out for your party?  You went but you weren’t really there.  Was your goal to make phone calls today and now you are distracted so you will do it tomorrow?  Does tomorrow never come?

phoning it in

I have been there and so have many others in direct sales.  It doesn’t just happen on Mondays, it can happen any day of the week.  Julie Ann Jones calls it “phoning it in”.  You know when you call in to your business but you don’t really work your business.

What if you take stock of what is really happening… is your to-do list a mile long, maybe you don’t have anything planned so you can’t focus (this is usually me), or maybe you are just feeling YUK today (you know when your self esteem is a little off) or maybe you really wanted to hang out with friends today but knew you “should” work.  So we make excuses, and have a million reasons why we aren’t getting the desired results.

So, how do you change it?  Here are some AWESOME suggestions courtesy of Julie Ann:

Check in with Yourself – see if something’s bothering you that you need to work through or deal with. Are you hungry? Having a bad day? Maybe you feel guilty because you’re working when you promised your kids you wouldn’t. Or you’re battling your gremlins (those little voices in your head that tell you lies about yourself and the world) about what you’re doing (you know, “Why are you even bothering calling her? She doesn’t want to talk to you! She hasn’t returned your call, so doesn’t that tell you anything?”).  The gremlins are the thing that usually get me.

Check in and see what’s really causing you to “phone it in”, and then deal with it. Take a break, have a sandwich, call a friend, put on some music.  Funny, taking a break is usually the last think that I do, maybe I need to switch things up.  What about you?  Do you take care of YOU first?

Get it Down on Paper – This is a great idea but I tend to have too many lists.  I shuffle papers and make notes then I am touching papers or emails 1000 times instead of just once.  I wish that once I put it on paper, I could let it go (yes, I started humming “Let It Go”) and focus more intently on what I’m currently working on.  I have to admit that I do feel like I accomplished ALOT when I write it on paper then get to cross it off with a highlighter that shows that I have done it.  What is your best tip for getting it down on paper?

Make Sure You Have Time to Do Your Best Work – This one seems like a no brainer but it’s not.  So don’t start a project if you don’t have time to finish it (or can’t stop at a logical place and come back to it later). This is where planning and having a schedule come in very handy.  I wonder if this applies to putting parties and/or sales in at the end of the month. You know the last hour of the last day of a sale or for your monthly goals or that certain incentive.

Ask Yourself if This is Something You Should Delegate – I know you are thinking, “I am a one woman show”, who am I supposed to delegate too, right?  You don’t have to have a huge staff but maybe it means enlisting the help of your hubby or kids.  So maybe the labels won’t be perfectly straight but they will be done and you can be free to work on something else. Is anyone really going to notice?  Maybe it is letting hubby do the dishes or clean.  Maybe it won’t be your way of doing things but it will be done and you won’t have to do it.  Think outside of the box when it comes to who could support you.

So, are you phoning it in today in your business? And what are you going to do do about it? I’d love to have you share below.

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Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

A Plan for 2015

Holidays on a Thursday make getting up and doing anything on Friday SOOOO hard.  Some of you may be enjoying the luxury of staying in bed a little longer but I am off to my JOB.  I actually don’t mind my day job – I mean it is only 3 days a week.  Sorry, I squirreled for a minute!!!  No, that is not the plan for 2015!!!

I am actually excited about 2015 and my Thirty One business.  The new Jewell but Thirty One purse line is AWESOME.  There are more exciting things coming in March with the new JK by Thirty One.  I mean who wouldn’t be excited, right?

The TWO main things that will make 2015 different for me are:

1.  I am continue to heal and release my baggage of the past.  My counselor/ life coach has been a HUGE help.  I actually am starting to like myself which translates to feeling confident which translates to  growing my business and a healthier marriage.  Yes, a big jump but that is how I feel this morning.

2.  I have a plan for this year.  Not just on paper but one that I started to implement as I was working on it.  A plan with “achievements” set and even starting working some steps to achieve them

JulieAnn Jones says that there are 3 KEY steps to a successful plan:

My word for 2015 is TRUST.  Check out yesterday’s blog to read all about it.

I never really thought of my word for the year as this: “This is, essentially, the one word that would define you without any of the other markers you normally use to define you (“who” would you be without any possessions, business, spouse, children, family, pets, etc. Just you, in your body, standing where you are right now. Who are you?)”  

Based on the description above do you see me?

It seems odd that “Identify your core values” had me a little stuck.  These are the values that truly define who you are and what you must have in your life to feel fulfilled and happy and like life is worth living.  Shouldn’t everyone know what their core values are?  Before I have to hit the reset button and kick Negative Nellie to the curb – I realize that it is because I am finding ME again.  The person that seemed to be lost so many years ago.

Just for today, they are: Fun, Generous, Resourceful, Independence and Spirituality.

So, I thought that having a WORD for the year was enough but according to JulieAnn, you need a THEME too.  UGH!   This is an over-riding phrase, feeling, picture, or song for the year.

Mine is “Girls Just Want to have FUN.”

Okay so the theme may be a little retro but this is firth THEME that popped into my head. Not sure if it goes with my WORD of the year but maybe it really doesn’t have to be linked together.

In the bigger picture of 2015, I want to “trust” in the process of direct sales basics of book, sell, recruit.  I want my hostesses and customers to have fun so that they WANT to party with me again.  I, myself,  want to have FUN recapturing the passion and excitement of every day without the access baggage of the past.

What is YOUR plan for 2015?  Do you have a WORD or a THEME?  Share it below or go to my Facebook page and leave it there.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

January and the NEW Spring Catalog

Sunday was an AMAZING day!  The highlight of which was celebrating Thirty One’s Spring Premiere with 150 plus women at a local movie theater in Toms River.  This was the first time that Premiere was close and I wasn’t driving 2 hours to be part of the excitement.  I know you are wondering, why Spring Premiere NOW, right?  Thirty One’s new Spring catalog kicks off on January 1st just in time to beat the winter chill with thoughts of warmer days.

In the past, I like many others, tend to have a V-8 moment the week in between Christmas and New Years when I realize that I don’t have much on the books for January.  Our holiday cut-off is December 10th then comes the holidays and before long, it is January.  Our business has gotten pushed aside and we are now trying to play catch up.  Does this sound familiar?  This was me last year and despite my lack of planning, I had a great “J” month.  This year, I am planning for January starting with this month’s parties so that my first “J” month of the new year will be off the charts.

I love this advice from  JulieAnn Jones: Block out December 15 – 31st on my calendar as if it doesn’t exist and move those people into the new year.  This way I can make sure that my January calendar is booked focusing on January 1st – 15th.  A paycheck on the 25th would be a nice way to kick off the new year, right?

Here are a few of my favorite reasons for hosts to book parties with me in January:

  • The holidays are over (that in and of itself is a let down).  Why not have some girl time to catch up with everyone you missed over the holidays.
  • Other than Martin Luther King day, we don’t get to celebrate any holidays in January so people need an excuse for a party
  • We have an AWESOME host and customer specials for January
  • The NEW Spring Catalog
  • I am working on qualifying for our Leadership incentive trip to Riviera Maya

So I am ready….armed with some NEW tips from Rockstar MOMpreneurs.  Ready to fill my calendar with home parties and back them up with some online Facebook parties just in case the weather is bad.  I am ready to dangle a lot of carrots in the hopes that it will be the right thing to entice guests to set their date.

In addition to booking parties, I am sure that there will be many who will be dreading the January bills from the holidays.  What better time to join my team?  Extra income, new products and some me (or girl time) – what more could a girl want, right?

So look at your December parties as more than just sales opportunities. Look at them as a way to ensure that you’ll start next year with a strong business. That way, you can truly relax over the holidays knowing you’ll have a business to come back to when the new year starts.

Oh, did you really think that I was going to show you what is coming in the NEW Spring catalog?  Silly readers!!!  I will tell you that if you check out my VIP page – Hope’s Purse Closet you might get a glimpse of what is coming.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!






Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Fail Traps


Have you caught the bug of direct sales?  Have you thought, “I can do that”?  Or maybe, “I would love to earn some extra money but don’t have a lot of time.   Maybe direct sales would be the way to go?  This is the season when many companies are offering AMAZING incentives for joining as a new recruit.  Thirty One is one of them.  Some are offering extra product, some are offering rebates or deep discounts on their enrollment kit, while others are just giving things away.  Before you make that jump (or if you already have), let’s talk about some common mistakes that people make when starting their direct sales business.

Honestly, these are mistakes that a seasoned consultant can make when they get complacent about their business.  These most common direct sales “fails” and how to fix or avoid them are courtesy of JulieAnn Jones (one of my favorites, in case you hadn’t noticed).

Fail #1Getting off to a rocky start.  Your kit arrives and you are ready for your first party right?  Well, that may not be entirely true.  You will also need some basic tools to help you get started like how to do a basic party, how to get bookings from that party, how to sell your products, and how to follow up with people before you do your first party.  Ask to follow your sponsor at a party, so you can see  how it is done.  Or maybe they will even do your first one for you so you can see how it is done.  No matter what, get help/ tips from your sponsor and/or their upline.  Get suggestions from those who have done this before so that you can avoid some of the common mistakes.

Fail #2 – Not using the tools you’re given to succeed. This one relates to Fail #1.  You got a manual with your kit, did you read it?  Training opportunities online, did you watch them?  Believe me, you will get ALOT of ideas on how to do things from both of these tools, why not use them?

Fail #3 – Assuming your host will take your business as seriously as you do.   I LOVE this one because it not only applies to the newcomer but also to those who have been dabbling in their business.  Do YOU believe this is a business or is this just a “fun thing”?  If you want them to take you seriously, work it as a business.  Stay in contact with your host prior to her party and send her invitations out for her at least 7 days prior to her party. Communication is the key to success.  I know an old cliche but so true.

Fail #4Making your parties all about your products.  Another problem for ALOT of consultants, new and old (and I don’t mean age wise).  Ask yourself, would you want to attend one of your parties?  If the answer is no, fix it.  Shift from product parties (where your only obvious goal is to leverage people to buy your products, book a party, or sign up to join your team) to parties that are all about the experience and focus on the fun! Remember, not one single guest is only there because of your products. They want to have a good time, and you’re the catalyst for that.

Fail #5Neglecting your follow up duties.  If you’re not following a consistent, intentional follow-up plan with your customers, potential hosts, and potential team members, you are setting yourself up to fail.  Figure out what your follow up plan is, keep track of everyone using that system, and keep following up until they tell you to stop. That way, when the timing is right, you’ll be there, in front of them, with an easy way for them to say yes.  This is something that many of us struggle with so you are not going to be alone.  Pride yourself on your customer service (follow-up) and the rest will fall into place.

So, now that you know what to avoid, you are armed and ready to jump into the direct sales arena.  Want more details on Thirty One and what is has to offer, contact me using the form below:

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Back to Business

back to school copy

As parents are counting down the days till the kids go back to school and the kids are dreading that first day… JulieAnnJones gives us another way to look at the transition that our business will take (especially those in direct sales) as we head into the final 1/3 of the business year.  For most of us, this is when 70% of our business will take place.  I am always amazed at that number but the truth is when I look at my sales, these are by far the best months.  New catalog – new prints – back to school shopping – holiday shopping – parties – fundraising, the list goes on.

back to school

So, here are the questions that JulieAnn suggested to get your thinking “transition”, you know from Vacation Veronica to Successful Sally….

  1. What are your goals for the next four months?  Goals should be written down.  I have a goal board that I use to keep me on track (most of the time) along with a vision board.  It is already broken down into months but really, they are not those S.M.A.R.T. goals.  so it may be time to hit the drawing board again.
  2. How much income will you earn?  I know how much I want to earn or that I need to pay bills but the truth is that I struggle with the “will earn”.  Those simple words require confidence which leads to stepping out of my comfort zone which requires faith to believe that I CAN do this.  Fear sometimes gets in the way of that which causes me to settle instead of striving.
  3. How many parties will it take to reach your goal?  My goal has always been a minimum of 6 events per month with the sky being the limit.  I say events because I count Facebook, catalog and fundraisers in my plan.  Home parties are the BEST because my party averages are so much higher than a Facebook or catalog party but I am working on that with the help of some tech savvy consultants.
  4. How many new team members will you need to bring onto your team?  I have stopped saying that this is an area where I struggle because negative thoughts brings negative actions right?  How many do I need versus how many do I want?  You know the age old wants versus need battle, right?  For me, I need to re-promote (in theory) every year which means that I need at least 4 new qualified consultants during the year.  Goal written so now let’s put that into action.
  5. What will you commit to daily to reach your goal? Weekly? Monthly?  Although this is different for each of us, it is the action steps you will take to achieve your goal for the season.  Write them down.  Take action.  Step out of your comfort zone and reach for the moon.
  6. Finally, how will you feel once you hit it? (Really define this – it’s probably the most important item on this list).  I am always emotionally overwhelmed when I reach a written goal.  It takes awhile to sink in but in the end, I am humbled by my success and one step closer to shading Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie forever.

Just like the syllabi your kids are bringing home with outlines of assignments and project for the next semester in each class, this list will help you create your own syllabus for success in your direct sales business. I’d love to have you share your goals and action steps below.

Hope you have a ThirtyOne-derful day!