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Bouncing Back

bouncing ball

A new month.  A new start.  The summer may have thrown you a curve ball.  Maybe you were Vacation Veronica and took the summer off.  Maybe you just aren’t happy with the results of your business (or weight loss journey).  Are you ready to bounce back?  Yes, it is possible!


Here is some excerpts from a blog by the wonderful JulieAnn Jones.  As yourself this question, FIRST:

“What do I need the most right now?”

What are you major needs? Could it be: fill your calendar, get your office organized, re-do the budget, focus/clarity, recruit more team members, connect to your why again – whatever it is, identity them.  Don’t get crazy – keep it to no more than 5, less is better.  You don’t want that overwhelming feeling to continue to plague your days.


The next thing that you need to do is to take those needs and develop a simple strategy of a three-step plan.  These three things PLAN, ACTION, and RESULTS are a guarantee to get things moving again.  By creating a plan along with action  steps, you will produce the results.  It is the best way to divide and conquer the feeling of overwhelm when looking at your needs.  Here is an example  from JulieAnn’s blog:

Each plan is specific to an individual’s needs, but here is an example of how my client approached his need to know the status of his team.

The Question: “What do you need when you think of your team?”

The Need: “I want to hear how their doing, what they need and to identify how to best communicate with me so I can stay focused this week as I return back to work and have two weeks’ worth of tasks to accomplish.”

The Plan: Create a clear, concise team email.

The content of the email was still in question, so to clarify my client broke down the need even further by identifying these things:

  • What is the PURPOSE for the email
  • What is the GOAL set by sending out this email?
  • What ACTIONS are needed (including a strong call to action, i.e.; please respond back to me with your input/update by Friday at 5pm.)
  • What are the ideal RESULTS produced by sending out this email?

By the end of our call my client had a new plan and a new outlook on his journey. He stated, “Most of the overwhelmed and exhausted feelings I was having was really me just overthinking all that I had to do. Once we chunked it down and set up simple actions to take I was in immediate go mode and could clearly see how I was going to get everything done by 5pm Friday.”

Feeling overwhelmed?  Ask yourself this: “what do you need to get done with the time that you have?”.  Then  create healthy boundaries that break down into reasonable timeframes that get results.  Sounds pretty easy, right?  I know it isn’t.  If you are like me, I can easily write my needs but breaking them down into reasonable timeframes can be a problem.  And this coming from a former grant writer who won lots of grants.

Time frames are helpful when taking on large projects and allow for smaller goals to act as milestones on the journey to the big goal. By creating an A | B | C system, you are able to see a quick snapshot of what needs to happen first. For example, if you say ‘by Thursday noon I will have completed X level of paperwork,’ by looking at your timeline you can identify that your “A” priority paperwork needs to be completed first. Allowing the visual aid of marking down the completion of each smaller goal in comparison to the big goal creates an end-in-mind approach that is helpful.

So, here is your challenge this week –  to identify where you are stuck.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, put pen to paper and working through it with some strategy and a 3 part plan.  You can bounce back from any set-back, it takes determination and dedication.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Don’t Give Up

monday morning

Thirty One’s National Conference is winding down in Columbus today.  There will be lots of PINK bubbles floating across the east coast over the next week or so as everyone travels home to share their excitement over the new prints, products, and incentives.

For those that may not have gone to their company’s national conference, this can be a time of wonder.  Wondering if I should continue?  Wondering if sales/ bookings will get better?  Wondering if I could be a leader?  The truth is if you can dream it, you can be it!  I know easy to say but difficult to practice, right?

I love the analogy from JulieAnn Jones about direct sales being like the Chinese bamboo plant.  If you haven’t heard it, here it is:

The Chinese Bamboo plant starts from a tiny seed. You plant the seed in the dirt, and you water and fertilize it. Nothing happens the first year…no sprout, no sign of life, nothing.

If you’re persistent, the second year you water and fertilize and protect the seed, and nothing happens.

The same for the third and fourth year. No sprout, no shoot, nothing.

Then, in the fifth year, if you’re still keeping the faith and watering and fertilizing the seed, the Chinese Bamboo plant begins to grow. In fact, it grows 90 feet tall in just 6 weeks!

The question is, did it grow 90 feet in six weeks or in five years? Five years, right? If at any point you had either stopped caring for the seed or worse, dug it up to see why the heck nothing was happening, it would have stopped growing and died.

So, maybe you have invested a year or two or maybe even 4 (like me) in your business.  You have developed loyal customers, built relationships and maybe even a team.  You have invested in your own personal growth as well as business tools so that you could have a successful business. You have spent endless hours working your business.  Yet, maybe you haven’t met your goals or you haven’t made as much money as you wanted or no one wants to book parties.  We have all been there at some point, right?

Then there are the Negative Nellies in your life who say “nothing is happening” or they discourage you or they say “maybe you should sell something else”.  I have heard those things too.  If you’re like most direct sellers, you may be tempted to give up. If you love what you do – DON’T.  Just remember the bamboo tree.

If you give up, the seeds you planted, nurtured, cared for, will die. But if you continue to care for the seeds, if you have faith and you don’t give up, one day (when you least expect it) the results of your labor could seem to magically appear overnight!

You see, there is a VERY fine line between those who succeed and those who fail in direct sales.  The different is some give up and some keep going, no matter what.  Which one will you be?

Don’t give up. You never know what’s waiting for you just beneath the surface of your business.  Off to buy some bamboo seeds or maybe I will start with a small sprout.  I don’t have a lot or patience.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Want An Ideal Team


Happy Throwback Thursday!   I love seeing all of the retired Thirty One prints and products.  It reminds me how far we have come.

The NEW Fall enrollment kit is NOW available.  I love the new prints and the fact that there is some of our newest products included in this little pink box.

fall enrollment kit

No, this is not a pitch to get you to join my team – although we do know what an AMAZING $99 deal it is.

Today, we are going to  talk about finding our “ideal team members”.   Building a team is the best way to increase your paycheck in direct sales, right?  No, I don’t mean those pyramid schemes but where you CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD your team to reach their goals.

Are you constantly complaining that your team is unmotivated, draining, and frustrating? Do you wish that your team met their goals?  Do you wish that your team were more engaging?  Guess what – if you are focusing on the things you don’t want – you are actually attracting those same kind of recruits.  As a result, you are going to get more unmotivated, draining, frustrating team members in other words kitnappers.  It’s a simple fact that you get what you focus on. So if you don’t have the direct sales team of your dreams, you are responsible for that.

So, how do we change that, right?  I mean we all want a team that wants leadership, meets all of their personal goals and works as a team player to help us meet team goals, right?

It all goes back to The Secret and speaking what we do want into the Universe.  So let’s decide what you want and not focus on what you don’t want, shall we? This is a short exercise courtesy of JulieAnne Jones.  Take a moment and do this short training exercise.

First of all, ask yourself the question, “Who is my ideal team member?”

Here’s a list of some adjectives to get you started:

  • Motivated
  • Happy
  • Positive
  • Smart
  • Creative
  • Invested
  • A Self Starter
  • Serious
  • Peaceful
  • Caring
  • Fun
  • Great Sense of Humor
  • Reliable
  • Dependable
  • Helpful

Now, sit down, clear your mind, get focused.  Make a list with at least five adjectives that best describe your ideal team member.  Be honest with yourself because this list highlights your ideal potential recruit.

Now read over the list that you just created. Would you say those words describe YOU? Of course, they do.  So, here’s the point. When you’re truly showing up at your best, the energy you’re putting out will attract others like you…at your best. It’s really that simple.

So, how do we change the energy flow?  The key is to get your thoughts, feelings, and actions lined up so you’ll begin attracting those amazing people into your direct sales business. Here’s the process…

Print out the list you made and put it up on the wall in your office. Start thinking about all of these attributes and how you can manifest them in your own business (this is the “thoughts” part of the equation).

Sit down, close your eyes, and imagine what it would feel like to be working with an entire room full of these ideal team members. Just feel the feelings of what it would be like to lead a team of outstanding individual who exemplified those characteristics (the second part of this equation).

Now visualize yourself standing in front of a huge team with all of those traits at your next team meeting. This is the third part of the process and the visualization can literally take only 30 to 90 seconds.

Take about two minutes at the beginning and ending of each day to read over the list and then close your eyes and walk through your visualization.

We want to make this a habit right? So, I want you to do this visualization every day for the next 30 days, twice a day. Then pay attention to the people, circumstances, and opportunities that begin to show up in your life and business.   The most important key  is that you are going to TAKE ACTION on those opportunities!

The formula is simple and can work on anything that you decide to focus on. Attracting what you want is a simple as this three step system  of Think/Feel/Act. Who is ready to find their ideal recruit?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Phone Phobia


The money is in the follow-up“, right?  That is what has been nicely drilled into our heads from day one.  You meet people and you start to develop a relationship.  Now what?  You know what I am going to say, right?  PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL THEM!  YIKES!!!

Do you have a phone-phobia?  Are you afraid you are bothering people?  Do you feel uncomfortable? Did you feel like you stutter because you don’t know what to say?  Do you feel like the phone weighs 500 pounds?  Did you know that it was all in YOUR mind?

Let me ask you this question ” has there ever been a time when you felt comfortable picking up the phone to get orders or bookings?”  Was it collecting donations for your favorite cause?  Selling tickets for you son/daughter’s school fundraiser?  We have all called friends, family and even approached people we just met to ask them if they would support our cause.  Why is our business different?

Why were you comfortable on those calls and not when you are doing follow-up calls for YOUR business?  In most cases (me included), I feel awkward asking for people to support me by putting money in my pocket.  Yet, as a Chief Operating Officer in a non-profit (my previous life), there was NOTHING that would stop me from picking up the phone.  I believed in the work that the agency was doing and as a result I could easily tell the world.

Do you see where I am going with this?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s wrong with believing in yourself at that same level?
  • What if you believed that your business was a worthy cause and that the value you bring to your hosts and guests by offering your products and services was a gift?
  • Would that change things for you?

It is all about YOUR perception and your mindset.  I admit, the phone used to weigh 500 pounds for me and now I pick it up and call people.  Okay, so most of the time I get a voice mail but I am still letting them know that I want to connect.  I BELIEVE in my products. I BELIEVE that I am offering them something of value (FREE products, specials, etc).  I BELIEVE there is a reason to call them.

I am still looking for the best time of day to call and actually TALK to people but until I find that perfect time, I am still picking up the phone.  This is the perfect time to call customers and previous hostesses – a NEW Year and a NEW catalog.  I am going to be picking up the phone this week to wish people a happy New Year and update their files.

Are you ready to change YOUR mindset?  What is YOUR biggest phone phobia?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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This tip is courtesy of JulieAnnJones


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Increase Your Home Party Sales

Happy Monday Morning.. Since this is Christmas week, it is a short week.  Some may be taking this whole week off while others are plugging along.  With the pending release of the NEW Thirty One Spring catalog, I have been putting things together for my January parties when I came across a blog by JulieAnne Jones which made me giggle.  She starts off with:

I know, I know, your home party plan merchandise sells itself. I’ve heard that a million times from my direct sales clients and friends and I believe it…to a point.

So why did I giggle?  Because that is what I say to potential hostesses when we are talking about booking a Girl’s Night Out.  Admit it, you have said it too.  It is true because when people are having fun and you are providing them with solutions to every day problems, they will shop.

I know that none of us want to be the pushy sales person BUT you need to be using some sales techniques or you are going to leave money on the table.  Okay, maybe not literally but you will miss out on the opportunities in front of you at a home party.

So here are some tips on how to maximize your sales at the end of your home party..

1.  A Wish List.   This is a great way for your guests to keep track of the items that they like and helps with checkout.  I tried this once but did not really stress how helpful it was for the customers when they begin to order.  Starting in 2015, this will be part of my guest packet.  The end result will be that I will be able to help them with the best deals whether it is placing an order, hosting a party or joining my team.

2.  Shopping.  Be sure that you include information on how to shop in at the end of your presentation.  Things like: handing out catalogs, outlining host and customer specials for the current and next month, and sharing logistics like methods of payment you accept, how their orders will ship, etc.  This seems like a no-brainer but the truth is sometimes we forget something.

3.  Provide a Nordstrom, not a Wal-Mart experience for your guests.   I LOVE doing this.  I always tell the guests, I will help them find the best deals so that they get the most value for their dollar.  Dedicated time to each customer to answer their questions and help them with choices will increase sales and  build relationships which will lead to future bookings and sales.

4.  Add-on Products.  Solution sets have always been a part of Thirty One’s party experience – one core product teamed with two other products.  The truth is that sometimes in the craziness of the party, I forget to do this.  Asking guests if they want the monthly special is easy and usually a welcome reminder according to party guests.  Your job is to know your merchandise and catalog so well that you can suggest add-on products based on what your customers like (it’s called upselling). A high percentage of people will say yes to relevant suggestions, increasing your bottom line.

So, which one of these tips are YOU going to implement at your upcoming parties?  Better yet, what is YOUR best tip for increasing home party sales?  Share with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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