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I met Dori DeCarlo in October of 2014 at ETTW’s annual conference. The first thing that caught my eye was her hat!  Yes, I am a hat fanatic – mostly pink ones but I love all kinds of hats.  Then I got to meet her and her energy was contagious.

Here is the 411 on Dori and Word of Mom Radio:

Word of Mom Radio is on BlogTalkRadio at 10amPT/1pmET Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday our Business Spotlight shares Social Media Help Not Hype with Janice Clark and Managing Mompreneur Mayhem with Cena Block. On Wednesday we have a rotating platform with Kas Winters and The Sneaky Mom Show, Elissa Sungar and Debi Dutton with Productive Play and Glenda Cates and Branding Beyond Blogging. Dori DeCarlo once a month hosts #Music Monday and The Mompreneur Model every Thursday. Meet our show hosts and see our monthly schedule. Whether you tune in while we are on the air or listen LIVE on your time in archive we are here empowering Mompreneurs – the NEW Business Women!

Dori DeCarlo ~founder of Word of Mom Radio, is the “Roz” in the background all of our shows as well as the host of her own shows. The evolution of #WoMRadio, from one show to seven and counting…Dori hosts different shows of her own and produces all of the shows that air during the week. A mompreneur since 1994, Dori began #WoMRadio to give moms who work from home a voice…and that has grown to empowering working women and moms in and out of the house!

Beginning in April, I became a proud sponsor of Word of Mom Radio.  Can I get a WOOP!  WOOP!?  I joined some other AMAZING women who have their own business to be a part of  Mompreneur Marketplace which “focuses on FABULOUS women in business”.  I get to join some of my other fav mompreneurs like: Jersey Cookie Girl, and Teascapes.  Be sure to click the Marketplace link to check out all of the mompreneurs.

Don’t miss the radio shows too because there is lots of great information…

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Hope Wissel

Tea and Cookies

My favorite drink is tea… I know it used to be coffee but I found that coffee and my stomach are not a good mix.  Hot black tea and green tea have become my new best friends.  The flavored teas just didn’t seem to be for me.  Of course, I use Equal (artificial sweetener) which is a no-no as far as hubby is concerned.  His latest mission is to get me away from the “poison” of artificial sweeteners – could be a tough one but he is not giving up the fight. Okay, I squirreled!

I would have to admit though that he may win the no sweetener battle if the only tea I drink is from my dear friend, Kathleen Edinger who is the founder and owner of TeaScapes.  This is like no other tea I have ever had.  I LOVE it.  The Spring Break is a black tea combined with some other flavors.  SHH!!!! Don’t tell hubby but I didn’t use any artificial sweetener with it.  A small out of raw cane sugar and I was good to go.  Check it out….



I often talk about Jersey Cookie Girl – her cookies are so YUMMY!  Now that I am gluten free (actually trying to stay away from all wheat), I was sure that I would miss these YUMMY cookies.  YEAH!! I was thrilled to taste her gluten free cookies courtesy of TeaScapes (picture on the left).  They were just as good as her regular sugar cookies. The cookie tray on the right is the birthday tray that Nicole shipped to North Carolina to arrive on my daughter’s birthday.  Cookies themed just for her – not a one was cracked or broken.  Homemade delicious cookies shipped – YEAH!!! What a great way to share a taste of home with Belinda.

teascape cookiebelinda's treats

I love sharing my favorite products with you… Check both of these AWESOME business women out.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel


Happy Monday!  WOOHOO!  I am enjoying a new found freedom thanks to the AMAZING “Mom Grows A Business” conference on Friday.  I was blessed to be able to go along with my ETTM friends which made it even more fun.  Today, I am feeling like a young butterfly that has just emerged from her cocoon.


I have to admit, I wanted to go but I really didn’t understand how this kind of conference would help me – a direct sales consultant.  I mean EVERYONE that I met either had their own business (solo-preneur) or were getting ready to open their own business.  Here I was a Thirty One Director in the mix meeting amazing women but wondering how all of the available information would or could apply to my business.

Along comes the lunchtime round table discussion… I should have know it was going to be AWESOME when most of the lunch buffet catered to vegetarians.  YEAH!  Okay, with lunch done, the discussion began with Stephanie Dalfonzo and so she began to talk about the road blocks that are holding us back.  Stephanie shared that on her drive to the conference, she was lead to change her format for the discussion group.  I have heard these kind of talks before and they have helped for the  MOMENT.  I was lead to have her “work” with me.  I was a little curious because the process she used with me was different then the other two people at the table.

Stephanie is a Master Intuitive Coach, a powerful navigator – like your own personal G.P.S. Her use of E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) made me a little nervous.  The difference this time – I was READY to overcome my ONE obstacle – NO CONFIDENCE!  Okay, I am sure that some are surprised by this revelation but the truth is beneath this crazy bag lady is a woman who experiences no confidence on a regular basis.  A simple 5 minute process changed EVERYTHING.  I know that there are some that are skeptical but the truth is – I feel like YEARS of no confidence is GONE!  It seemed funny to me that for the rest of the day, I smiled and felt relaxed even when I was walking up to new people and introducing myself.  Everyone at the table, reminded me for the remainder of the day that I was “radiant”.  WOW!  I can’t remember anyone every saying that before to me.  I can’t thank Stephanie enough for her life changing 5 minutes!

Not to worry, I will keep you posted on the long term outcome.  I am approaching my business and my personal life with more confidence.  I AM a GOOD Leader for my team.  I AM a GOOD wife, mom and daughter.  I AM an AWESOME Thirty One consultant who puts the needs of her customers and hostess above her sales.  Let’s see how this new freedom effects some of my blogs.. not in a bad way but by looking at things in a different way.

Share your thoughts… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!