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Want Your Family and Friends to Understand

Easter Monday…leftover food, half eaten Easter baskets and maybe with any luck the kids are headed back to school.  I always remember that some of the schools had their Spring break BEFORE Easter while others had them AFTER.  We have created some great memories with our family and friends that will last a lifetime.

Now, it is back to work for most of us even those in direct sales.  As you reflect on the last few days of this holiday/ spring break, is there something that you wish your family and friends understood about YOUR business? An interesting article by Kevin Daum talked about this exact thing.  If your direct sales business is your full time job or that is your goal, everyone around you may be wondering WHY would you want to be an entrepreneur, right?  Here are some of Kevin’s thoughts (and some of mine):

1. Entrepreneurs are benevolent narcissists. There is no question that many entrepreneurs act as though they are the center of the universe. Over time, I have learned that in order to make visions come true, I must constantly sell and recruit people to my mission. So yes, my world revolves around my vision and ambition. That is the narcissistic part.  I LOVE Thirty One and what it has done for me personally and in business so I want to share it with EVERYONE and anyone that wants to listen.  I want other women to know what this can do for them.

2. Once entrepreneurs decide to take action, they commit. There is an incorrect assumption about most entrepreneurs that they are impulsive.  My hubby would definitely say that I was impulsive – I want it when I want it.  Not always great for running a business but that is where he helps to balance me out.  I have to admit that when I was creating my own product (preemie baby clothes) many years ago, I was not ready to commit and take action.  I had very little business sense just a  lot of desire.  In direct sales, I find it easier to be focuses and manage my time and money.  I learned from my mistakes – okay, so I am still a work in progress.

3. Entrepreneurs feel angst about time.  It’s not that I don’t care. It’s that sometimes I am moving so fast I forget to show it. You need to be gently reminded them that not everyone moves at our pace. For those of us in Leadership who are looking to keep moving, this could be a problem.  We know to earn the next trip or move up another level, we need to rely on others as well as make things happen ourselves.  UGH!  In the mix, we may sometimes forget that it is not about what we want but about what they want or need.  They may looking to make a few extra dollars while we are pushing for Leadership.

4. Every day with positive cash flow is a good day.  Sounds like my hubby reminding me that I need to watch my expenses because YES, I am the one who likes to give away the shop.  Our AWESOME products, hostess benefits and perks being a consultant are the best reason to be a part of Thirty One.  It is nice to thank some one for their business or for an AWESOME party but it doesn’t mean that you have to loose money in the deal.  I am a giver so this one can be a struggle.

5. For entrepreneurs, working means fun and relaxation. Contrary to popular belief, most entrepreneurs are not workaholics.   Okay, so I am a recovering workaholic.  I LOVE my Thirty One business and it is fun and relaxing.  I feel blessed that the things I love to do are also the things that make money and give me a sense of accomplishment.

I would love to hear your thoughts… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!