Hope Wissel

How To Make it a GREAT Monday


WOOHOO!  Yes, I am one of those crazies that like Mondays.  Could be that it is the start of days devoted to my business.  Could be that Monday and Tuesday are hubby’s days off.  But I have to admit that I genuinely love Mondays.

I set my alarm to get up early. I’m full of motivation and anticipation for the week ahead.  I have my next 4 days planned out in detail – where I’m going, who I will meet, what work I will get done and even time some white space on the calendar for those unexpected curve balls called life.


Yup, it is all about the Law of Attraction.  The reality is that your negative (dreading) thoughts are killing your productivity before you even start your day.  I know that Mondays are not everyones weekend.  I love Monday even when I was working CRAZY hours.  I kept a positive attitude.  Have you ever had a bad Monday and then it goes downhill the rest of the week?  Yup, you set the tone for the week.  So, are you looking to make a change?

To be honest, when I decided to make the most of Monday, I actually took control of my life’s direction.  Now, before you start the negatives of why you CAN’T do these things, give them a chance.  Remember baby steps are what help change the chaotic into the manageable:

Allow yourself to really slow down and unwind.  Maybe it is a glass of wine or reading a book or a bubble bath or a massage or watching endless episodes on Netflix?  Why not, right?  I know, you have a MILLION reasons but a little self indulgence lets you take some well earned rest.  Your weekends (days off) should be different then your work week.  It allows you time to forget the stresses and strains of being a busy woman on the go.  You get to recharge so that you are ready to start all over again on Monday morning.

You need to practice this one daily.  I know those inner gremlins are screaming at you.  I know you have bad days.  I have them too.  The first thing I do is remind myself that my life is not this one day.  STOP and be grateful for the things in your life.  It will help you  to appreciate how good life really is. Your thoughts, your words, your status’, your tweets, your Facebook posts should ALL be positive. You wont be perfect but if you do your best; it will have a huge impact on the way you live your life.


I have talked about this before…Getting up early is the most motivating and self satisfying thing that I do.  When I wake up before 6am; I know it is going to be a really great day. Devotions done by 6:30AM. Coffee and a shower and I am at my desk by 7:30am.   Why so early? So I can be done in my office by 10 to enjoy time with hubby.  Days like these, I am unstoppable. My mood is upbeat and I feel energized because I have been productive.

This is more a part of my life since the MS but I have to admit, I LOVE seeing things checked off.  I make lists to ensure I don’t miss a thing and everything gets done.  It is also a great way to set-up my planner so I don’t over schedule or over commit myself.

Yes, this actually is the key to being productive on any day.  By taking a regular break, I get fresh eyes and enthusiasm.  Planning all my tasks out in small increments helps too.  It ensures that I am not working non stop (or running around) for long hours.  This is how I avoid the afternoon sugar and feeling lethargic so my productivity suffers.   Take a tea break.  Go for a short walk.  Take a power nap.  Read a little in your favorite book.  You will see a huge difference in the rest of your day.

So, what are you going to do to make a difference in your Monday that will ripple into making a difference in your week?  Share your ideas with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!