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Be Still

Were you told as a child to “sit still” or “be quiet”?  I honestly don’t remember being told that but maybe it is just “selective memory”.  Imagine my surprise when I got one of my Daily Messages from God (an app on Facebook) that said:

God wants you to know that …most of your words are unnecessary.

All too often you speak simply to fill the space with sound, because you feel too uncomfortable with the silence. But this silence is golden. Only in silence you can hear God speak to you. Only in silence can a real prayer, a heart prayer be born. Next time you start chattering, stop and feel into the silence, feel its shape, its texture, and then slowly and silently say only what really has to be said.”

Okay, so this is a random app but I truly believe that God sends us messages in ways that we will accept.  This message really hit home.  How often do we pray or have a conversation with God and he never gets a chance to get a word in?  We talk and talk and talk.  When it comes time to LISTEN, we sit for a second and when we haven’t heard anything, we move on.

Does silence make you uncomfortable?  Think about your everyday conversations with friends, family or acquaintances.  When there is a lull in the conversation, you do start talking?  Do we really give the other person an opportunity to talk or even think for a second before they respond to what we have said.  How many one sided conversations do you have a day?

How do you think the people that we are talking to on the phone feel?  Or if they are right in front of us, have we ever stopped to consider their feelings when we don’t LISTEN?  If we can’t STOP talking and LISTEN when there is an actual physical person, how difficult it must be when we talk to God?

be still

Will you be still today and LISTEN for what God has to say to you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel, Relax, Reflect, Recharge

Be Still


Listen, be still and wait,

You’ll hear all kinds of things:

A moth up on the windowpane,

Whir of birds on the wing.

Listen, be still and hear

The language of the wildflowers.

Be serene and patient; wait

For new sounds every hour.  – Mami Oaburn Odum

These are words that I needed to hear this morning because I forget to LISTEN and BE STILL.  My mind is always racing 100 miles ahead of where I am – letting moments pass by, letting frustration creep in, and worse of all letting Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie land for even a moment.  Patience has never really been a strong point for me.

Life has been hectic the last few weeks and I have found myself undergoing a range of emotions or should I say reactions that are not always pleasant.  Hubby pointed it out to me just the other day.  We were having a great morning when all of a sudden – this gray cloud came over me and I was “snappy”.  I know hard to believe, right?  LOL.  I actually found myself stopping for a moment , keeping QUIET and saying the Serenity Prayer.  Within an hour – gray cloud gone and sunshine prevailed for the rest of the day.  I so which I could understand why the gray could comes out of no where.  I don’t know where hey come from BUT I do know what makes them go away – listening to and sining my favorite songs, asking God for help instead of demanding help; keeping quiet, appreciating my surroundings and being grateful for all of the many blessings that God has given me.

I find myself having one sided conversations with God (or anyone else that will listen) and then when I need to BE STILL, I become impatient because I want an answer NOW!  My time, not God’s time.

So JUST FOR TODAY in a day filled with activity (church, church count team, Thirty One Open House and Wawa), I will make sure that I take a few moments to BE SERENE, BE STILL and LISTEN.  I have a dream and goals but I need to know if they are the same as what God has in store for me.  The only way to do that is to LISTEN.  Get off the computer. Avoid the IPAD.  Get away from the phone.  UNPLUG, communicate with people and LISTEN for the doors that God is opening for me.

Will you unplug with me and PLUG into God’s beauty that surrounds us?  What are you thankful for today?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!