Hope Wissel

Lunch Box 101


Happy Tuesday!  Here in the Northeast or at least in NJ, the kids go to school this week.  Some have started their fall season routines.  I remember when Belinda was little, we used to start the “going to bed” routine about a week before school started.  We got earlier and earlier every night until we hit the magical bedtime that would be for the school year. Yes, I was terrible and made her get up early too.  It make the adjustment at least a little bit easier.

The most popular question at party this time of year is about our thermal totes.  Okay, so I may be late on the draw but trust me the conversation will come up again.  How much do they hold?  Which one is best for me?  Is there one for my hubby?

I usually ask people what they typically take for lunch because the type of lunch box depends on the type of foods you pack, how you pack them as well as when and where you eat them.  J.M. Hirch who wrote “Beating the Lunch Box Blues” says that soft sided cooler bags are the way to go!  YEAH!  Thirty One actually has 11 different types of thermals.

There are six options for lunches – The Around the Clock thermal, the lunch break thermal, the picnic thermal (those long shifts), the chill-icious thermal, our new Go To Thermal and the thermal tote.

14102326_10157447808315220_67936565773838562_n 14117679_10157447808375220_1316209864668383523_nThe lunch box thermal is my go-to lunch bag.  It holds ALOT and has an outside pocket for utensils or items that you want to keep dry. The longer strap makes it easy to carry too. Yes, that is my actually thermal for a 10-hour shift at work.

Picnic Thermal Tote (1)  The Picnic Thermal is for those LONG days when you will leave the house early in the morning and work right through dinner.  It is a GREAT way to show your team or school spirit since it comes in only solid colors.

picnic thermalA double feature – it will hold two 6-packs of soda or 4 bottles of wine on the weekend.  This is my go to vendor event bag – it not only keeps my food cold but I can pack those tall bottles of water and know that everything I need will be right there.

party to go Talk about multiple uses for our thermal totes.  A local Scentsy rep found that this was a great way to store her “party 2 go”.  The thermal helps to keep her product safe during the hot summer months.  The thermal tote has been a staple in Thirty One‘s line for many years.  It is the perfect size for toddlers to take to pre-school with their snacks and have plenty of room for a few extras.  This works well for school-age children up to high school (just my opinion).  Once the kids get older, they start to carry larger bottles of water, more containers as well as more options.

11826023_10205027214303199_210412022777242574_nThe Around the Clock Thermal is the one that my hubby takes to work.  Working 2nd shift he has his dinner and snacks plus a few extras with him.

8542580A0000The NEW Go To Thermal is the perfect for the kids.  Don’t cry over spilled milk in your thermal! Spills and stains are no match for this wipeable, machine-washable thermal sized for work, school or playdate snacks.

Time to wrap things up…I know you thought lunch boxes were a basic decision but if you want one to last and meet your needs, it takes some thought.  While you are at it, why not have it serve several purposes to save some money in your budget for other things.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!