Hope Wissel

Hostess of the Month Club


Are you longing for the weekend?  Do you wish you could put an out-of-order sign on your head? Are you always on the run?  Would you like to escape for just a few minutes?  Do you laugh when friends ask you to stop by or better yet invite you to a girl’s night out?

What if you could shop from the comfort of your home?  I know the internet is full of things, right?  What if I could help you with gift giving ideas to eliminate some of the stress in your life?  I know, what’s the catch, right?

The truth is that I have an easy solution for you….


Yes, it is March but there is still time to join one of the groups.  For a simple purchase of $35 per month by you or one of your friends, you will receive all of the benefits of being a hostess WITHOUT the work.  Have I got your attention?

You have seen those “surprise box” clubs where you subscribe and you never know what you are going to get.  Guess what?  YOU will get to pick exactly what you want.  Better yet, gather your list for gift ideas and when you need them, I will help you get the best deal on the month they are on special or ensure that you receive them in plenty of time.

Then at least once during the “club” period – YOU will get to earn the hostess benefits.  You can decide to do NOTHING and just collect the $25 in FREE product, 1 half price item and 1 hostess exclusive. OR you can have a party – home, Facebook, online, catalog or fundraiser.  When you do your benefits JUMP!  Here is what March’s hostess is working towards:


It is easy to join.  Complete the form below and join in the fun.  I will send you a WELCOME package to get you started.  Then as soon as I get the upcoming special, you will get it in the mail.  Be the first to know about upcoming specials.

Not interested in being part of the club… that is okay.  Join me in my VIP customer group on Facebook.  CLICK HERE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Are You a Lion or a Lamb?


March rolls in like a lion and out like a lamb, right?  I am hoping that the few days of warmer weather is an indication that the temps are going to start creeping up.  I am not a cold weather person!

Are you a busy mom?  Okay, I guess that is a silly question since ALL moms are busy.  How about a business owner on the go?  Maybe you have a child, tween or teen that is looking for a stylish bag?  Thirty One has some AMAZING options this season.

Spring is just around the corner BUT at Thirty One – SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  .

Why not get ready for spring and all of those outdoor activities with four of Thirty One’s crossbody styles.  They will keep your hands free for cheering on your favorite team, or shopping or just hanging out with friends..

Here are some options for you:

Want to be a hostess?

Did you know that for just $200 in orders, YOU can have a qualified party. Did you know that was only 6 orders of $35?  I know that you you want that HOSTESS Special set, right?  So let’s shoot for a $600 party – that is Thirty One’s average party. I LOVE home parties BUT I also do catalog/online, on the go and Facebook parties. Which one will fit into YOUR busy schedule?



Do you just LOVE to shop?

Thirty One’s Customer Special for March is FOUR of our cross body styles at 50% off with a $35 purchase. The 4 styles are the Tons of Funds, the Sling-Bag Bag, the Paris and the Organizing Shoulder bag.


Additional prints are available.

How about EARNing money? Want to join my team?

Looking for some me time?  Want to have some extra money to pay for all of those summer activities for the kids?  Want to have a “cash” vacation this summer?  For more details, click HERE.

join my team



Which option will you pick???

If you just want to get a heads up on monthly specials, play some games and maybe win some prizes, go to click HERE for my VIP Group – Hope’s Purse Closet.

Thank you to Christina’s Creations for the visual.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!