Hope Wissel

Pictures Help You Grow Your Business

Picture taking has become so easy over the last few years with smartphones.  You can take a picture anywhere you go as long as you have your cell phone.  I mean, how many of you leave the house without your cell phone?  I know, I don’t and if I do, I head back to the house to get it.  Once you take pictures, it is so easy to post for Facebook and Instagram. 

There was an article in January of 2013 on the Direct Selling Education Foundation website  called “4 Ways Photos Can Help You Grow Your Business“.  Here are their suggestions:

1.  Take pictures of yourself and other people using your product.  I have been using this suggestion the most especially when I am at vendor shows.  It allows me to share not only my display but encourage potential customers to visit other vendor friends at the event.  Photo contests are a great way to get customers to share their pictures.  I have done this as well on my closed Facebook group for my VIP customers. 

2.  Take pictures of your parties (with permission).  This is one that I haven’t tried but would love to.  My problem is that I am usually so involved partying with guests and the hostess that I forget about taking pictures.

3.  Take pictures of things you get to enjoy as a result of your business.  This could be of a vacation you have earned, a program or sport that your children get to participate in because of your business or product that you have earned from your company.

4.  Share pictures of things unrelated to your business.  This lets people know that you are not all about business.  

I was using this marketing strategy before I even knew it was a strategy.  It was just a way for me to reach out to family, friends, and potential customers to let them know about me, my products and where I am doing vendor events.  Just another way to network and build relationships with customers.  As soon as I learn how to post pictures on my blog, I will begin sharing photos here as well.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!