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Are You a Walking Billboard

In direct sales, we are always looking for NEW customers.  We want NEW people to share our AMAZING product with and who will be our future customers and hostesses.  That has been the focus this week, right?

Let me ask you, are you a walking billboard of your business?  I have to admit when people first see me, 99% of the time, they know that I am a Thirty One consultant.  HOW?  I am usually wearing a Thirty One shirt and I am ALWAYS carrying at least one of our awesome products.  I mean what kind of business person would I be if I carried a Coach bag but sold Thirty One.

Alright, no hate mail because I know there are some people who do carry other purses.  I have to admit that I have considered it on occasion. I mean one year, hubby bought me TWO Vera Bradley bags.  It was when I was running my business like a hobby.  I felt so bad but I never used them.  Even though my business was just a hobby at the time, I felt like I was being unfaithful.

So, where is all of this leading..

You are your best marketing tool.  

Whenever you step foot outside you are also out advertising your business.  Use/wear your products in possible whenever possible.

I have a woman on my team who was struggling with booking parties and getting sales.  She told me about her extensive collection of Thirty One bags and how much she loved them.  Every time I saw her, she was carrying a different purse and was not using any of her extensive collection.  I repeated talked to her about how she was sabotaging her business.  For months she resisted and then one day she decided to try it.  Guess what?  She booked 3 parties and had several people interested in her Thirty One business.

Let’s be honest, if you had a storefront – you would advertise, right?  If you had a new business, you would tell the world, right?  If you found a new restaurant that you love, you would tell everyone, right? So why are we hesitant to tell people about our business?

As you go to those new places to meet new people, use your products and wear a shirt that advertises YOUR business.  The truth is unless I am going to a professional meeting, I can usually be found wearing a Thirty One tee shirt.  At those professional meetings, I am usually wearing jewelry that relates back to my business whether it is my Oragami Owl locket or my Pandora bracelet.  Everything this I do tells a story about the gift that Thirty One has been to my life.  You will NEVER find me with a bag other than Thirty One whether I am going to the grocery store, shopping or just out to lunch with friends.

So, are you a walking billboard for YOUR business?

Have  a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Words Can Boost or Kill a Sale

The holiday shopping has kicked off – Halloween was barely over and Thanksgiving is still 5 days away.  The stores are already filled with holiday decorations.  In direct sales, and in most businesses, this is when we do 70% of our business.  It is a short window of opportunity and we need to make the most of it.  I am blessed that Thirty One does everything they can to support their consultants during this time of year (and all year long).  Stores run sales at all hours and for all kinds of things. Vendor shows are every where. Everyone is vying for your business, as well as our customers’ business.  So what makes YOU or your products or your company stand out.  What are you doing to capture that sale?

Words have power – so according to there are some magic marketing words that will definitely boost sales.  So, here goes:

1. Sale – Who doesn’t love a good deal?

2. Off – If you can offer your audience an incentive like 50% off, or $25 off your next $75 purchase, you’ll pique interest quickly and give customers added incentive to buy. I have found that my customers aren’t not big fans of the “off” customer specials.  They LOVE when it is $5 or $7 or $10 especially when it is a HUGE savings for them.

3. New – So true.  When we have limited or NEW products, sales increase regardless of the time of year.

4. Best sellers – Although our BEST sellers open the door for conversations, they may not be the thing that keeps your customer unless of course it fits their specific need.

5. Be the first – I LOVE giving my customers and hostess a sneak peak of new products,and upcoming offers.  Isn’t that the reason that the month a new catalog kicks off, our sales and party bookings are off the charts?

6. Thank you – I love to show my customers a little love once in a while with my Birthday Club or limited specials. When I reach a new goal, why not thank your customers with a new deal, or host a customer appreciation event.  I love sending “snail mail” to my customers and party guests when they place an order.  Host a party for me and I will show you the love BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the party with little gifts.

7. Remember– Your customers are busy, so it’s always a good idea to send reminder emails. Follow-up like this is not one of my strong points but I definitely need to get on the ball.  I need to make reminder calls especially to those in my Birthday club, maybe that would increase my redemption rate.

Just as words can boost sales, they can KILL your sales too.  How many of these do you use?

1. Hurry – Yes, you want to encourage customers to act fast, but this word is overused and doesn’t pack as much punch as “Act now” or “Limited-time offer.”

2. Guaranteed – Nothing in life is guaranteed, Fischgrund reminds us; so it’s best to stay away from this word. You can still back your product or service, just refrain from using the word “guaranteed.”

3. Huge – Every sale and event is huge. Think of alternatives to use. For instance, “Our Biggest Sale of the Year.” It’s more descriptive.

4. Hassle-free – Sure, the phrase seems positive, but you’re still associating the word “hassle” with your business or brand. Not a good idea. Go with “easy” instead.Think of  Staples “easy” button.

5. Once in a lifetime – Cliché, and typically untrue phrases like this don’t help your sales. Be original.

6. SAVE UP TO 25% RIGHT NOW!!!! – There are two red flags in this statement. For starters, don’t use all caps; it makes people feel like you’re screaming at them. Keep your punctuation to a minimum, too. The sale isn’t any more enticing with three exclamation points.

What are YOUR favorite marketing words to use during the holiday season or any time of the year?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!