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It is More Than a Purse Thing

It has been almost 4 years since I made the decision to become part of the Thirty One.  I LOVE the bags.  I wanted the discount.  I had no intention of ever selling the products.  I know you have heard me say this all before, right?  This isn’t a pitch to join my team, although, I would love to have you as a Ray of H.O.P.E.

I want to thank Mary McLoughlin for this article because I hear so many people talk about how difficult recruiting is during the holiday season.  Here is the Top 10 Reasons that Mary gave that people DO join during this time:

  1. They like you!
  2. They love your product!
  3. They can include the ‘big news’ about their new business in the annual Christmas letter.
  4. They see lots of people in November and December and it’s easy to share their new business with friends and family.
  5. They have time off during the holidays to ‘learn the business’.
  6. November and December are big Shopping months and it’s easy to earn those first month bonuses!
  7. They have Christmas gift money to spend.
  8. They need money to pay the January’s Christmas bills.
  9. They want to earn their Christmas gifts for FREE.
  10. Someone (like YOU!) offers them the gift of a new business.

I am sure that you have heard many “cues” from friends and family that could start the recruiting conversation.  Why not share all that YOU love about your company with them?

now or later join

If you are curious about how Thirty One can make a difference in YOUR life, contact me.  I would love to share the gift of Thirty One with YOU.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!