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Tired of Facebook Parties

Are you tired of Facebook parties?  They were all the rage just a few short months ago and now EVERYONE is dong them.  As a result, people just don’t get excited about them anymore.  Okay, so I can’t be the only one who has found this, right?
So, what can you do to make YOUR online parties stand out?  There are oodles of scripts floating around for all of the direct sales companies.  Everyone using a lot of the same pictures and nothing seems to be tailored to the hostess or her guests.  How can you possible provide good customer service when she has invited 500 people (everyone on her Facebook friends list) to the party?
I have been exploring some options to make my parties stand out – you know really special or exciting so that people actually want to attend an online party.  Of course you want people to shop but that is a given.  What if you were to be able to imitate an at home party experience online?  Is that even possible?  According to JulieAnne Jones – YES!  I am actually working on a virtual party that I will do with my first hostess in the next week or so.  I am excited to be able to actually talk to the guests instead of just relying on my typing skills to communicate with them.  JulieAnn offered an amazing webinar along with a training series to do virtual parties on
Another option would be a video presentation where you create a slideshow to boost your sales.  Animoto has been around for a little while and is FREE!  It allows you to create video slideshows of up to 30 seconds for FREE.  Wouldn’t that be more fun than just a plain photo?  You could show the actual product along with its benefits.  You can add these to the Facebook party for a little excitement.
My last standout tip for an online party is AMAZING Customer Service.  Have your hostess send personal messages to those who she has invited.  Maybe even send snail mail invites just like you do for a home party?  What if you were to call the guests and invite them personally on behalf of your hostess?  Do you think attendance would grow?  Do you think people would want to book with you?  Of course, you have now turned a “boring Facebook party” into a special time for friends.
What are some of your best tips for increasing participating in your Facebook/ online parties?
Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!