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Party Attendance Need a Boost

Another Monday morning….winding down the last two days of September and ready to kick off the month of October. My calendar is jammed pack with Thirty One parties (home and virtual), vendor events, Belinda’s birthday, Dad’s birthday, and ETTM’s Power of Connection Conference.  What about you?  How is your Fall business shaping up?

Over the last few days I have heard some great ideas on how to increase the success of YOUR parties whether they are a home party, a virtual party or a Facebook party and I wanted to share some…

1.  Make sure your host chooses a theme. I always ask participants at my live events, “Would you rather attend a bread and water party or a Mexican Fiesta?” Get it? A theme says “Come party with me” not “come to my house and make sure you bring your checkbook.”  Thank you JulieAnne Jones.  I always talk about a “girl’s night out” because the bags will sell themselves.

2.  Get a guest list  from every host, NO MATTER WHAT!   I know you are saying WHY for a Facebook party or a virtual party, right?  Well, think about it.  How often do people get invited to an online party and then never order?  What if you were to send each of them a snail mail invite or a text message or even give them a call to attend the party?  What do you think the response would be?  Do you think your sales would increase and the hostess would be more excited to share her excitement with other potential hostesses?

3.  Create and send a fun, compelling invitation that features that theme. I use our mini catalogs most of the time as invites.  Sometimes, I use one page invites with a theme.  Post card invitations to the party are okay if you hand write a personal note and put it in a an envelope.  I got one like that and it was a nice touch – made me feel special.

4  Create a relationship with your host prior to her party. Host coaching is the key to success in your party plan business. Period. If you hostess is excited, she will tell everyone about her positive experience.  I love hearing my hostess say “it was so easy to have a party with Hope”.  Statistics show that 1 out of 8 hostesses will book – I haven’t found that yet but I know it happens.

5.  Follow-up often. I have a new system for follow-up before and after the party for my hostess and my customers.  I LOVE it!  Before the party, not only does my hostess get happy mail but for 3 months after the party she also gets monthly happy mail  Who doesn’t love happy mail, right?  Thank you Melissa Feitsam for this great idea.  Phone calls and text messages keep the excitement going.   

What are YOUR best tips for increasing the attendance at your parties?  How do you get people involved with your Facebook parties?  Share you ideas.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

What’s in your purse

This post is courtesy of Melissa Fietsam, a Senior Executive Director with Thirty One Gifts. She is an AWESOME trainer who blogs – check her out!

Every woman needs to be prepared. Now you can be prepared with Thirty-One in style! Get your zipper pouch today and pack in style!

purse essentials

Step #1:

Pick your favorite zipper pouch!

Step #2:

Fill it with all of these great things to keep you prepared for anything!

nail clippers
mini notebook
mini scissors
bobby pins
safety pins
mini kleenex
Tide pen
spare phone charger
eye drops


mini sunscreen
hair tie
baby wipes
feminine products
toothpicks and floss
gum/hard candy
spare house key
nail file

I have 3 of them that I carry in my Retro Metro Bag on a daily basis.  Each one has their own purpose.  Want your own? Message me today at or visit my website at!