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Why Train

Happy Friday!  “Why Should I Train?”  I have been asked this question by some seasoned consultants lately.  For some this may be a no-brainer.  I mean when you start a new job, there is training and an orientation process, right?  In a lot of corporate or non-profit jobs, there is on-going training to keep us up to date on what is going on in our field.  Why should it be any different when you are part of a direct sales company?
As a Leader, we train our team members to focus on booking parties and building relationships with their customers.  Believe it or not, training is not just for the newcomer – it for for EVERY level of your team (including yourself).  I am always reading, going to trainings and looking for more information to how to improve my business.  I LOVE to learn new skills so that I can share them with my team.  
What Training Can Do?  Developing skills will add value to those starting out with their direct selling business and thereafter.  When you train, make sure to focus on the critical areas that will help:

  • Build team morale
  • Grow the business
  • Help people achieve their dreams.
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase knowledge of products and skills
  • Motivate individuals and the team

I will be the first to admit that I sometimes struggle with training.  For some that may come as a shock but I have finally learned that I need to rely on others in the areas that I am not strong on for their expertise.

Is your business in a slump?  Are your parties boring or the same old thing?  Maybe it is time to check out some of these AMAZING trainers or business coaches who have helped me over the last year or so in my own business but also as a Leader:

My NED, Hope Shortt, also challenged us to “re-qualify” for whatever out title was.  As a Director with Thirty One, that means recruiting and qualifying ($1000 in sales) 4 NEW consultants and meet the minimum qualifying requirements.  This challenge made me re-think how I approached my business.  I know that I say that a lot but the truth is I LOVE to keep things fresh and new.  Have you become comfortable in your “position” with your direct sales company?  What if you were to re-qualify for your current position?  Would that help you to refresh you business and GROW?

Share your favorite business mentors with us.  Do you think it is important to continue to train or do you think it is not important after you reach a certain level in your business and/ or direct sales company?  Let us hear from YOU.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Better is Not Better

Different is Better…These are the words that grabbed my attention at the start of Mike Michalowicz’s presentation at Saturday’s ETTMom’s 360 Conference – The Power of Connections. When you really think about it – is being better in YOUR business setting you apart or gaining you more customers?  Or, is there something different that YOU do that sets you apart from others who have the same generic label?

YOUR name is the biggest magnet in your business.  What feeling does it invoke when people here it as it relates to your business?  Do people envy your success?  Are you on a pillar that seems unattainable?  Or are you struggling and begging for bookings or new recruits to join your team?  I am not saying that these emotions are not good BUT do they draw people to you?  Which would be a greater draw to your business, envy and pity OR sharing the bumps and bruises of your business along with the solutions that have worked to building your business?  I don’t know about you but I would rather be with someone that I can learn from than a “Negative Nellie” or a “Pillar Patty”, wouldn’t you?

So, who are you truly?  Are you the generic label that you share with everyone – attorney, accountant, direct sales consultant, etc? Or are you known for something that makes you stand out?  I have to admit – I am again thinking about how I define myself and my business.  What is your target market?  Find them and be there ALL the time.  Don’t just sell to them, be a part of their groups, share tidbits with them and let them get to know YOU.  According to Mike, the more people see us – the more people trust us.  Makes sense right?  As a result, people buy items from people that they trust.  As a result your business grow.

So I challenge you TODAY to figure our who you truly are?  What makes you different?  As a Thirty One consultant, there are a lot in our area but what makes me stand out from the others?  I have to admit, this is not easy for me because it means stretching, growing and maybe even expanding my comfort zone.  Yes, AGAIN!

Check out Mike’s books “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” and the “Pumpkin Plan” to see how with no experience, no contacts and no savings he boot-strapped a million dollar business.  Check out Mike’s blog too.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!