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An Entrepreneur Curse

monday morning

Happy Monday morning!  I am one of those rare breeds that likes Monday.  Mainly because it means the next two days I get to spend with hubby.  Monday and Tuesday are his weekend.  PLUS it is the start of a new week filled with new opportunities.

You may not feel this way if you are heading to a JOB, facing traffic and dreading your job.  I on the other hand have a 1-minute commute, get to work in my jammies until noon if I want, work any time of the day or night, and have my business phone and email at the tip of my fingers.

All of this sounds AWESOME, right?  It is and I LOVE my pink bubble.  BUT, it can also lead to some serious boundary issues – it’s can be an entrepreneur’s curse.

Some days there is no reason to climb out of the sweats, do my hair and put on a little makeup.  For someone like me who struggles with positive self-image, this can really mess with your head.  It allows Debbie Doubtful to make an appearance.   I don’t know about you but I feel and ACT like a totally different person when I’m up, dressed and have a little makeup on.

Having an office in your home and a smartphone that allows you to be within reach definitely blurs the lines of your personal and business life.  Ask hubby or my daughter how obsessed I can get with the phone checking emails and answering calls.  I know there are NO PURSE EMERGENCIES but you never know when that next call may be an AWESOME lead. Right??

Having set office hours is also a struggle for me.  I like to work in the early morning before most people are ready to head to work.  I often take a break during the mid-morning and early afternoon to spend time with hubby before he heads to work.  Then I am ready to go back into the office about 4PM till who knows what time.  Forgetting about dinner and life outside of my office.  Some may call it dedicated while others would say I am a bit crazy.  It would be great if being in my office ALOT always resulted in income producing activities.

So, I guess you have figured out the Entrepreneurial Curse, right?  The learning curve that involves setting boundaries and having some accountability to make sure that you stay within those boundaries.

Here are some things that I am trying to do to set those boundaries:

  • Set office hours that are blocked out so that everyone knows what they are.  Post them for all to see.
  • Along with office hours, block out time for income and non-income activities.  Things like tagging catalogs and stuffing envelopes can be done while I am watching TV, or when I am winding down from the day.  These kinds of “mindless” activities don’t need to be done in the office or by you if you have children.
  • Turning the phone to “sleep mode” on hubby’s days off when we are spending time together.  This allows for calls/ texts to come through from family but no one else.  Then I can check messages when it is good for me.
  • Share interests other than business with family and friends.

Being your own boss is the BEST job but it can also be a curse if you are not able to set boundaries.  I love being in my pink bubble and I often forget that not everyone wants to be in it 24/7.

The key here is always in the communication and setting the expectation for yourself and those who love you. So… what do you struggle with around boundaries and how are you going to fix it?!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel


hippo minion

Happy Saturday!!!  The first day of March and hopefully this means that the cold, wintery weather is behind us…Alright, so I might be dreaming a little but I am sure we are all ready for the sun and warmth to head our way.

Isn’t Hippie cute?  This adorable little hippo helped me to highlight my pet products at a recent vendor event.  The talented creator Milissa of The Crafty Recluse made him.  I had the pleasure of meeting Milissa several months ago when I fell in love with her minions.  My first one was my adorable little candy corn:candy corn minion

Then came the elephant minion for Belinda:

elephant minion

I am so excited that she is going to make a dog one for me to put on my table at vendor events to show off my Thirty One pet products…

If you want to see LOTS of her minions be sure to stop by Ocean County College Gym on March 9th from 9AM – 3PM as we help to raise funds for the Viking Cheerleaders to head to Nationals.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!