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What Makes You Special?


Today is WOOHOO Wednesday and we are going to CELEBRATE your uniqueness or those qualities that make you special.   I was inspired today to talk about this after reading a blog post by Lynette Barbieri.

If I asked you to tell me “what makes you special?“, could you do it?

It would be a struggle for me – shocking for some, I am sure.   Growing up, I didn’t want to be unique – I just wanted to fit in.  I didn’t want to be “special” because that meant that I wasn’t popular.  I didn’t know what was special about me.  I didn’t have that feeling in my gut that told me how great I was.  I wanted to hide in a corner and not be seen.  I lived that way for many years.  Then I started to squash those inner gremlins and embrace the positives qualities that are deep in my core.

In direct sales, I  often hear that you want to stand out from the pack.  I mean with thousands of consultants in your company, why would someone pick you above anyone else.  Why would they stay faithful to you?  I honestly didn’t know.  I always knew that I had a special purpose but I never knew how to express it.  Was being a good listener special?  How about helping others? Or giving to others even when you don’t have it?  I am crafty but is that special?  I can play (or used to) the piano, what is so special about that?

I am learning that all of those things are the qualities that draw people to me.  I am resourceful able to connect people with resources.  I get along with people from all different backgrounds.  I am passionate, and caring.  I want to make people smile.  I have lots of “stuff” (information) in my head but I don’t always know how to share it – just ask and I will share all I know.

The truth is that I may not believe that I have greatness inside of me BUT I DO believe that you have greatness in YOU!


So, what about you?  What are your strengths?  I know I keep going back to that but when we lock into what those are, it will help us know where we are going.  We have to be willing to take risks to discover our purpose and to achieve greatness.  A life without risk is boring, right?

Maybe you know what your greatness is and you are afraid to share it?  You don’t have to hide it.  You don’t have to deny it.  You don’t have to worry about what other people say or think.  You need to OWN IT!

At a Leadership retreat, my mantra became “Own My Journey“.  Because the truth was that I was trying to follow everyone else’s journey.  I need and so do you to “own your journey” so that we can grow into the people sharing our gifts along with the way.  We all have our own journey.  What other people think is none of our business.

keep calm and sparkle on

As Vanessa Coppes, refers to it “your shining  light”!  By working with both of these ladies, I started to see my shining light and I learned that I need to let it shine more!

So, ladies, never let anyone dim that light.  Remember, life is a marathon not a sprint.

What makes you special? I would love to hear it! Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

ID Life

Today’s Saturday Spotlight is IDLife.  I first heard about this company at a vendor event before it even launched.  The consultant tried VERY hard to get me to sign up but I am always skeptical about any ground floor opportunities especially those that haven’t launched.  I was just not looking for “healthy” or supplements because I didn’t think that I needed them.

Fast forward to an ETTM workshop where I had the pleasure of meeting Val Ryan.  Val is a Founding Member of IDLife and we started to build a relationship, a friendship. Val didn’t try to sell me.  My hubby by this time was spending hours researching vitamin supplements and he had set up a regime that seemed to be working for both of us.

Val asked me to take the online assessment.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was AND that the results of the assessment were the same as what it took hubby hours, days and weeks to research.  Think of the time he could have saved.  LOL.

So, here is a little about IDLife:

For the last 18 years, a group of scientists and doctors have worked on developing a one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement program that takes all the guess work out of what your body needs. The result is a truly personalized, pharmaceutical grade nutrition, with your name on it, delivered monthly to your door. Through answers you provide on the IDAssessment, IDNutrition recommends what your body needs, leaves out what you don’t, and blocks things known to the system to have a negative effect.

Vitamins are taken in AM / PM doses, so that the proper nutrient is delivered to your body at the right time of the day, for best absorption. And costs stay down as the vitamins are packed in strip packs rather than having to manufacture expensive plastic bottles.  Such a great idea for those that travel.

IDLife does not make any medical claims but many people have shared testimonials of increased energy and mental clarity, as well as  just overall feeling better. There have been some dramatic results reported as well since people have been on IDNutrition – they have gone off blood pressure medication, their migraines have lessened or have completely subsided, and some diabetics have either lowered or stopped their insulin use.

IDLife has another popular product too called Sleep Strips which are:

mint flavored, natural & organic sleep aid that incorporates a tri–phasic approach to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and most importantly, keeping you in a deep sleep, all while waking up rested and refreshed the following morning. People have reported that they have walked away from prescription medication sleep aids all together and love the fact that they do not wake up in a fog the next morning.

All IDLife products are natural, organic, non-GMO, and gluten/soy/casein free. Take your free, HIPAA compliant health assessment today at www.IDLifeJersey.com for your own customized nutritional recommendation.

For more information, email Valerie Ryan at IDLifeJersey@gmail.com.

If you are interested in having YOUR business in our Saturday Spotlight, complete the form below:

I have not been paid to endorse any of these products or businesses.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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People Person or People Pleaser?

As I was looking for inspiration this morning, my morning devotionals gave me some insight – talks of holding a grudge, respecting others and not letting pride get in the way of relationships led me to an article on the Direct Selling Education Foundation site called “6 People Skills You Need to Succeed“.  Being a “people pleaser” for most of my life, I always thought I was a “people person” but the two are very different.  If I want to succeed in business or as a leader, we need to make sure that we have these 6 people SKILLS:

1.  Learn to be calm and think clearly.  This one is easy – as a mom and a Social Worker, I have always been calm in a crisis.  I may fall apart when everything is said and done but isn’t that natural?  People who can act quickly are better able to evaluate a situation and react successfully.

2.  Acquire knowledge and build self-confidence.  The saying “knowledge is power” was lost on me.  I have lots of knowledge and information in my head but it doesn’t always translate to building my self-confidence.  Blogging has helped in this area.  I mean you never realize how much knowledge you have until you start sharing it, right? For those that know me, I have built my self-confidence through my Thirty One business which is now overflowing into other areas of my life.  This is truly a blessing.

3.  Develop communication skills and apply them.  To be a good communicator, you need to be a good LISTENER.  Remember that 10-second rule from Deb Bixler.  People appreciate it when you listen to them as a result they will trust you.  People buy from people that they trust.

4.  Develop a never give up mentality.  Persistence pays off.  I am trying to develop this type of mentality.  I do have days when Debbie Doubtful and Negative Nancy stop by for a visit.  Those are typically the days when I am emotionally, spiritually and physically drained – wondering (and maybe even doubting) what God’s plan is for me personally and for my business.  I can not fail unless I give up BEFORE I succeed – wise words.

5.  Acquire a win-win attitude.  When it comes to my customers, this is easy.  I never want my customers to buy a product that is not going to make them happy.  It is easy to create a win-win situation with them and as a result build relationships that increase my business.  I struggle in this area sometimes with my team.  A multitude of personalities some of whom are VERY competitive and are looking to be a winner makes a team win-win situation difficult.

6.  Develop great networking skills and a network of supporters.  Think about your target market and get involved in a variety of ways.  This is a newly learned skill for me.  I have been blessed to meet a supportive group of women at the Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms who have helped me to grow in this area.   I entered a Nervous Nellie and with their help have blossomed into a blogger and a network demon.  Thirty One connections have helped me to develop a love for making phone calls to network and build more relationships.

Which of these skills are natural for you?  Which of these do you need to develop in order to be successful in your business?  Are there any skills that have been left out – please share with us your thoughts and experiences.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.