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I met Dori DeCarlo in October of 2014 at ETTW’s annual conference. The first thing that caught my eye was her hat!  Yes, I am a hat fanatic – mostly pink ones but I love all kinds of hats.  Then I got to meet her and her energy was contagious.

Here is the 411 on Dori and Word of Mom Radio:

Word of Mom Radio is on BlogTalkRadio at 10amPT/1pmET Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday our Business Spotlight shares Social Media Help Not Hype with Janice Clark and Managing Mompreneur Mayhem with Cena Block. On Wednesday we have a rotating platform with Kas Winters and The Sneaky Mom Show, Elissa Sungar and Debi Dutton with Productive Play and Glenda Cates and Branding Beyond Blogging. Dori DeCarlo once a month hosts #Music Monday and The Mompreneur Model every Thursday. Meet our show hosts and see our monthly schedule. Whether you tune in while we are on the air or listen LIVE on your time in archive we are here empowering Mompreneurs – the NEW Business Women!

Dori DeCarlo ~founder of Word of Mom Radio, is the “Roz” in the background all of our shows as well as the host of her own shows. The evolution of #WoMRadio, from one show to seven and counting…Dori hosts different shows of her own and produces all of the shows that air during the week. A mompreneur since 1994, Dori began #WoMRadio to give moms who work from home a voice…and that has grown to empowering working women and moms in and out of the house!

Beginning in April, I became a proud sponsor of Word of Mom Radio.  Can I get a WOOP!  WOOP!?  I joined some other AMAZING women who have their own business to be a part of  Mompreneur Marketplace which “focuses on FABULOUS women in business”.  I get to join some of my other fav mompreneurs like: Jersey Cookie Girl, and Teascapes.  Be sure to click the Marketplace link to check out all of the mompreneurs.

Don’t miss the radio shows too because there is lots of great information…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




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Tea and Cookies

My favorite drink is tea… I know it used to be coffee but I found that coffee and my stomach are not a good mix.  Hot black tea and green tea have become my new best friends.  The flavored teas just didn’t seem to be for me.  Of course, I use Equal (artificial sweetener) which is a no-no as far as hubby is concerned.  His latest mission is to get me away from the “poison” of artificial sweeteners – could be a tough one but he is not giving up the fight. Okay, I squirreled!

I would have to admit though that he may win the no sweetener battle if the only tea I drink is from my dear friend, Kathleen Edinger who is the founder and owner of TeaScapes.  This is like no other tea I have ever had.  I LOVE it.  The Spring Break is a black tea combined with some other flavors.  SHH!!!! Don’t tell hubby but I didn’t use any artificial sweetener with it.  A small out of raw cane sugar and I was good to go.  Check it out….



I often talk about Jersey Cookie Girl – her cookies are so YUMMY!  Now that I am gluten free (actually trying to stay away from all wheat), I was sure that I would miss these YUMMY cookies.  YEAH!! I was thrilled to taste her gluten free cookies courtesy of TeaScapes (picture on the left).  They were just as good as her regular sugar cookies. The cookie tray on the right is the birthday tray that Nicole shipped to North Carolina to arrive on my daughter’s birthday.  Cookies themed just for her – not a one was cracked or broken.  Homemade delicious cookies shipped – YEAH!!! What a great way to share a taste of home with Belinda.

teascape cookiebelinda's treats

I love sharing my favorite products with you… Check both of these AWESOME business women out.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Happy Birthday!

birthday cupcake

WOW!  I can’t believe that I actually know THREE people who have birthdays today.. all of them have had an impact on my life….

I will start with Stephanie Loder.  Who would have thought that when our daughters became friends 24 years ago at Apple Acres that our lives would be so intertwined.  We have been through ups and downs, good times and bad and although distance keeps us apart – you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  The girls with their adventures.  Watch the boys grow up was a blessing.  Bill being deployed.  The countless birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and graduations. Our girls are even still the best of friends.  Wishing you a day filled with joy, peace and happiness.

Vanessa Coppes….where do I begin???  When I walked into the first meeting of the Entrepreneurial Think Tank for  Moms last year, I was nervous.  I had stepped out of my comfort zone into a world where I didn’t think I belonged but figured I would go ONCE.  Thank you Nicole Boratto. BAM!  You (and Lynette) were there!  You welcomed me with open arms and shall I say the rest is history.  I mean, I wouldn’t even be writing this blog if you hadn’t issued a challenged to me.  My 30 day challenged has turned into a 17 month journey that just continues to grow and get better.  YOU have helped me to grow personally and professionally for which I will be eternally grateful.  I wonder what the next challenge will be???  Enjoy your day Chica!!!

The last birthday wish goes to my hubby, Rob.  I saved the best for last (sorry ladies).  My rock when things go wrong.  The ying to my yang.  The logical to my creative side.  The planner to my spontaneous side.  The budgeter to my impulses.  The home-body to my on the go girl.  The love of my life.  Never did I dream that our paths would cross again after 30 years. I never could have imagined us being married (okay maybe when we were dating in HS), and having the life we have together.  We have survived the good times and the bad.  There were some rocky roads during those 5 years that you commuted back and forth to EHT.  We have survived in sickness and in health.  I praise God that he guided us through the last year with your health issues.  Now, it is time for us to relax for a little bit .  I know that there may be hiccups along the way BUT as long as we are together, I know that we can get through them together.  You are the love of my life and my best friend.  There aren’t enough words to tell you how much you mean to me.  Today is YOUR day!  I will TRY to not answer my phone, be on the internet or talk business – that is my gift to you!  For others, it may not sound like a lot but YOU know it is.  TIME is my biggest gift to you this year.  I mean the girls are coming in about 3 weeks and we need to be ready, right?

Happy Birthday to each of you who have helped me to grow into the person that I am today…Best wishes for a day filled with joy.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Finding My Confidence

Last week was a whirlwind of AHA moments as I listening to training calls, coached other direct sellers, attended a business plan class and then an AMAZING network meeting.  It all reinforced a posting that was on the Direct Sales Education Foundation‘s website about “Finding Confidence“.

Self confidence has always been a struggle for me.  I have talked about it often in my blogs but it seems that I have been blessed over the last week with a bombardment of positive energy that is propelling me forward.  I am going to relate it to some of the tips that I found in the article.

  • Practice makes perfect.   I used to play the piano and I heard this ALL the time.  As we get older, at least for me, continually practicing my scripts for parties, etc seemed silly.  So I started small after our business plan class on describing my business.  I used to say “I am a Thirty One Consultant.  We sell purses, totes and accessories”.  Well, the truth is we do much more than that so I have been practicing “I CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE, REWARD hardworking women with simple solutions to life’s organizational challenges while helping them to fulfill their dreams by offering them opportunities”.  A mouth full but let me tell you, it changed the entire perspective for people on Friday when I introduced myself.  NOW, they were interested.  Without practicing, I would have resorted to my old intro.  
  • Find a mentor.  I have an amazing upline, Hope Shortt has been supportive and know just when to challenge me.  Find someone who you want to be like, ask them if you can shadow them.  Find someone who you can trust and respect and build a relationship.  I now also have an AMAZING group of women at Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms  who without knowing it have mentored me.  From blogging to dressing for success, they have helped me to find my confidence that I lost so long ago.  Thank you Nicole Borato from Jersey Cookie Girl for inviting me to the first meeting.
  • Find a partner.  Find a close friend, family member or even your spouse who can share in your accomplishments and help to bolster your confidence.  My hubby is my partner.  He shares in my accomplishments but he is also the first one to call me out when I am making excuses.
  • Dress for success.  This is something else that I have heard since my college days.  Wear something that makes you feel good when you go to a presentation or a meeting.  It should fit well and be put together with accessories and hair style.  Someone asked me the other day if I had a makeover.  I was THRILLED.  No, not a formal one but I did in my head.  How?  Hair style instead of just long hair hanging.  Out of my jeans for meetings and into a pair of khakis (capris right now) with a nice shirt and jewelry.  Makeup.  I never leave the house without some even if it is just mascara.  You never know who you will run into on the trip to the grocery store to grab a gallon of milk.
Simple tips but for those of us who have a small comfort zone, this is a BIG deal.  Things that I have heard for years but seemed to think they wouldn’t work anymore – guess what, they do!  Are you ready to grow your business?  Are you ready to challenge yourself?  Try one of these tips, if not all of them.  DREAM BIG!  The sky is the limit.

How did you find your confidence?  Please share, I would love to hear and at the same time, you may help someone else.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!
Hope Wissel

The Gift of Giving

I was blessed this past weekend to be part of “Operation Spring Child” in conjunction with HK Missions.  HK Missions is all about Healing through Kindness! 

With the help of some of my Thirty One customers, friends and family from around the country, we were able to provide six filled zipper pouches to Ocean Medical Center in Brick,NJ.  The Administration were overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone.  Thank you to: Brandi Angus , Debbie Ventriello, LaQuitea VaughnJoan Heldreth , Stephanie Loder, Nicole Borato of Jersey Cookie Girl and the MOMS Club of Jackson for their wonderful get well cards. 

This is from the HK Mission Facebook Page – is named after two kids, Hunter and Kendra.  Their mom writes this: Both of my children were in the hospital several times throughout their young lives. They were each given an activity bag during their stay, and they were able to bring the bag home, as well.  This helped keep them busy and made them feel REALLY special while they were there! These activity bags were donated by local groups such as churches and other organizations.  

From a Parents Perspective: It really touched my heart to know that someone I never met, who didn’t know me or my child, could care enough to take the time, the financial burden and the love to put together a care package to make my child happy during such a difficult time. It brought tears to my eyes then and even now. I vowed one day, when my kids where healthy enough, to give back to children who are now in the position they once were. That day is now.

As a mom, I was blessed that despite my unhealthy lifestyle when I was pregnant with my daughter, Belinda Heldreth, she was born a healthy baby. Kids, especially sick or disadvantaged have always had my heart – from my days at the South Jersey AIDS Alliance working with HIV+ families to Bethel Development Corporation where we ministered to underserved families – my focus has been on helping kids.

In addition to the toys and activities for the kids, I included an inspirational book for the moms who spend many hours waiting by their children’s side.  There is also a card with a prayer for the parents and a note asking them to pass it on when they are able to another child.  

Random acts of kindness can change the world, one small step at a time.  I challenge each of you to do one random act of kindness – bring a smile to not only someone else but see how your life is blessed by that simple act of kindness.