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“He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income” Ecclesiastes 5:10

How many times have you said “When I have enough money, I will retire, living comfortably and doing just about anything I want.”?

How many times have you focused on your own ability to make money and just when you thought you had everything (or at least reaching your dream); the wind was knocked out of your sail and you lost everything?

How many times have you changed jobs for more money only to loose it or end up leaving it?

These are the times that our focus is on money and not trusting in God.

That has been me in so many ways.  I can look back on events in my life and realize that it was God at work – teaching me a lesson.  Okay, so I didn’t think that at the moment.  I cried.  I became angry.  I sat in my pity pot for days, weeks and in some cases years, thinking “poor me”.  The truth was that God was just waiting for me to turn to him and ask for help.

As I work through my Leadership Bible, I realize how many times I stopped trusting in God and thought I could do it on my own.  I was never good at money management.  For years, I allowed credit cards to rule my life.  I robbed Peter to pay Paul.  Debt was/is an addiction for me.  Crazy, right?  But it is Satan’s way of trying to keep control in my life.  Then SMACK – a wake up call from God.  Why? Because God loves us too much to allow us to continue down that destructive path.

When I talk to new potential recruits on their “WHY”, the focus is often on money – more money to pay bills, for a vacation, and the list goes on.  Isn’t that why so many of us start their own business or change jobs – for more money?

The truth is that when we live a life according to God’s plan for us – we will have everything that we need.  Notice I said “need” and not “want”.  I am learning that I have enough money for what I need but maybe not everything that I want.

Have often have you asked for “God’s will in your life” when secretly you didn’t want it in all areas.  But the truth is, many times I  wanted to pick and choose which ones?  Truth be told – money and finances were on the top of the list.  I was afraid that if I let God’s will be done, I would not get what I wanted!  OUCH!

God’s plan for us is that we become good stewards of the resources we are given.  Making money should not become the idol in our lives.  Check your motives today and see if your financial life can stand Jesus’ scrutiny.

Are you operating as a steward of the financial resources He has entrusted to you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Team Building


My daughter, Belinda was on an All Star Cheerleading team.  They had a common goal with a  vision – to be champions.  As crazy as it sounds, I never really thought about my direct sales team in the same way.  A team with a common goal and vision – to make a difference in the world.


This week’s topic in my NIV Leadership Bible was “team building” and a light bulb went off.  Yes, I have been a Leader for two years.  Yes, I thought I had it all together – most of the time.  BUT I realized that my team doesn’t have a common goal.  I don’t want the common goal to reaching my numbers or winning an incentive trip.  I want their common goal, to be “combining their strengths to help one another to grow and to change their world”. 

As a team member, have you thought your only role was to help your up line earn more money?  Do you figure you don’t have enough time for my family, my job/ business; how could I possible help someone else?    Do you think; “I have nothing in common with the rest of the team” or maybe it is “I can barely help myself, how can I help others”?

As a leader, have you worked to bring unity to your team?  Does your team come together or do they barely know each other?  Are you team members willing to share their strengths, hopes and experiences so that they can help others on the team?  Or do they only post when you ask a question?  Do they share ideas to help others?

To be honest, the leader questions had me thinking  about things.  For me, I have an individual connection with each of the members of my team.  God placed each of us in the others lives for a reason.  The reason was clear from the beginning with some while others it took time to see and then a few who I am still not sure the reason. My team is from a variety of backgrounds, life experiences,  and different personalities.  A “diverse team is tougher to lead – but training lions is more exciting than feeding goldfish!”.  So true!

 I am going to step out of the comfort zone to try this out:

  • List the strengths of each team member as an individual – in their business, their personal life and in their personality.
  • Work out a plan for each of them to share their strength with the others on the team.
  • Highlight their skill or strength in a Facebook post on the team page or at a gathering or in a short video or in the monthly team newsletter.  Whatever works for that team member.

The goal is to build a strong team that is working together to help each other reach their full potential.  It is not just about the sales.  It is about using the skills that we have to make a difference in the world around us.  As we make a difference in the world, the sales will come.

Maybe you have someone who is great at budgeting or saving money with coupons.  Maybe you have someone who is great at organizing their calendar – you know juggling multiple things on a daily basis.  Maybe you have someone who is great at starting conversations with people when out and about.  Let them share it with the team.  Encourage them to share their strengths (even those that they don’t see) to help others.

In the early years of  HIV/AIDS,  most of my clients were hiding in the shadows.  As I learned their strengths and talents, I provided them with a safe space to learn and grow.  The result was an AMAZING group of people that came together (when needed) to help each other in their own way.  Their vision was to make a difference in the world, and believe me, each of them left a lasting impression on those lives that they touched.

So, that is how I want to lead my team – “combining their strengths to help one another to grow and to change their world”.  What about you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks



Are you accountable for your actions in your personal and business life?

I am working through the NIV Leadership Bible and this week’s topic is Accountability.   I am a great one for working better when I am “accountable” to someone or something.  What about you?  Some would say that is the difference between a wage-earner and a business owner.

It is all a matter of perception.  Obviously as a wage-earner, you are accountable to the time clock and your employer.  I worked for others for the majority of my life.  I also had a taste of working for myself .  I prefer to work for myself – making my own hours, having control of the money that I make and the freedom to run my business my way.

So, the question is: as a business owner, what keeps you or me accountable?  Is it being totally honest with your hubby/ partner about the state of your business?  Is it reaching goals set by you and then sharing that success with the world?  Is it earning incentives awarded by the company? Is it hearing others tell you that you did a “great job”? Is it seeing the bank account grow?  Maybe it is tied to your “why”?

When it comes to accountability, what is the difference between being honest and being negative?  That is a fine line for me especially when my accountability results in not having the “expected” results.  Honesty is defined as: truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness. freedom from deceit or fraud.  Negativity is defines as:  lacking positive or affirmative qualities, such as enthusiasm, interest, or optimism.  So what happens when your truthfulness results in a lack of positive qualities?


Hubby is a wage-earner and always has been which results in him not always understanding my entrepreneurial side.  When I talk about what is not working in my business, he sees it as negativity as opposed to honesty.  Now, to give him credit, he has lived through my “adjustment disorder with depression” plus he had past bouts with depression so he is always watching for the “signs”.  Does your hubby/ partner support your business 100%?  If not, who are you accountable to in your business?

I have realized that my accountability partner needs to understand the direct sales business; they need to have traveled the road of good days and bad days; and they have worked through the struggles. Most important, they are where I will be in 5 years.  I am just putting it out there for the Universe.

Who is your accountability partner and what makes them right for you?  Share your ideas with us so that we can help others to find a business accountability partner that is right for them.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!