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Who Needs a Care Package?

Giving back has always been one of my favorite things to do in my business…Whether it’s showing support in a time of crisis, to help someone start a new phase of life or just to let someone know you care, sending a care package is like sharing a piece of your heart.  The blessings you receive from just one simple act of kindness is AMAZING!

Whether it is a few small items found at your local grocery or drug store or a card with a gentle reminder they can carry with them….it all makes a difference in someone’s life.

Want to do something but don’t know where to start?  Have a cause near and dear to your heart…..Here are a few simple care package ideas for six special groups:

Service Members

Send your loved one in the Armed Forces a taste of home with their favorite nonperishable snacks – especially ones with extra protein like nuts and energy bars. They may be experiencing a lot of downtime, so board games, cards, movies and even video games are always appreciated. And because they may be on the move, easy-to-carry items like travel-size toiletries and instant coffee or cocoa packs are preferable to full-size. With the help of some local kids, we sent a batch of Zipper Pouches filled with yummy treats to a battalion stationed in Iraq.  Don’t forget to check your country’s regulations for sending items overseas (here’s the info for the U.S.)

Cancer patients

Every year, my AMAZING customers do Chemo Care Bags for those who are newly diagnosed and receiving treatment at the Cancer Center at the local hospital.  In addition, I have was able to bless a friend on her cancer journey with items to help her stay comfortable, like warm blankets and socks, lip balm, water and snacks. Puzzles, books and movies can keep her busy during long treatment sessions. Add wet wipes and hand sanitizer so she can stay germ-free when she’s out and about. Tuck it all inside a versatile Thermal Tote or All-In® Organizer or a Zip Top Organizing Tote.  Be sure to include a personal note letting her know you are always there for her.

College students

Is your baby all grown up and on her own for the first time. Whether it is at college, or in their own apartment, a care package it ALWAYS appreciated. Help them tackle “adulting” tasks with items like cleaning supplies, laundry pods, a first aid kit and microwave-safe cookware. Encourage them to connect outside of text messages with pre-addressed, stamped postcards to send home. Healthy snacks and single-serve foods will fuel late-night study sessions. Pack it all in a Crossbody Organizing Tote, which – bonus! – doubles as a great school bag.  There are some great totes options for the boys who are growing up too.

NICU parents

I was blessed with a healthy baby but I know some who have had to spend numerous days in NICU.  It can be a long and stressful experience for new parents. Most-wanted items for parents of preemies include gift cards for local restaurants, gas cards to pay for trips to and from the hospital and snacks for long days at the NICU. Fill a Double Duty® Caddy with self-care items for mom like essential oils, a water bottle and a hardcover journal to document their journey.

Children’s Mental Health Unit

Did you know one in five children is living with a mental illness?  The stigmas surrounding mental and behavioral health mean these kids often don’t receive the visibility and support they need. Why not put together care packages for kids in your local children’s mental health unit with books, puzzles, art supplies and games to help break the stigma and support these kids on their journey.

Looking for more ways transform children’s mental health and support life-changing research? Round Up! your order to the nearest dollar or make a donation of any amount when you shop Thirty-One this month.

Random Acts of Kindness

Make a difference in someone’s life today.  Your small act of kindness can be the ONE thing which brings a smile to their face.  Whether it is holding the door, saying thank you or even paying for someone’s coffee.  Those small gestures can make a difference.  Check out my “A Simple Act of Kindness” page for more details on how I would LOVE to help you make a difference in someone’s life.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

You Are Loved

Do you know what today is?  SURPRISE!!!  It is the day that I am introducing March’s “Random Act of Kindness”.

A BIG part of my “WHY” is my desire to bring a smile to the face of someone who is hurting.  Last month, I was humbled as you helped me present 21 Chemo Comfort Bags to Ocean Medical Center.  Although I was not able to take pictures, the joy that I saw on the faces of those in the unit receiving treatment brought me to tears.

The “Love Package” is designed for seniors who are in a nursing home and have no one.  Maybe their family is many miles away. Maybe they have been forgotten by family and friends.  Maybe they don’t have any family.  Whatever the reason, I want to bring a smile to their face for Easter.

Why did I pick nursing homes?  Growing up, I remember visiting local nursing homes during the holidays.  At that time, I didn’t understand that there were people living there who didn’t have any family or any visitors.  When my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we attempted to take care of her at home.  We juggled our schedules.  Half the time, Grams was in Ocean Grove with Edythe as her primary care giver.  Then Grams came to Egg Harbor Township to be with us (Elsie, Mom, Belinda & I).  Belinda was Gram’s “little princess” and she was the only one that could always bring Grams back to the moment when her mind strayed.

One night, Grams left the house without us knowing and wandered around the neighborhood.  She didn’t know where she was, who she was or why she was even in the area.  Thankfully, a neighbor several blocks over saw her wondering the street in just her undergarments on that chilly night.  It was the next morning, that the decision was made to find an Alzheimer’s Unit for Grams because we could no longer take care of her.  The staff at King David Care Center in Atlantic City were AMAZING.  When that facility closed, we moved her to The Lodge in Neptune because at that time there weren’t many Alzheimer Units in the State.  It was there that Grams lived for the last 7 years of her life.

“LOVE PACKAGES” are for those in local nursing homes who do not have any family or visitors.  I will work with the Social Workers to help identify these individuals.  My goal is again 31! Do you see a pattern here?  The $20 will cover the cost of the Oh Snap bin and personalization.  I will use my commission to fill them with playing cards, candy, tissues, chapstick, puzzle books and pen.  The Oh Snap bin can be hooked onto wheelchairs, walkers or even the side of their bed to hold their own treasures.

love package

 Would you like to sponsor a “love package”?  I will send an invoice for payment. Sponsorships will be taken from March 4th through March 15th.  My goal is to deliver these gifts to just before Easter.  We want those without family or visitors to feel loved during the holidays.

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Thank you for again helping me to bring share the LOVE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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