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Healthy Eating AND Travel – Better Together


How many of you think “I’m on vacation, I will worry about eating healthy when I get home”?  The truth is, you can eat healthy and still enjoy your vacation.  For most of us, when we are traveling, nutrition is NOT on the top of our list.

Since dealing with health challenges, I am realizing that knowing what to eat when I travel will not only affect how I enjoy the trip, but it also affects my overall health. I have to be careful not to fall into the fast food trap of fast food, simply because it is convenient.

Here are some tips that help me when I am traveling:

5. Eat Like The Locals.  Watch and see what the locals are eating. Which restaurants have the longest lines? Be careful of street food because it’s not always the healthiest choice, and under-cooked street food can be dangerous to your health.


4. Foods to Fight Jet Lag.  Whether you are traveling to a foreign country or just across the country, food can contribute to common travel plights such as jet lag. Don’t shoot the messenger BUT you want to avoid anything with caffeine, because they can dehydrate you which is a common cause of jet lag.  Remember to drink plenty of water throughout your travel experience.


3. Don’t Over Eat.  Foods that are high in fat or salt, or foods that are rich can make travel harder.  Salt not only increase water retention during air travel, but it will make you feel sluggish and tired. Fatty foods are the same as well as any snacks that are high in fat or salt, such as chips or trail mixes. On a LONG flight, water retention can be even more of a problem and can result in swelling.

2. Bring Your Own Food.  I know who wants to bring their own food when they travel, right?  It is actually a good idea – an alternative to airplane food, or healthy snacks while you tour around. Maybe some fruit, peanut butter (or peanut butter sandwich), or a nutrition bar. Can’t bring your own food, plan your meals.

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1. Never Forget Breakfast.  No matter what, make time for breakfast.  It is not only the most important meal of the day when you are home BUT also when you are traveling.  In a hurry, grab something quick like something high in fiber, or full of whole grains, like oatmeal or cold cereal.  The best option is a balanced breakfast, combining carbs with proteins and grains. Stay away from muffins, cookies, and doughnuts. Greasy on the go breakfast foods are a big no-no too.


What is YOUR best tip for eating healthy when you travel?  I have found that it is so much easier to eat healthy when it is a road trip versus flying but I would love to hear from you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Hope Wissel



Nutrition is the selection of foods and preparation of foods, and their ingestion to be assimilated by the body.

A nutritionist is a person who advises on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health.

I know you are all wondering what the deal is right?  I LOVE the Weight Watcher program and it is with the help of the leaders and my AWESOME WW family that I was able to loose 108 pounds.  Yes, I hit goal but now I am struggling with maintenance.

I could use a million excuses but the fact is – I stopped tracking.  I stopped tracking when I went gluten free.  See, I had the misconception that gluten free combined with fat free would help me maintain my weight at goal.  WRONG!!!  A few pounds creep up – nothing major but it is time to nip it in the bud.

Hubby calls me “spoiled”, I say that I am blessed to have someone who loves me unconditionally and only wants the best for me.  So, this morning I am heading to a nutritionist.  I asked the doctor for a referral, he gave one and unfortunately  she isn’t in our plan.  Believe it or not, there isn’t a nutritionist in our health care plan UNLESS you are diabetic.  REALLY??  I guess the rest of us should know how to eat healthy, right?

My goal is to loose the 5 pounds that crept up as well as find a healthy balance between being gluten free and vegetarian.  I found out that I am severely anemic too so I guess we need to get some more iron in there while I continue to battle with IBS.  I have to admit, I am a little nervous about all of this.  Is it crazy to be concerned that she may take away artificial sweeteners.  Hubby thinks I use the “poison” way too much and wold love me to go back to sugar or something that is natural.  My response “it doesn’t taste sweet enough”.

I am open to hearing AND trying new things.  I am sure this is not going to be easy.  I really just want a list of eat and don’t eat.  I feel like I gave up gluten and now I overdose on corn products.  UGH!  I am a grazer – picking all day long or not eating most of the day and then grazing at night.  I know the worst thing, right?

If you are gluten free AND a vegetarian, I would love to hear from you. What are YOUR best tips for maintaing your weight?  Today is the day that I get this under control or better yet, turn it over to God because I am sure his plan is much better than mine.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Exciting Week Ahead


Happy Monday!  Yes, I am happy that it is Monday.  It is the start of a CRAZY busy week that I believe is God’s way of telling me that I am back on the right path – no more detours to SUCCESS!

The weekend (starting on Thursday) was ThirtyOne-derful!  Thursday’s Girl’s Night Out at the hospital – SUCCESS.  The Vendor Event Saturday – SUCCESS.  Enjoyed some time with old friends on Saturday night.  Sunday after work was spent watching FOOTBALL and entering orders.

This week is a whirlwind of activities some of which I am sure will be emotional but I am ready to face the challenge.  Facing demons kicks off the week with a visit to the Life Coach/ Counselor and to the Nutritionist.  I am getting a reality check on my business during a Focus group with a few of my fellow consultants lead by our AMAZING Director, Hope Shortt.

I am looking forward to being a judge at a local Halloween Family Fest costume party on Thursday.  I have never done it before but I am excited about the possibilities.  A chance to share my business with others in a totally non-selling atmosphere.  My bag will be packed with business cards and mini catalogs.  Thank you Jersey Cookie Girl for thinking of me.

Then comes 3 days of work at my part-time job followed by a Thirty One party every night.  YES, that is 3 parties in a row with lots of new people to meet.  One is a repeat hostess while the others are two new hostesses.  Just when I had my doubts that I had a chance at the Tiffany necklace that Thirty One is giving away, AMAZING things happen.

31 days FB cover

So, not only is Thirty One giving away $500 per day to 31 consultants but they are giving away $5000 to one lucky consultant each week.  One of my newest team members won $500 after entering her FIRST Thirty One party.  Talk about an incentive to remain with this company.  Since that is just the luck of the draw, Thirty One is giving EVERY consultant who sells at least $4000 in product (a minimum of 4 parties) a Tiffany necklace.  You know those really pretty blue boxes….I might actually get one for FREE!  I had my doubts as the month starts off but now that I am at the end of the month, it actually seems possible.  I am kicking it into overdrive for the last two weeks to make it happen.

I know I “squirreled” but it all relates to a crazy busy EXCITING week.  Facing demons can be difficult but I am realizing that in order to move forward in my personal and business life – I need to shake off the things that are holding me back.

What are you excited about this week?  Are you ready to move forward and face your FEAR or are you willing to keep doing the same things expecting different results?  I would love to hear from you…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!