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How To Kick Off Your Holiday Shopping


October has arrived and I am super excited.  There is so much happening this month and Thirty One is no different.    October also means football is in full swing.  So if you hear  A LOT of yelling coming from our house on game day, it is just me coaching the J-E-T-S!

At Thirty One – October means the kick off of some many things….

There is tailgating, football, Halloween, birthdays (in our family), and anniversaries. Which then leads into Thanksgiving and yes, Christmas!  So, why not get a jump on your holiday shopping season or do most of it from the comfort of your home?

Check out Thirty One’s NEW Holiday Gift Guide:  It is full of greta gift ideas for everyone on your list.  From Little Snackers in adorable prints to our Close to Home Celebrate Plate to pillows and throw blankets.  The best part is 95% of the products can be personalized so your gift now becomes something special for this special someone’s in your life.


#1Have you every thought about being a part of Thirty One?

Want to have debt-free holiday?  How about some girl time after playing mom taxi?  OR do you want to solve your holiday gift giving with awesome discounts on amazing products?  I have ONE pink ticket for someone who wants to get kick off their business this holiday season.  This ticket will allow YOU to purchase the Signature Kit (regularly $99) for just $15 and the Deluxe Kit for just $95 (regularly $179).  This offer is limited and will only last until October 15th.  Ask for details to be sure I still have a ticket left.

Don’t worry, if you miss out on the pink tickets, the Enrollments Kits are still available.  They are packed with some of this seasons top sellers – the Retro Metro Bag (my favorite) and the large utility tote which has been a company top seller since it was introduced!  You will not only be able to earn back the price of your kit with your commission check but you will also have a chance to earn some added bonuses.

During your enrollment month AND the following 4 months of being a consultant you get to earn MORE!  In addition to your 25% commission, you will earn Wishes Rewards!  Rewards are good for FREE product, business supplies, VISA gift cards or Disney bucks.  You get to pick how you will use YOUR rewards!  Mix and match them to get the most savings this holiday season.

Oh, there is one more thing…. join in October and submit a $1000 or $2000 or $4000 in sales and YOU will get MORE FREE products:!  WHAT???  Here is what you can get for just a $1000 in orders in October!

#2Be a Hostess with the Mostess!

Not interested in joining our pink bubble – how about hosting your own party?  Did you know for just $200 in orders, YOU can have a qualified party.  You will get $25 in FREE product, 1 half price item and 1 hostess exclusive.  Did you know it is only takes 6 orders of $35 to have a qualified party?  Thirty One just increased there FREE products for hostesses at the $600 level to $120 in FREE products, TWO half price items and TWO hostess exclusives!  This is super easy to reach since my average parties are about $640.  When you hit a $600 party, you will also be able to grab, TWO items from the Holiday Gift Guide at 70% off!!!  

I offer home, catalog/online, on the go and Facebook parties. Fundraising opportunities are also available!  Which one will fit into YOUR busy schedule?

#3 – Don’t want to join, and not interested in being a hostess…..

How about getting a jump on your holiday shopping with one of Thirty

One’s TOP sellers….. This month ONLY you can get the Medium Utility Tote for $15 with a $35 purchase.  BUT what’s even better than one tote is TWO totes for $20 for the same $35 purchase!  Can you believe it???  Get one for you and give one as a gift.  The medium utility tote is the perfect size for kids to carry their treasures in.  Quick trip to the grocery store or even to cart the holiday gifts to friends and family.  What will you use yours for?

Would you like to get JUST what you want this holiday season?  Why not send me your holiday shopping list and we can put you on the budget/layaway plan for 3 months with everything being delivered to you in plenty of time for your gift giving events.   OR tell your hubby, children, significant other to call me and I will make sure YOU get what is on your wish list. Yes, I will set up a gift registry to make sure you get the Thirty One products YOU want.  I would say it is a win – win for everyone, right?

So, who is ready to get started on their holiday shopping?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Holiday Rush?

imagesA strange title for a blog post but I am feeling the holiday rush right now.  You walk into the store and you see Christmas decorations being set up, right?  Really?  The kids just got settled into the back to school routine.  Halloween is at the end of the month.  Then there is Thanksgiving. THEN it is Christmas.  At least the calendar says that is the order.  To the retailers, it is a time to see how fast they can cash in on the holidays.

I’m not here to rush the holidays.  I like to savor the Fall Season, even though I am excited the girls will be home for Thanksgiving.  I am not a fan of cold weather so the fall lets me be comfortable in my jeans and hoodie.

I don’t want to rush the holidays BUT I do want to be able to save you time and money so you can enjoy them.  October starts an exciting time at Thirty One.  The customer specials are all geared to help you with making the most of your holiday budget.

Now, I am sure you are thinking…”here comes the pitch for a party“, right?  I believe this is the calm before the storm.  A chance to enjoy some “ME” time with friends.  A chance to have a coffee break while the kids are at school.

What if said YOU could reap all of the benefits of a “home party” without the work? What if I could meet you for coffee or at restaurant for lunch or in the parking lot at work? What if you just carried a catalog with you and sent all of your friends to an online Facebook party that was fun?

Check out this month’s “stuff” and then let me know what you think….

#1 – October’s Customer Special is AWESOME!

Thirty One’s Customer Special for October is the All About the Benjamins Wallet AND the Littles Carry All AND a Mystery product.  I LOVE the Benjamins – a great wallet and it is the perfect size for a wristlet when you add one of our straps.

The Littles Carry-All Caddy is the perfect gift for just $5.  For teachers, add a box of tissues and some hand sanitizer with their favorite gift card.  Add a plant or some homemade cookies for a co-worker.  So many options and even the holiday littles are on sale.

#2 – Be a hostess and the gifts just keep on coming…..

Did you know that an average Thirty One party is over $600 in sales? So what does that mean? Check out all that YOU get

There are some extra perks with being a hostess this season….FIRST, you will get an early pass to the December Outlet Sale to shop.  If you have been to one of our sales, you know how exciting that is.  SECOND, there is a NEW Hostess Exclusive for just $25… the medium utility tote bundle which is a medium utility tote, a stand tall insert and a lid.  Oh, did I mention it comes in the Snow Daze print which was one of our biggest sellers last season?
#3 – Now, if paying CASH for all the gifts at Christmas interests you, then we need to talk.  You could earn some extra money while chauffeuring the kids to activities or sitting at the field while they practice?  What would you do with an extra $300? How about $500 extra?  Or are you more interested in having some ME time? Time with friends away from the kids?  Or do you just love FREE products? Whatever your reason (or dream), Thirty One can help you reach it!enrollment-kit-page-0

PLUS you can get up to $600 more in FREE products over the next 4 months with our StartSwell program. Which one is YOUR favorite? You could get up to 4 of them!start-swell


See how this “purse gig” can make a difference in your life or someone you know…


Which opportunity is for you? Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

October Party Themes

My calendar is almost full for October but I am always looking for new party ideas.  I LOVE themed home parties.  It makes things easy for the hostess and I am able to help her keep things simple.  Many of my guests get into a theme party to varying degrees and the time of year.

How about a Football Wives party?

football wives party

This one could be tough for me because I am football fanatic but what a great way to pass the time for those that are not into football (or hockey).  Our Spirit Collection also gives you a chance to shop for the men in your life so that they can sport their favorite team’s colors.

Chocolate Lovers Party – Serve chocolate goodies. Guests bring their favorite chocolate recipe. A fun chocolate quiz is given – “How well do  your guests know their chocolate?”  I mean who doesn’t love chocolate…

Fundraiser Party – October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Why not support
your favorite cause at the same time guests are doing their shopping?  I offer a 25% donation to organizations looking to raise funds.  Encourage guests to bring their gently used bags to be  donated to a local shelter and then give them a a discount on their new purchase.  A win-win for everyone.


Halloween Party – Do you like Halloween?  Challenge your guests to come in costume and earn a gift. Goodie bags given to all who bring a friend. Serve apple cider,pumpkin pie or candy apples.

Brunch – Nights too busy?  Busy moms would love a moment in between dropping the kids off and the next errand to grab a bagel or donuts, and a fresh cup of coffee or tea.  This is can be done on along the same lines as an Open House but for a shorter period of time.  It solves so many concerns – no time, what to serve & keep things short and sweet.  A great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Men’s Only Party – Invite the men for an afternoon of football, pizza, soda (or beer) and Thirty-One. Set up a display and let them shop for Christmas presents during halftime, tell them that when they place a $35 (or whatever) order, you’ll wrap the gift for them.

What are some of YOUR favorite October party themes?  Share them with user better yet, when you have one, take a picture and post it here so we can all see the fun!

Have a Thirty One-derful day!