Hope Wissel

Tailgating Season is Back!!!


The weather was a little crazy the last week on the East Coast!   I actually woke up to snow on the ground BUT I also saw signs that baseball season was starting at the local fields.  First comes outdoor sporting events then it is beach weather…. YEAH!!!  Here are some things to help you be prepared, as well as be the “cool mom”….


Taking snacks, waters and other beverages with you can save you time and money.  We all like to do both, right?  The added bonus is that it will help you and the kids eat healthier rather than buying things on the go.  Yes, it will require a lithe preparation and the right gear.  Everyone loves with Thirty One’s Picnic Thermal Tote.  It’s just the right size for a few drinks, some sandwiches and some drinks. Not too big and not too small this can easily fit on the floor of the back seat, and hold enough food for your whole family. It’s adorable and comes in lots of fun patterns. It has an adjustable strap so you can carry it out to the soccer field or to a picnic spot. It’s easily wipeable when it gets dirty and it even folds down for easy storage. You can keep groceries cold on their way home from the store!  It will hold up to FOUR bottle of wine or a six pack of beer – perfect for those “adult” getaways.  It even comes in MAN colors so it makes a great gift for dad for Father’s Day!


Tired of having the soccer ball roll around in the trunk? Or looking for a missing shoe just before you are ready to head out the door?  The Large Utility Tote by Thirty One can come to the rescue.

You’ll be amazed at how much this classic tote can hold. The structured metal frame keeps it open for bulky items and provides strength for durability. Keep it in your closet to help organize your shoes or the “stuff” that seems to gather on the floor.  It is great for carrying or storing toys and easy for the kids to manage on their own.  Hate those plastic bags when you go grocery shopping? Or do you go to stores like Aldi’s where you have to pay for bags?  Here is the perfect alternative – keep it in your truck.  You can use it as a basket as you walk around the store, empty it to check out and then reload it to head home.   It even collapses for easy storage!

Yes, it comes in MAN colors as well as fun prints.  These can be personalized as well for your favorite team or with a catchy phrase.  Want some for the whole team?  Why not Fundraise with Thirty One?  contact me at HopeWs31@gmail.com for more details.

Be the envy of your friends when you show up full stocked with snacks and drinks while looking fashionable and organized.  Isn’t that every mom’s dream?

Click on the product links to order yours today!  Need help, just reach out to me.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Is it a Successful Vendor Event?

The age old question of what makes for a successful vendor event differs depending on what hat I am wearing – Thirty One consultant or crafter.

I have been attending craft/vendor shows for over 20 years.  In the beginning, I did doll clothes along with my sister, Kathy Gourley.  Both of us spent hours sewing, I did the leg work for the shows and she did all of the crocheting.  We sold American Girl Doll clothes and accessories.  Success at a craft/vendor show then was to make not only the cost of our space but to have 3 times the amount of the cost in sales.  As a crafter, you never really get paid for the true cost of an item – supplies plus time – but the 3 times rule seems to have worked for man including us.  We gave up doll clothes about 6 years ago when the demand started to die and shows were not as successful as they once were.  In the last 3 years, I have begun making small inspirational angels which are GREAT sellers during the fall.  I believe that they are wonderful year round but the demand has really only been in the fall/ winter so I have started only doing shows during the fall/ winter as a crafter.  Knowing your market and your target audience for your product is the key when selling crafts.

As a direct sales consultant, my view of a vendor show takes on a whole new meaning.  I have learned over time that it is not all about the sales the day of the show.  Of course, I want to make back the money that I spent for “renting” the space but if I don’t, does it mean that it wasn’t a success?  As a DS consultant, my business is based on building relationships – with customers, with potential hostesses, potential corporate clients and anyone else who may be interested in our products.  My goal is to help them find a solution for their particular dilemma – organizing a space like their home, car or purse or getting gifts for family, friends or customers. Connecting with people takes time so the less than 5 minutes they may look at your product and talk to you may not be the time for them to make a decision about something. I share a catalog, my information and some suggestions  in the hopes that if not today, one day when they are looking for that special item – they will call me.  If they see me at enough local events, then we start to build a relationship of trust which can lead to more business.  Two summers ago, I did a VERY large outdoor event and had sales the day of the event and gathered lots of contact information.  Over the next several months, orders trickled in as a result of those contacts.  One evening I received a call from a woman who was trying to place an order online.  In the midst of talking, I found out that she had been at that event and over the last YEAR had received my monthly newsletter.  That night she placed her own PARTY order for over $300.  Since, she has referred customers to me because I was able to turn her “order” into a “party” that got her additional FREE product.  An “AHA” moment for me.  It is all about the customer service and not about what I need or want.

So, if there isn’t a lot of foot traffic (customers) at your next vendor event – make the most of it.  Don’t be “negative nelly” and just complain – network with the other vendors, make the most of the people who do come through the doors.  Take an extra 5 minutes to talk to a customer or someone who is interested in your products.  Practice the 10 second rule – ask everyone who stops by your table a question – then LISTEN!  Who knows they may hold the key to LOTS more people who may want your product.  

Tip for today – decide what is going to be your definition of a “successful vendor event” BEFORE you go.  Remember though the sales are great they may be short lived – wouldn’t it be nice to also network with people who could help you to grow your business.  I am going to talk more about opportunities to grow your business in the next few days…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!