Hope Wissel

Momma with Fur Babies



I can hear the groans as you realize that it is Monday and the start of another 5 days at your JOB!  I have to be honest, I LOVE having my own business.  As a result, I don’t dread Mondays!

The weather is changing so there are some great opportunities to host different types of parties.  Think outside of the box…..

Today’s is all about customers and hostesses with fur babies….

Animal Play Date

Have a get together where pets and their owners can enjoy each other’s time together. This is the perfect opportunity to share the products you have that will make them the envy of every pet owner.

 flip top for puppies puppy time

Pet Parade

Have your guests create a costume for their pets and host a parade for them somewhere. Then give your winners samples of your products. This creates an atmosphere of friendly fun while at the same time getting your products in your guest’s hands.

Pet Owner Creativity Contest

Ask your friends how they can benefit from using your products as a pet owner.  This way they can help you find new ways to market your products. Then host a voting event on one of your social media outlets. The person who wins gets a package of your products.

rescue soft tote

Coordinate an event or party with a pet rescue group.  Help raise awareness and funds while getting your products in the hands of new potential customers.  Know someone who just got a new pet?  Give them a mini basket with your product front and center.

We often think of parties or activities with kids BUT to many their fur babies are their children.  These activities are a sure fire way to create lasting memories of you and your products. They also make your friends and their pets feel special. The added icing on the cake is all the lasting memories you’ll gain.

What other events can you think of that would be fun to host with your pet as the main star?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!