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New Product – Simple Man

Today’s blog is by Tara Novak an Independent Business Owner with Simple Man...Simple Man, reaching a new male market in Direct Sales.

Men are finally not overlooked in the Direct Sales world with the launch of Simple Man. A full line of salon quality products delivered right to your door. As a proven concept the past few years, keeping life simple with subscription delivery of our most common and needed bathroom products, Simple Man is committed to hitting this market in a major way. So many direct sales companies have missed the mark for years by not enticing men with products they are comfortable selling to their peers to increase their personal income.
Started by two successful salon owners of the appropriately named “The Man Salon” Shawn Ericsson and Justin Christman have come to the table with the launch of products that include everything from the shower, to the sink and mirror. Men &women have raved about their top quality salon line as it is affordable and not insanely priced like the shelved competition. The products are essential oil based, a couple products are even organic, and they smell spectacular!

Simple Man has chosen to distribute their product through the network marketing channel as it understands the impact that network marketing can have on the company’s success as well as the incredible impact it can have on those, and the family of those, who choose to use this channel as a source of income. Independent Business Owners (IBOs) of Simple Man have an unlimited income with Simple Man by sharing products that they love and that are staple products in everyone’s lives. Simple Man is not creating additional expenses for their audience/customers. They are simply offering products that people use on a daily basis and shop for on a regular basis. Simple Man is just providing better quality products, salon quality, without the hassle of high prices and fighting crowds at the store!
Simple Man is not only committed to delivering top quality but is driven by the success of IBO’s that want to get involved. Their mission statement states just that:

The Simple Man is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to consumers through a Distribution Channel that brings extraordinary income to families across the world. Like our name, we have kept our business model simple and effective so more people can see success faster and longer in our organization. We believe in big rewards to those who work hard and strive to do great things for themselves and their families.

Simple Man launched on October 1, 2016 and is building its foundation strong with IBOs who see the vision, the potential and understand that they will be serving others by filling a void that has been present in network marketing for some time. And while these IBOs serve others, they have the opportunity to change their own lives while building a legacy for their family.

“Simple Man is focused on providing Salon Quality products and creating a super fun (work hard, play harder) platform for the individuals who choose to become and IBO in our organization. Every detail from our compensation plan, down to our no auto-ship, and no inventory to carry was strictly designed from an IBO’s perspective vs. a big corporate agenda. This allows for more people to see success that may have been intimidated about getting into the network marketing industry for the first time. It’s really all about fun and the people.

IBOs are key in our Distribution model. We want to give everyone involved with Simple Man the opportunity to see success faster and longer than with any other network marketing organizations. After doing extensive research, we modeled our business based on IBO success first and for most from a simple compensation plan and bonus structure to amazing trips and adventure incentives. Once someone joins Simple Man they receive an email from the Home Office asking for their bucket list dreams. It’s our dream to help our IBOs check them off. We truly live by our ‘Work hard. Play harder!’ motto.” -Betsy deWit CMO/Principal

What are the details of becoming a Squad Member with Simple? Why Simple Man?

It’s Simple…

  • Earn up to 50% of collective team sales while selling amazing, salon-quality products and growing your team!
  • Great opportunity for residual income.
  • Get paid daily, weekly and monthly!
  • Earn unbelievable trips, cash bonuses, and perks. Live the “Suite Life”!
  • Be your own boss and a true business owner as a Simple Man Independent Business Owner (IBO)!
  • No inventory to keep!
  • No parties!
  • No mandatory autoships!
  • Frequent, additional Squad Member Perks & Benefits!

To see all the fun Simple Man and Simple Man IBO’s are having, check out the Squad Member Benefits page on the site at www.simplemanfresh.com or contact IBO Tara Novak (848) 992-9309 or at simplemanfresh@yahoo.com.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks



The quaint streets of Sylva, North Carolina were my office last week.  Yes, I was on vacation BUT I was also a walking billboard for my business.  I started conversations and made connections.  I have to admit, it was out of my comfort zone BUT the streets of NC seem so much more welcoming then the streets in NJ.

One of the best “perks” of being of being your own boss and have a direct sales business is I get to have total freedom on how I run my business. Honestly, running a successful direct sales business can become an all-consuming task.  To keep that from happening, you have to stay on top of everything that’s going on in your direct sales business. I know, you are wondering is it worth all of the effort?  Let me tell you – it absolutely is!

Here are some tips and tricks for keeping everything manageable:

#1 You need to stay hungry for success.


This is one of the toughest things for me.  Set goals for your business around bookings, sales, and recruiting and create a strategy for going after them on a daily basis. This helps you to stay focus and succeed in all three areas. Not only will it help you to keep creative, but you’ll be modeling things that your team can follow to grow their business.

#2 Keep an eye on your business facts and figures.

Keeping you eye on the numbers doesn’t mean just checking your reports to see if you and your team has sales.  I have gotten better with “organizing” my expenses BUT they still are not logged in my records.  The bottom line is that if anyone asked me what it costs me to do business, I would have to just guess. This is not good. You need to “know your numbers” before the end of the year and doing taxes so you have a true read on how you’re actually doing in your business. This means you need to organize accounts, track expenses, and keep everything up to date so you know where you are at any given moment. I use a simple tickler file to organize expenses, now the key is to put them on the excel spread sheet every month.  When you know your finances are in order, then you will know how your business is doing,  NO, it isn’t much fun but if you do it at least once a month, life will be easier.

#3 Stay Educated and Execute what you learn!2317e07863b5414d8ee1011c7062804c

Keep up to date on trends in your company and in the industry by reading magazines, blogs, and your company information and publications.  Things happen and you need to be sure you’re on top of any changes as soon as they happen. Some would recommend reading newspapers like Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal because the information in these publications can have an impact on you even if it’s not business specific. I find some of the best information coming from expert emails and newsletters, like Julieann Jones or Becky Spieth or Desiree Wolfe.  Reading is great but if you don’t DO SOMETHING with the information, there is no real value to you.  If you read something which sounds like a good fit for your business, make a plan and take action to try it. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you planned, you’ll learn from the experience – win or lose.

#4 Social media – pick two!

Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Google Hangouts and the list goes on.  It seems like every day there is a new spot to promote your business.  Overwhelming?  To me it is.  The key is knowing where your target market hangs out.  If most of your customers are on Facebook and Instragram, start there.  Be consistent.  Share and don’t constantly ask for sales. Don’t be that “pushy” sales person.  You want to be seen as a trusted expert in your product area.  I am consistent on Facebook by using Cinchshare.  I LOVE it.  The minimal cost allows me to plan my posts even when I am on vacation.  CLICK HERE to get a free trial.  Taking the time to post for a week will same you time and will help to increase your visibility online.  This is a great way to keep things simple.

What are your best tips for staying on top of the “business” of your business (or home projects).  Share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Life as an Entrepreneur

a year from now

Do you dread Monday mornings?  Let’s be honest, most people do.  Do you start looking forward to the end of the work week by Tuesday?  Counting the days till the weekend?  Maybe you are like millions of other people who have considered starting their own business.  No, this is NOT a sales pitch for Thirty one… it is some thoughts on whether or not you are ready to start your own business.

Thirty One was not my first attempt at having my own business… my first real direct sales attempt but I have wanted to be in my own business for as long as I can remember.  My first attempt was when I was making premature baby clothes.  I love designing the clothes, meeting the parents whose children were in the NIC units and then being able to give them a piece of clothing that fit their tiny baby.  This was LONG before the name brands were making clothes this small.  I gave up my business when I came to a crossroads – grow bigger or stop.  FEAR kept me from growing bigger so I stopped.

Second business was my consulting business…this came out of a desire to be home with Belinda.  I LOVED it.  Contracts with local agencies, working with clients, making my own hours and living life on my terms.  Again, I hit a transition point – go back to work for an agency or keep hunting for contracts.  I found an agency that I loved, so I stopped consulting and went back to work.  In both of these cases, I wish that I had a mentor who talked me to about business – what to expect being in business for myself.

Here are some things to think about if you are considering starting your business…

No. 1: You’ll be your own boss.  One of the most common reasons for wanting to start a business is to be your own boss.  Yes, you will be your own boss but all of those “other things” that were someone else’s job will now be yours.  Be ready to handle all sides of the business.  I love being able to go to my office in my pajamas on some days to make calls.  I love meeting new customers – but I am not a numbers person which is why it is a good thing that hubby is.

No. 2: You’ll make tons of money.  Isn’t this what we all hope for – lots of money.  I am not saying that you won’t make money but it may take time for the business to grow into what you expect – or you may need to change your starting expectations.  Be a little bit more realistic.  One of the most valuable aspects for me of having my own business is the opportunities I’ve had to grow and change personally and professionally.  I am making a good income but we operated at a loss for the first 2 years, can I tell you how excited I was to make a profit last year??

No. 3: You’ll get to do more of what you’re good at and interested in.  This is true in many ways but it depends on the type of business that you start – store front, consulting or direct sales.  With every business there are aspects that we don’t like so you have a choice – build a team that likes to do those “other things” or risk doing less of what you like to do so that you can handle all sides of the business.  This is why I love direct sales – no matter how big my business grows, I still get to do what I like to do – help great causes with fundraising, meet new customers and amazing hostesses.

No. 4: You have nothing to lose.  If you are looking at direct sales, a simple investment for the kit is all that it will cost.  If you already are using the products, then if things don’t work out – you still have lots of product.  No matter what kind of business you start “The key is to stay positive, ignore the naysayers, and learn from your mistakes so that things work out better the next time around. Some serial founders start multiple companies, and look at each company as a learning experience, not a failure.”

No. 5: Your big dream will become a reality.  It is so awesome to show up at your business and watch your company grow over time, and to watch the dream become a reality. Whatever the milestones are – growing a team, higher sales,  getting your first real office, getting recognized with an industry award, financial freedom or even just having really happy customers–it’s impossible to anticipate or describe how great it feels.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from starting a business, I just want to challenge you to think a little more about it.  Most likely, it won’t be anything like you expect it to be–but it’s possible that it will be better than you ever imagined.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Working for Yourself

Today, I am off sharing Thirty One at the Family Wellness & Beauty Day at Shido Martial Arts in Freehold, NJ.  All monies raised from the $10 tickets will be donated to We’re Kickin It AntiBullying Program.  I can do things like this because I am my own boss!

When I first went to work, I never wanted to be my own boss but as I got older, had my daughter and saw what I was missing as a single mom – that changed.  I took the skills I learned in grants management for a non-profit and opened my first business “H.O.P.E. Consultants”. I worked for 4 years while my daughter was in High School as my own boss.  Then I found a grassroots non-profit that I wanted to help so I joined the Monday-Friday workforce again.  After 6 years, I left that job that I LOVED (and hated – LOL) to go back into business for myself as a Direct Sales Consultant.  Why?  The freedom to make my own hours and no commute to work far outweighed the cons to owning your own business.  

Here is an portion on an article that was in Forbes about What to Expect When You Work For Yourself…

So do you have what it takes to be your own boss? Here are some hurdles you will certainly face if you decide to go off on your own:
Obstacle: It’s Just You:   If you become a sole proprietor or member of a small business, all responsibilities fall on you. Or maybe it’s not just you; perhaps you’ll have new employees or interns to manage, and this might be new territory. You’ll also be managing your own schedule, which can be difficult if you’re used to structure. You might be able to adapt to these changes, but personality can play a large role in what you’re comfortable with. Personally, I’m a bit of a control freak so I love having a hand in every aspect of our business. Time management took a bit longer to master, but I now know how to maximize my productivity.  Advantage: It’s just you! No more office politics, micromanagement, or working for someone who doesn’t appreciate you– the list goes on and on.
Obstacle: Blending Your Work Life with Your Home Life:  Most people enjoy that an office job gives them the ability to, both physically and mentally, leave their work at the office. This can be tricky to maneuver if you’re now working in your home, and could also be an obstacle for those you live with. You may benefit from renting a separate office space, but this isn’t always practical. After years of working from home, setting up a separate area for our books and “office” has helped us to stay more organized. It also prevents our business from intruding into every aspect of our personal lives– for the most part.  Advantage: No commuting! And blending might not be bad at all if you build your business around something you’re personally passionate about.
Obstacle: You Will Work Longer and Harder Than Ever Before:  You’’ve probably heard entrepreneurs say “I work from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep.” It may not be like this all the time, but for the most part, it is absolutely true. It will be especially true in the beginning, as you’ll need to do whatever it takes to get your startup going.  Advantage: You will work longer and harder, but it’s ultimately for your own gain. Nothing is more satisfying than that! While you will make time sacrifices, you’ll also have more flexibility. I’’ve gotten over the fact that I will work during every Super Bowl for the foreseeable future (and I am a huge football fan!) because I have a trade show that weekend every year. But even though I work most weekends and many holidays, I ultimately have the ability to change my schedule when I really need to.
There are certainly sacrifices toward owning your own business, but for successful entrepreneurs, the advantages far outweigh the difficulties.
Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!