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November’s Top 5 Solutions

November is here!  What does that mean?  You started making a list of the things that need to be done for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You have already started to stress about there not being enough hours in the day or week, right? So the thought of hosting a Thirty One Girl’s Night is just another stressor, right?  What if I could give you some reasons why it would make YOUR holidays so much better?

You get this entire hostess bundle with FREE embroidery on all 3 items for $35 when you collect just $200 in orders!! You can knock out THREE Christmas gifts just by collecting a few orders from your friends and family!!


Our new HOLIDAY shopping list is chock full of gift giving ideas for your friends and family!  Do you know someone who can NEVER find their name on things?  Guess what?  We can solve that with a personalized gift to show them that you were thinking of them.


How boring is it to put a gift card in an envelope?  It seems impersonal, like you didn’t put much thought into it.  The truth is, gift cards are one of the TOP gifts during the holidays.  How many of YOUR friends give gift cards for the holidays?  We have lots of options but my favorite is the Letters from London.


This is the perfect gift to put a GIFT CARD in!  I attach mine to my Thirty One Key FOB when I am out and about.  It is the perfect size for my driver’s license and my debit card.  What more does a girl need, right? So why not help your friends with their holiday gift giving while you can earn YOUR Christmas gifts for FREE.



Would you rather have a few friends gathered in your living room (or at a local restaurant). Laughing. Talking. No kids. No significant other. Light music plays in the background. There are some cute products on display. You feel like you are getting a private showing in a small boutique. When the night is done, you feel refreshed and energized.

Or would you prefer this?

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 23:  Shoppers fill Macy's during the Black Friday sales on November 23, 2012 in New York City. Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season and busiest shopping day of the year for many retailers got it's name as it's said to put retailers 'in the black'. (Photo by Andrew Kelly/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 23: Shoppers fill Macy’s during the Black Friday sales on November 23, 2012 in New York City. Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season and busiest shopping day of the year for many retailers got it’s name as it’s said to put retailers ‘in the black’. (Photo by Andrew Kelly/Getty Images)


FREE and discounted products if you:

  • Host a Facebook party!
  • Host a catalog party or party to go!
  • Host a Home Show!
  • Host a Fundraiser!
  • Host at your favorite Restaurant during Happy Hour for a girls night out!
  • Host a holiday BINGO night!

There’s are so many ways to have fun with Thirty-One while earning FREE and HALF PRICE items.  Let’s figure out the one that works for YOU!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Party Ideas

Are YOU Prepared for Holiday Shopping?


I know it is only Halloween weekend but have you gone into a store lately?  Walmart, Target and I am sure the malls too are already starting to decorate for the holidays.  You are trying to get through Halloween with costumes for the kids, right?  Who has time to think about the holidays!

Believe it or not, the key to not letting the holidays get the best of you is to be organized.  I know, that is always your plan, right?  I know it was with me.  Sometimes that is easier said then done.  The lists get made, the time for shopping is set aside, the recipes are picked out – you know the ones that you long to try from Pinterest.  BAM! Then life happens. You begin filling your calendar with everything BUT what you need to get done. YIKES!  When will you have time to shop?  The thought of Black Friday shopping makes your cringe.  Online shopping can be easy but you really wish you could SEE the stuff before you actually bought it.

I have the answer! I have been where you are and thought “no one understands”. Guess what? I get it!

What if I told you that you could get 50% of your shopping done AND save money too? What if I told you that you could you could spend time with friends while doing this?

wine glasses

Picture you and a few friends gathered in your living room (or at a local restaurant). Laughing. Talking. No kids. No significant other. Light music plays in the background. There are some cute products on display. You feel like you are getting a private showing in a small boutique. When the night is done, you feel refreshed and energized. The best part is that you were able to grab some great deals on gifts that everyone will LOVE, maybe even a little something for you PLUS you were able to save up to 75%.


My hostesses can expect that I will partner with them to make it a night they won’t forget. I will take care of the invitations. I will take care of the follow-up to ensure friends are coming. No sales pitches. Just some gift ideas for everyone on your list.  Did I mention that we personalize too?  I am sure there is someone on your list who can never find their name on items, right?


Keep the snacks light – really, does anyone ever eat? Your friends aren’t coming to see how clean your house is or because you will have lots to eat. They are coming to spend time with YOU who they have not seen in a long time without the kids or hubby.

I will celebrate you for your hard work and ability to take care of everyone else. I will encourage you so you feel like a star. Best of all, I will reward you with FREE and discounted products for you, your friends and your family.

The holidays are a busy time and are sometimes overwhelming. So, let’s boost your positive energy level and help you get ready for the holiday season – all at the same time!

Contact me to book a date…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel, Personal Causes

Putting FUN in Fundraising


Fundraising is defined as the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? NOT!  The truth is fundraising has become more vital than ever.  Not only are sports teams, schools, churches, and organizations working hard to raise needed capital BUT also individuals are seeking help through GoFundMe.

What if you aren’t a group or bold enough to ask online for help from family and friends?  What if you are the average family struggling to pay for unexpected expenses?  Or maybe your child (children) want to play on a sports team but you don’t have the money for uniforms or equipment?  What if you have overwhelming medical bills and an extra $100 or $200 would help eliminate the stress?  What if you are expecting a new addition to the family BUT the cost of new furniture, diapers (have you seen how expensive they are?) and formula is already stressing you out?

I have a solution to all of these situations.  No, you don’t have to beg for money from friends or family.  No, you don’t have to tell everyone your sad story.

What about a Girl’s Night Out either in your home or at a local restaurant?  What about a Fashion Show?  What about a BINGO night or BUNCO?  Sounds like a lot of work, right?  I am here to take care of the details, all you have to do is invite the people.

How does it work?  You select the type of Thirty One event – home party, On the Go Party, fashion show, BINGO, BUNCO, Baby Shower, Housewarming party, pool party, online party, catalog or Facebook party.  I will set up the details and you invite your friends and family to shop.  No one needs to know that we are fundraising for you unless you want to tell them.  You just share the Thirty One Gifts catalog full of awesome products.  I mean who can resist the opportunity to shop and help a good cause.

Easier and different then the traditional candy bar or wrapping paper fundraiser.  Everyone LOVES Thirty One.  The products are fun, functional, fashionable and affordable.  There is something in everyone’s price range.


Interested in knowing more about fundraising opportunities, fill out the contact form below:

Or, are you ready to join in the fun and raise some much needed money?  Click HERE to fill out a questionnaire so we can start planning your event.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel, Party Ideas

Party On

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!  In the past, I have been Vacation Veronica and put my business on hold from the 15th of December to the 1st of January.   To say the least, it left me scrambling for bookings and sales in the new year.  This year, I have been working on my social media postings and getting a plan in place to ROCK 2015.  I have been in touch with customers and hostesses to entice them with the NEW Spring catalog – planting booking and recruiting seeds.

party on the go

I came across a blog from “My Sales Tactics” which I thought was interesting.  The main focus was tips to “party on with home parties”.  Although they talked about five different things, I really liked these TWO ideas:

1.  Booking in close works best. Booking in close means scheduling events within a short time, usually within 3-10 days. By booking in close, people know their schedule and they either attend or don’t. People usually attend home parties if they have nothing better to do; that means no work, school, or children commitments that have a higher priority. For many people, especially working women, the opportunity to get together with the girls is a luxury that gets wedged in between work, kids, and family.  To build attendance when booking home parties in close:

  • Be sure to get the cell phone number of your friends.
  • Send them a text with the invite information. Here’s an example of a short and sweet invite sent on short notice:
    • Party Thurs. nite at 123 State St., 43550
    • 5:00 pm
    • See if you can bring 2-3 new friends.
    • Appetizers and fun. Shop for
    • Hostess: Susie Smith
    • RSVP please, coming or not
  • Use multiple means to message your Hostess’s friends.

The Hostess and I can also make personal phone calls, email a PDF invitation to guests, and post the party on Facebook. Even if most phone calls go to voice mail, the point is that in today’s busy world, multiple methods of inviting are key to getting a good turnout.

The truth is I was never one for quick home parties but I am definitely reconsidering it as an option.  Time to redo my guest list forms to include cell phone numbers as well as email addresses and home addresses for snail mail.  I am grateful for Red Stamp which could turn the text invite into a cute picture.

2.  Parties can be held in public places.  I am excited that starting in January, I have several of these on my calendar.  My local favorite lunch place, Taylor Sam’s, will be trying out a dinner menu.  They have already agreed to let me hold several mini parties during these new hours.  Week 1, I will pay for the drinks (coffee and tea) and dessert for the guests.  Then another week, I will do a mini wine tasting and the restaurant will supply the snacks (cheese, crackers, dip, etc.).  We will publicize not only the restaurant but also I will be able to introduce my products to a new group of customers.  A win-win for everyone.

Thirty One has recognized the changes taking place in the home party arena and are now encouraging “parties on the go”.  A concept that works well for everyone. The Hostess doesn’t have to open up her home and the guests were more likely to bring friends that the Hostess didn’t know because of the less personal turf for the party.

So for those who ask, “Is the home party over?” The answer is a resounding NO!  With a little bit of imagination as to where and when to hold a “home party”, it can quickly become a “party on the go”.

What are some of YOUR best unique party tips?  Share them with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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