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Halfway Through Summer

12 weeks of summer FB

Did I get your attention?  Yes, I said halfway through summer.  Well, at least in our Thirty One pink bubble, we are at the halfway point of summer.  That means exciting things for you – as a customer, a hostess or even finding some extra money.


As a hostess, you can pick one of these AWESOME sets.  Which one fits your style?

HO 6:15 HO 6:22 HO 6:29

I know you are saying, I don’t have time to host a party.  Guess what?  We can set up at your office during lunch or after hours.  We can take it to the park during one of the kids games.  How about grabbing coffee and dessert OUT with a few girl friends?  How about a catalog party?  I will provide you with catalogs and a few products to show off – you collect $200 in orders (which is only about 6 orders) and YOU get FREE product.  Have a lot of friends on Facebook?  How about a Facebook party?  Just 30 minutes is all it takes.  There is a party style to fit even the busiest schedule.

Okay, so you really just want to shop.  Here are some simple solutions and gift ideas for your family and friends.   I


Have you seen June’s Customer Special which a $35 purchase:

11154664_10153277645914188_7857692294119877623_o  The All In Tote can be yours for $25  or

1909250_10204639852299391_6626450981351468188_o the double duty caddy for $10

How about the SURPRISE Customer specials?

c6:15 c6:22

Customers are LOVING these.  What I do know is that they have been worth every penny in the previous weeks.  They have ranged from mini diamond districts to wallets to organizing products.  Remember those grab bags as a kid?  Now, we have the grown up version just for YOU.

Want to make some extra money this summer?

There are so many reasons to be a consultant during this time….Yes, consultants will also receive a REWARD! So for $99 you will get:

enrollment kit

Then you begin hosting parties and every 30 days, you will have the chance to pick one of these sets when you have $600 in sales:

startswell 2015 picks

Did I mention the CASH that will go into YOUR pocket?  For a $600 party which is average, you will get a check for $150.  That would help with expenses on vacation or to put aside for school clothes shopping, right?


So, there are THREE opportunities with Thirty One this summer:

3 options

Which opportunity is for you? Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Graphics by: Christina Sanzone and Lisa McEwuen Burrell

Hope Wissel

Fall Theme Parties


The Fall catalog season has  started and how do I know?  Check out Facebook or other social media sites for the continuous postings about new products, specials and incentives for joining XYZ company.  The basic ingredient for success in all direct sales companies is “Book, Sell, Recruit”.  We are all usually stronger in one area than another so does that mean we won’t be successful? No, it just means that we have to work a little harder in the areas where we are weak.  Admit that we need help and be willing to EMBRACE it when it is offered (even if it is by a sandpaper person).

Some of my hostesses have found that “theme parties” are a lot of fun while at the same time allowing them to keep food offerings simple.  As a consultant, it makes things easy for me because I can focus my brief presentation on the items that coincide with the theme.  Here are some of the favorites:

General Fall

  • Pumpkins N Purses
  • Tree Leaves N Totes
  • Leaves are falling and so are prices
  • Scarecrows N Storage Solutions
  • Fall in love with 31 all over again with our FALL CATALOG
  • SOUP-er Fall Special
  • Cider n Sweaters
  • Dumplings n Duffels
  • Hot Tea n Totes
  • S’mores N More
  • Leave the clutter behind


  • October Breast Cancer awareness wear pink donate part of profits to cause
  • October is National Dessert Month*Sweets N Shopping
  • Trick or Treat Totes
  • Bats n Bags**Halloween
  • Costumes n carry alls
  • Ghouls NIght Out
  • Spooktacular Solutions for any space
  • Turkey N Tote bags
  • November Black Friday Evening party
  • Dumplings n Duffels


  • Home Holiday shopping
  • Holidays n Handbags
  • Cookies n Carry Alls**cookie exchange and shopping event
  • Penguins n Purses
  • Snowflakes n Sales
  • Tree Trimming n Totes
  • Cider n Sweaters
  • Ugly Sweater party
  • Ornament Exchange party
  • Winter Wine
  • Hot Tea n Totes

For a Cause

  • Canned food drive**donate to local pantry or shelter***AKA Monmouth/Ocean Food Bank
  • Books N bags***donate a gently used book to local library
  • Toys for Tots~Bags for You**bring a toy for donation get a discount on purchase
  • Support & save the tatas/Susan G Komen for the cure commission donation
  • Ugly purse party*bring on old one to donate
  • Totes Box Tops*box top programs at schools****would be great for a teacher hostess

Sports Theme (Spirit Party)

  • Totes n Touchdowns***football game party for guys to shop for the gals in their lives
  • Tailgating – AKA a Trunk Party
  • Totes n Touchdowns—Ladies ONLY*prizes at each quarter presentation at halftime
  • First Down n Bags to Go **football

General Party Theme

  • Ugly pj party
  • Bags n Bible Study**mingle n shop after study
  • Pokadot party
  • PMS party***Purses, Margaritias, Shopping
  • Breakfast for dinner –pj party with breakfast foods
  • Sunday Sundaes

What are some of your favorites?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!