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My Word for 2016

happy new year

Good Morning……This is the first time in a long time that I have looked forward to the New Year.  It is a new beginning in some many ways for me.  The past year brought lots of lessons both personally and professionally.  I have overcome hurdles to move forward in becoming the person that God wants me to be.

Finding my word for this year has been a journey.  I sat quietly and wrote through the steps from yesterday’s post, then it happened.  Thank you to the One Word Experiment for your guidance and God of directing me.

I believe that God has created me to be a person who gives of themselves so others will smile.   I am the person who fights for the underdog.  I am the person who believes that all people are good and kind deep down – yes, sometimes it is a little deeper than others. I am the person who wants to help everyone and never thinks of what the effects will be on me (or my family).

So what are the qualities that this kind of person?  They are confident, caring, generous, passionate, loving, and creative.  They have faith and courage.  They are strong and powerful.

Some may be surprised at my word for those year and there are others who have been on a journey with me the past year who will totally get it.  My 2016 word is CONFIDENCE


CONFIDENCE to believe when the way is rough.  CONFIDENCE to hang on when the going is tough. CONFIDENCE will guide me when my business is slow.  CONFIDENCE will guide me as I move forward with the Rays of Hope – Angel Connection.  CONFIDENCE will guide me as I overcome doubt with my new contract working with a grassroots non-profit.  CONFIDENCE will guide me as I learn to live with my recent diagnosis of MS.  CONFIDENCE will guide me as I see and believe in the person that others see in me.  CONFIDENCE will guide me as I squash the inner gremlins that have haunted me all of my life.


What is your word for 2016?  Share it with us and let’s work together to make this year a success….

Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Core Values

When I began my journey with Thirty One, I thought core values were things like “freedom, love, family, spirituality, self-love, honesty, loyalty, respect, commitment, etc.”.

I don’t know about you but being in business for myself I feel like I am doing it all which we usually are, right?  We want it all, right?  A successful business, awesome relationships, big bank accounts, and good health.  When we don’t get it all, we wonder why?  I never really thought about aligning my values up with what I wanted in life.  I know, crazy, right?

Over the last four years, Thirty One’s Core values have become a part of me.  I apply that particular principles to my business willing myself to actually OWN it.  Can you tell that it doesn’t always work?  Here are those core values:


Authentic    Courageous Curious Flexible Fun-Loving Gracious Hard-Working PassionatePurposeful


The TWO that I would love to say is ALWAYS me are: Passionate and Purposeful.  The truth is that when I ask people which one they see as me, 95% of the time they say FUN LOVING and 5% of the time it is Passionate!  Really?  Can you tell that I am shocked?  Yes, I want to have fun with my business.  The truth is that I never really embrace the “fun-loving” side for fear of what people will think.

Alright so there are times when I don’t worry about it – National Conference, Celebrate and Connect, Premieres and anything that is specifically Thirty One.  Why? Because everyone else is in the “pink bubble” and understands the excitement and craziness.  I wonder if the REAL world would think I am bordering on crazy and run in the opposite direction or call for a straight jacket.

I wonder what would happen if I truly “owned” those two core values?  I mean not worry about what people think.  Have fun? Enjoy the moments instead of always planning for the next thing.  Would everything align?

What do you think?  Which of these 12 Core Values best describes you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!