Hope Wissel

Dorm Ready

As many are preparing for their kids to go back to school, some parents are facing sending their kids off to college.  I have to be honest, sending Belinda off to school wasn’t so bad because I knew that she would be home at the end of the school day.  Sending her to college was a whole different ball game.

I thought it would be a piece of cake, of course being a workaholic I thought would make things easier – WRONG!  As we drove to  what seemed like the end of the earth – western North Carolina – I tried to maintain my calm.  Mom was struggling, Belinda was anxious (or maybe it was excitement) about being so far away from home.  On a map, North Carolina didn’t seem so bad.  Twelve hours didn’t seem so long.  Then the reality sunk in as we made that trip for the first time.

Okay, so why I am reminiscing about all of this?   A blog written by The Joyful Organizer called “Dorm Room Ready” – here what they write about our Thirty One products:

Thirty One has some amazing new products that will help you get it together easily and with style.  Their Perfect Fit Organizer is long and flat and has a window so you can see the contents.  I love this for out of season clothes or for items that need a little extra care such as dress shoes or cashmere sweaters.  This also works great under the bed and protects your items from dust and wear.  In a dorm room space is at a premium, this helps you maximize it!  It comes in some great patterns and colors too!


Cubes are a great way to organize just about anything; toys, clothes, accessories or even office supplies.  Thirty One’s Your Way Cube has all the options you want in a cube; handles, a sturdy bottom and even a window so you can see the contents.  It can also be embroidered so when you’re headed off to college, it’s already labeled for you!  Fun patterns and colors mean you can match this to your dorm room style. The tote even has an optional lid to keep the contents protected, contained and dust free.


Thirty One’s Room for Two Utility Tote is perfect for laundry.  It’s light weight and easy to carry back and forth from the laundry room.  When it’s not in use you can fold it up and store it under the bed.  The pattern is easy to distinguish from other’s bags and the flat bottom allows folded clothes to stay folded.  This is a great bag to bring things back and forth to school as well; particularly linens, large winter coats or pillows.  It’s also great for plush toys, linens and beach towels in the summer, you’ll find a thousand uses for this bag.


Need help getting organized at home?  Schedule a Product Experience.  This is your chance to test the products in your own home to see if they will work in the area you want to organize.  Contact me for more details.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!