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Using Messaging For Business



Just a reminder to set your clock BACK tonight.  Yes, it is getting closer to Spring and warmer weather.  I am so excited….

Do you have phone fear?  If you are in direct sales, you have heard the importance of picking up the phone and calling people. Phone fear is feeling like the phone weighs 100 pounds when it comes time to make business calls.  If you experience “telephone fear” and you can overcome it, you’ll make more money. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I used to have total phone fear which meant I never picked up the phone.  Then someone said “just call and thank them for their business” and plant a seed.  I wrote out a mini script and it worked.  Yes, I do leave lots of messages but I do get some call backs and the chance to talk to some customers.

Now, I seem to have texting and PM fear.  I am doing to my customers the thing I hate most about getting text messages from other direct sellers.  It is time to make a change.

Thank you to Creative Success Systems for these four texting tips.  These techniques are easy, you’ll feel 100% authentic (not like a pushy salesperson), and they’ll increase the likelihood of your customer replying and purchasing.

#1 Don’t mention your company or product.

I know you have received messages where people just ask  you about buying or booking without any interest in you as a person.  You know the message has been copied and pasted a million times.  I have made the same mistake when reaching out to my customers.  I usually feel pressured to buy something or I ignore the message.  So why wouldn’t my customers feel the same way.

Are you friends on Facebook?  Check out  what’s happening in their lives. Send them a message via text on Facebook and ask: “How is your daughter feeling?” “How was your vacation to Disneyland?” “I love your new haircut. Who did your hair?” Get them to talk about themselves. They’re much more likely to respond to a personal question than one about your product.

Often they mention the product you sell. If they don’t, then ask, “I’d love to find out how the product you ordered is working for you. Do you have a minute for me to ask you a couple of quick questions?” Asking permission to talk about products easily transitions the conversation from a friendly chat into one between a concerned consultant and an interested client.

#2 End every message with a question.

How many times have been texting or sending a message on Facebook and the conversation just ends?  Go back to those conversations and see if the last thing you said ended with a period or a question mark.  When you ask questions, people feel compelled to respond.

How many times have we just answered their question or given them information about a product and hoped they would order?  The trick is to add a question at the end of your comment.  For example, if a question is asked about thermals, “what do you usually take for lunch?” or “what were you thinking of using it for?”

By digging deeper into the customer’s needs, you accomplish two things. First, you keep the conversation going so you can create a level of interest in a number of products. Second, you increase the likelihood of closing a deal. I definitely need to practice this one.

#3 Invite them to buy.

Did you know people seldom buy something without an invitation? Think about the last time you bought something.  Did someone ask you “can I help you find something?”?  The salesperson is usually eager to meet your needs, and help you buy what you’re looking for.  There are even pop-up boxes on websites for you join their mailing list or buy their products.  Sometimes even a chat box for customer service to make it a more personal experience.

Social etiquette is we wait for an invitation before we make spending decisions. This rule is the same when you are messaging someone. They’re waiting for you to ask them to purchase or invite them to visit your web site or book a party.

#4 Keep it short and sweet.

Do you read a full text or a long message on Facebook? If it is more than 2 lines, do you skim it and then move on?  So do your customers! Remember Rule Number 1 above, and keep your comments focused on their lives.

The first message is to test the water to see if they’re too busy to talk. On Facebook, only message when you see the green light.  They aren’t always online when it’s green, but the chance is a little higher if it is. After you get a response, reply to what they say, no matter what they say. “I’m sorry XYZ happened.” “Congratulations!” “That’s so exciting.” Validate what they say. Ask ONE additional question and then WAIT again before you move into a business discussion.

Using these four simple techniques may take a little longer to follow-up with customers.  You may not breeze through your list of calls quickly BUT isn’t your goal to build relationships with your customers.  These tips will result in repeat business, more recruit interviews, and growth in your overall business.  I am putting them into action TODAY!  What about you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!