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Customer Service Tips

Saturday for many mean a day off.  If you can call shuttling kids to activities, errands, sporting events or cleaning a day off.  For those in direct sales during the busiest time of the year, it means working your business – parties and/or vendor events or maybe both.


So, how do you capitalize on this time of year?  The best way is to provide your customers with the BEST customer service they have ever received from any business or business owner.  You want your customers to remember you.  Here are some tips from Party Plan Divas to help you become remarkable:

1. Stay in contact with your customers on a regular basis. Don’t just rely on your company’s newsletter or Social Media outlet.  Pick up the phone and make Customer Care Calls for special events (holiday, new catalog, etc) The more often you are in front of your customers – the more often they think of you.

2. Give Customers more than they expect.  There is no such thing as “too much” customer service. Send “Thank you” notes for no reason other than to say thanks. Offer discounts at random times throughout the year. Send free gifts with large purchases with no notice. The more people feel appreciated, the more likely they are to not only do business with you but send referrals your way as well.

pink gloves

3. Resolve complaints and conflicts quickly. We want everyone to be happy with our products but the truth is sometimes problems arise – shipping delays, back orders, products malfunctioning, etc. Show your customers you really care by taking care of their problems quickly. Good Customer Service does not have a price tag. Never avoid a phone call or email. Personally take care of the problem as best as you possibly can.

4. Make it easy for your customers to find you.  Offer as many contact methods as possible, so when a customer reaches out, she feels like she will be able to get to you. Email, cell phone, social media, etc are all great contact methods. Make your contact methods easy to remember by using a universal business name as often as possible. (i.e. www.partywithHope.com, HopeWs31@gmail.com, facebook.com/Hope Heldreth-Wissel, Hope Wissel, HopeWissel.com)

5. Strong relationships is the basis of a strong business.  The more your customers like you, the more they will do business with you and encourage their friends to do the same. Interact daily on social media. Send birthday and anniversary cards. Create special Customer Appreciation events.  Your customers will feel important when they are included in these kinds of special events.

6. Always be polite.  You must always be very aware the things you say – both out loud and on social media – can never be taken back.  THINK before saying or posting anything. Take a minute and ask yourself “if this was the very first thing a potential customer saw, would she want to do business with me?” Make sure everything you put out into the universe is becoming of a direct sales professional. Use the words “you’re welcome”, “thank you”, “please” etc often. Be calm and polite even when they are upset.


What is your best tip for building strong business relationships with your customers?  Share them with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks

Do You Have a Focused Weekly Plan?


No this is not a sales pitch for Passion Planners even though it has saved my life more than once.  This is about having a simple, focused, and consistent schedule whether it be for you, your family or for your direct sales business.

As women, we have at least three or four balls juggling at all times: work, children, home, direct sales business and oh, course there is our life on social media, right?  How quickly do your best laid plans for the day go array when you get lost in the black hole of social media?

Yes, it is FRIDAY and I am already talking about next week.  WHY? Because I have found when I take about an hour or so on Saturday or Sunday to plan out the upcoming week, this get done.  I know, many nights you fall into bed feeling like you worked your butt off but yet feel like you got absolutely nothing accomplished. Been there, done that and have more than one t-shirt!  Some weeks, my planner looks like this:unknown

Nothing written in except maybe a doctor’s appointment or two.  It is the weeks like this when I squirrel.  Running around putting our fires and trying to get something, anything accomplished.

Squirreling find come with the MS – the truth is I have squirreled for years when I worked from home.  A load of laundry here, wash the dishes there, oh and I went to look for something in the “junk drawer” so I spent time cleaning it out.  For women who work at home (not just in direct sales but also as moms and wives), having a focused plan each week allows us to get so much more accomplished with time to spare.  Yes, you can have spare time to just sit and enjoy your coffee before it gets cold!

As we head into November which is the true start of the busy holiday season, I am trying something new (for me).  I have heard it a million times but always found a reason NOT to do it.  A simple “days of the week” system to help you stay focused and work your biz (or your home) with intention.  This is a system you can tweak to fit YOUR needs but at least give it a try…..

Me Monday:  A clear focus starts with a strong personal business.  Spend the first day of the week working on your personal calendar. That includes booking parties, scheduling Facebook Party posts and hostess coaching for up-coming parties. When your calendar is full, you’ll feel more confident and ready to tackle the rest of your goals. Go you!

Team Tuesday:  Follow up with sponsoring leads and set coaching calls with anyone on your team who wants more support.  Being an effective coach is about asking the right questions, being a good listener and stay in the reality zone.


Win (Woohoo) Wednesday: This is the day for me to connect with my team and my customers.  I am planning to celebrate the past week’s accomplishments, give reminders on upcoming events and encourage different aspects of training linked back to the weekly calls hosted by the company.  This is also the day I am going to introduce our “team consultant of the week”.  This will give team members an opportunity to get to know each other building a stronger bond of support.

Thank You Thursday: Keep your hostesses and customers coming back by saying THANKS! Use graphics on Facebook Parties, Facebook Live shout outs to your $500 Club Hostesses ($500+ Parties) and handwritten personal notes to all. Don’t forget to include a reminder to send referrals your way for a bonus gift!

Follow-Up Friday: Congrats! You made it to Friday and you had a focused, productive week.  Take some time on Friday to follow-up with anything left on your to-do list and get ready to enjoy the weekend..

Mind you, in the midst of this focused plan, emails and social media seem to be missing, right?  The truth is, my notifications for Facebook are turned off on my phone and on my computer.  When I am working in my office, I close both my email and my social media windows.  Then I set aside some time to check them and respond BUT only for a short period of time.

What are you best tips for staying focused when working your direct sales business OR managing your household.  Share them with us….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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The Blessings of A Small Business

my enrollment kit- taco

#ThrowbackThursday  Today, I am sharing about the blessings that come from having your own small business.  Yes, that was my enrollment kit in February of 2011.  I still have some of those pieces that I personally use today so if that doesn’t say durable, I don’t know what does!

No, this is not a plug for my direct sales company, so please keep reading.  Since I began my journey with direct sales, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many AMAZING women who are in business.  They dream of having a successful business that impacts the lives of many.  Deep down, many want to be the overnight success. You know, they want the magic wand waved and POOF!  “YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL”!  Yes, I have been that woman.

If we are really honest with ourselves, we want to work hard, but only for a short period of time before we see BIG results. Some are praying for God to bless their business, with more customers, more sales and ultimately more money. The road to instant success is not paved with gold.  It has bumps along the way.  And for many who have seen instant success, they were not ready when the struggles came and as a result, some have lost their businesses.  My road has been rocky and I was definitely NOT an instant success.  I have dealt with personal issues that have effected my business.  I have made mistakes. Through it all I have learned so much.

Here are some blessings that I gained from DS business and what I believe is the foundation of any successful business. Some of these same principals can be applied to managing your home as well…

#1: Core Values


Core values are what drives a company (and a home). When everyone is striving to live by these values, amazing things happen.  Core values in a family lay the foundation for emotional, physical and spiritual growth of everyone.  All decisions should be based on the core values of the family or the business.  What values drive your business or your family?

#2: Cherish EVERY Customer

I learned very early in my business that my customers were more than just a number.  They are real people who invest their hard earned money to buy my products. My goal is to ensure that each customer knows that they are valued and appreciated for supporting my business.  From handwritten thank you cards to calls to pink glove calls.  I want to be able to make a difference in their lives whether they buy products, host a party, join my team or simply refer me to a friend.  I CELEBRATE ENCOURAGE and REWARD each person that I meet in the hopes that I can make them smile.

pink gloves

#3: Go Above & Beyond to Provide Great Customer Service

Customer service is the key to any successful business. When go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service, customers will remember you.  From birthday greetings to sympathy cards to just a simple “miss you” message.  This can be difficult as your business grows so make sure that you have some systems in place. to continue to serve your customers.

#4: Build a Strong Foundation

A strong foundation is essential in growing your business but also in your home.  Believe it or not, creating a mission and core values that will keep everyone on the same page.  In your family, that strong foundation can be everyone comes together for dinner, family time, date nights or even family meetings.  In your business, by having a mission statement, you will be able to make sound business decisions without jumping on every idea or training that comes along.  No matter how small your family or your business, be intentional about building a strong foundation.

What blessings do you want to share today?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!




Business Tips and Tricks

You and Your Hostess – Better Together


better together

If you are in direct sales, and more importantly, in a party plan business, you know that the bulk of your business is going to be a result of your parties – home, online/catalog or Facebook.

Amazing women are going to host parties.  They are going to welcome their friends and family into their home with the expectation that they are going to buy your products.  PLUS, you are hoping that they will host a party with you and invite their friends to come back for more products.  In the midst of all of this you are hopefully building a relationship with these woman.

These ladies are going to get down and dirty with you – they are going to know how you work. You are going to help them by showing them how to have a successful party when YOU hostess coach.   They are going to learn about the business – your business (and whether it could be for them).  They are going to know the ins and outs of your hostess reward program.  Of course all of this is based on the fact that you do your job right!

So far it seems like they are doing all the work, right?  So she is expecting to be HOOKED UP!


Here is where you come in…..Picture it: she is hosting and getting her friends to buy, come to a party, join a party, sacrifice family time, etc.  Trust me she wants to be hooked up so she is getting the best bang for her buck. .

YOU are going to:

  • work your tail off to get her as many orders as you can!
  • work with her every step of the way through hostess coaching!
  • work with her to get her those spare specials, if it is possible.
  • want her to get as much as possible, for as cheap as possible.

Now, I am sure you have heard that it is not a good idea to let your guests or your hostess take those spare specials.  To be honest, this has never hurt my business.  Picture the guest who really wants the special but may not be able to afford much.  Maybe it is an either or situation.  Maybe if she spends the $35 to qualify for the special, she won’t be able to afford the special.  Wouldn’t it be better to help the guest out instead of not having a sale at all?  Listen to what your guests are saying so that you can help your hostess get it all.

It helps you out by building a relationship and loyalty especially with your hostess.  It lets her know that you listened to her wish list, her desires, her needs and what she is wanting!

Do what it takes man, so long as its legal and within your company’s guidelines!

I promise you this, when you work hard for her, she will work hard for you and she will be back. She will become very loyal and so will her friends cause she is going to talk you up!

Good customer service is SO hard to come by these days, be that GOOD customer service!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel



No, it is NOT a typo and this is not about someone named Frank….

For those in direct sales, you have probably heard this term a MILLION times.  We tell our hostesses to use this acronym when making their guest list.  We tell new consultants to use this list when they start their business to share their excitement.  So, what if you have been in direct sales for a little while.  Do you have a FRANKS list?  The acronym stands for:

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Associates
  • Neighbors
  • Kid Contacts
  • Spouse Contacts

I will be honest and say that I have not updated my FRANKS list in about 2 years. I know CRAZY, right?  I have been with Thirty One for 4 years and during that time I have shared with the WORLD that I am a Thirty One consultant.  I think many believe that I live in a “pink bubble”.  I mean do I really need a list?

Maybe you don’t call it a FRANKS list.  Maybe you call it your “list of 62“.  The list you go to when you need to book a party.  The list that you go to when you have a GREAT customer special or recruiting incentive.  I mean isn’t this one of the basics of being a consultant in direct sales?  My list of 62 probably could use some updating too.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that when business is good, we don’t think about this list.  If you are holding parties, providing pink glove service and meeting your goals, why would you need to stay on top of this, right?  The truth is that you need to continue to work and update these lists so that you can continue to be successful.

I challenge you to do or redo your List of 62.  If you are a Thirty One consultant, go to TOT and type in “list of 62” in the search box.  If you are with another direct sales company, check because I am sure that they have something just like it.  If you are a business owner, why not try this too.  You can just pull out a piece of paper and start writing.  Think about your products then make a list of the people that you would like to share them with and don’t assume that they know about them.  You know what they say when we “assume”, right?

Think of the first 10 people you want to tell about your business/products. Write their names down on the List of 62. Then think of the next 10 names and so on. Include their phone number on the list.  Yes, I said phone number.  This is where we build relationships so pick up the PHONE and call them.  Don’t leave anyone off because we definitely don’t want to pre-judge them.  The one person that you think may not be interested could be YOUR next big party or rockstar recruit.

Begin calling people right away to tell them about your business, special, incentive, product, etc. Write out a little script, practice it so that you are comfortable with it, put on a smile and start calling.    Start with the people you know will join in your excitement.  You will be amazed at the results.

So, who is up for the challenge?  Let me know how it goes.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!