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In Just Five Minutes

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“The limit is not in the sky. The limit is the mind.” ~Unknown

I have been working with some direct sales consultants on getting organized so that they can maximize their time.  I know you are thinking the usual “physical space” things like their office, their home, their car, etc.  The truth is that it was more about re-framing their thoughts.

Let’s be honest, life gets in the way. Maybe you have a full-time job plus hubby plus kids so who has time for a business, right?  Maybe when you are the local mom taxi.  When you started your business, you were excited and everyone seemed to be on board.  Bookings and sales came easy.

For me, I think friends and family were on board because they thought it was “a phase”.   They thought it would slowly die BUT it hasn’t.  There is something that keeps us coming back (or staying).  Maybe it is the only time just for YOU.  Maybe it is the only time that you get a break from the craziness of being the mom taxi.  Maybe the extra money comes in handy to pay for the kids extras.  Whatever your reason, you are not ready to give up. So the trick is to  earn how to work smarter.  What if you had a list of things that would only take 5 minutes to do?

I asked each girl “What is holding you back from (fill in the blank)?”  The biggest thing was “no time to do ANYTHING”.  We talked about how a typical day went.  As they explained their day, I asked if they had a few minutes in various spots – lunch time, waiting for the kids to get off the bus, etc.  We found small blocks of time (the average was 5 minutes) that they could do something to work their business.

So what could you do in just 5 minutes that would help you in your business?

  • Each morning (or I do mine on Sunday night) list 3 things that you want to get accomplished. JUST 3 and put them on an index card.  Easy to carry around & remember. Cross off as you do each item.
  • Reach out to a customer via phone or text that just received their order for great customer service.
  • Reach out to a past hostess to check in on her life – no hidden agenda, just see how she is doing.  Continue to build a relationship.
  • Reach out to a past (or current) team member to see how they are doing – again no hidden agenda.
  • Post a picture on Facebook with your product somewhere in it. Admit it, we are all posting picture on Facebook with our kids, why not include a product in it.

LUT with insert

  • Use the NEW Facebook Live to share your life/ personality with people.  Remember that people buy from people they like and know. CLICK HERE to see one.
  • Post a question on Instagram or Facebook asking people something that will help you to build a relationship with them. CLICK HERE to see one.
  • Respond with  more than a “thank you” when someone comments on the product that they were carrying or using.  Share a mini catalog with them.
  • Share a catalog/flyer with the cashier as you check out at the grocery store.  Don’t forget to get her name and email address.
  • Write a card to a past customer, hostess or team member to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Am I guaranteeing instant bookings, sales or team members? NO!  What I am saying is that when you consistently do 3 things every day on your business, the rewards will follow.

If you think you can’t work your business because you don’t have time, you’ll never push yourself to start taking that first step, you’ll limit yourself by your minds perception.

Doing what you want to do starts with believing it’s possible, no matter how difficult it may be. Achieving what it’s beyond our pre-conceived limits is what strengthens not only our bodies, but also our own minds.

So, who is ready to find 5 minutes to work their business?  What could you do in 5 minutes to help your business?  Share your ideas with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



Business Tips and Tricks

The Power of 5


Carrie Wilkerson offered an online 7-Day Business Blitz and it was wonderful.   Yes, I had my doubts.  I figured it was just going to be another online course that I probably won’t have time (or make time) to listen to.  SURPRISE!  The videos were less than 5 minutes long with practical tips and worksheets to help you through the tip of the day.  The one that really stood out for me was “The Simplicity of 5 Things Everyday”.

Carrie share Jack Canfield‘s theory of 5 things:


Now, I know I have talked about the power of 3.  The idea of having just 3 tasks on your to do list for any given day.  No, this does mean that you should go from 3 to 5 things.  You will still have JUST 3 tasks on your to do list BUT you will do that task 5 times.  I know it can be confusing but it is really simple.  Then combine the Rule of 5 with the Power Hour – OMG!  Not only will you be chopping off your to do list but you will also be making great strides in your business.  I am not foolish enough to think that everything on your to do list can be done in the power hour or needs to be done 5 times BUT for many in direct sales, this is a great way to block out chunks of time to work your business.

Let me show you what I mean with my “Action Steps” for one day:

  1. Make follow-up calls/pink glove calls
  2. Put hostess packets together for upcoming party/event
  3. Schedule social media posts

So, the 3 tasks are pretty broad and too generic as Desiree Wolfe would say.  By being vague, it becomes a daunting task and may appear overwhelming.  The result of those negative feelings is that we do the avoidance dance.  So look how I changed these tasks to capitalize on the Rule of 5:

  1. Make 5 follow-up/pink glove calls
  2. Put 5 hostess packets together for upcoming party/event
  3. Schedule 5 social media posts for your business

Easy peasy, right?  What would the result be if you did the first task every day OR at least 4 times a week in your Power Hour?  By the end of the week you have reached 20-25 customers, provided AWESOME customer service and given them an experience that they will remember.  The added bonus is that there is a good chance that you have booked a party, gotten new orders or a fundraiser depending on your business.

What if each day you set out your 3 tasks and they included the “Rule of 5”?  Would your business grow?  Would you overcome the FEAR of the phone?  Would you overcome your inner gremlins that keep you from success?

Being a success in business means taking ACTION every day that moves you closer to your goals.  What are YOUR action steps today and will they include the Rule of 5?  Share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!