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Theme Parties Can Make the Difference

I am back from National Conference and reviewing my notes to put a plan in place to ROCK the upcoming season. The most talked about parties this year were theme parties.  I will be the first to admit, this is not something I ever really thought about. I tried it once but is was so far out of my comfort zone I quickly moved back to safety with a standard party.  I was not the mom who did theme birthday parties for my daughter, just the usual birthday parties.

When it came to my business, I only thought of “theme parties” when it came to home parties.  With the increased amount of business being done on social media, why couldn’t you translate the same theme parties into Facebook parties or online parties, right?

I will admit, for me it will take stepping out of my comfort zone but I am ready to do it!  Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone to ROCK your business this season?

What is the benefit of a themed Facebook Party?  A theme party is a cohesive, professional, and guaranteed way to get your guests to take interest!  It is not just about selling the best bag (or substitute in your product); it is about your guests having fun.  Be creative, include a playlist with Spotify, the options are endless!  Include funny videos or recipes or tips from Pinterest.

Starting this month, my goal is to have at least one themed Facebook parties per month with the ultimate being one per week.  I know, a huge undertaking but it is worth it.

Let’s look at the season to plan out our Facebook parties.  Once a quarter, hold a themed party to introduce new products and seasonal items. This will ensure direct sales success all year round and keep your customers interested in your awesome products!

Despite the fact many direct sales companies have launched their Fall catalogs, we are still in summer.  It is up to you, if you still want to party with a summer theme here are some ideas:

Summer Fun: 

Bright summer graphics, fun summer music, and summer related products will shine with any of these Facebook Party Summer Themes! Create “this or that” graphics and have attendees choose their favorite product to celebrate the seasons!

  • Grillin and Chillin
  • Pool Party
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Travel Tips

Fall Themes:

Leaves crunching, weather getting cooler, clocks going back! Incorporate fall into your Facebook Parties by using any of the themes below! Create a fun graphic which asks your guests what their favorite part of fall is!

  • Harvest Time
  • Back to School
  • “Fall” Back
  • Trick or Treat

Winter Time:

Winter is a special time to spend with friends and family. Use Winter Facebook Themes as inspiration for your holiday online parties! Use a graphic asking for the guests favorite seasonal song and add it to your Facebook party playlist!

  • Thanksgiving
  • Twinkling Lights
  • Gifts for All Occasions
  • Snow Day

Spring Themes 

The days are getting lighter and the sun is shining brighter! Spring is the time to refresh and rejoice for warmer days are ahead! Have guests share their favorite part of the Spring Season! I know mine is longer, sunnier days!

  • Dad’s & Donuts
  • Celebrate Mom
  • Flowers & Blooms
  • Spring Clean

Facebook party themes are great to spark your creativity.  It will help you to increase your sales and entice hostesses for future parties!

Struggling with boring Facebook parties?  Don’t have much interaction.  Want to stand out in the crowd of Facebook parties?  Facebook Party themes are a great way help you grow your business and your team.  Find graphics with tips and ideas, use funny memes, customize the products you will highlight, and even include a customized music playlist for your guests to listen to while they participate!

What are some of your best tips for a themed Facebook party?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Hope Wissel

Kid Friendly Party Ideas

bored cats

MOM, I’m bored.  There’s nothing to do.  I am sure you have heard that ALOT this summer.  I used to hear it from Belinda more times than I could count.   She was busy in the mornings with gymnastics or field hockey or cheering but by late afternoon or evening – I’m bored was her cry.

What is a mom to do, right?  How about a kid-friendly party?  Outside without a lot of fuss….

Water Party

Maybe you don’t have a pool – it’s okay, let’s have a WATER party.  Water balloons.  Water guns.  Sprinklers.  Host a WATER party with everyone.  Kids get to play.  Moms get to hang out and shop.  Let’s use Thirty One’s AWESOME products in the summer fun activities. I can feature your favorite outdoor products while everyone is enjoying some summer sun!  I will even b ring some prizes along for the kids….

Carnival Theme

This is a great idea and an easy way to have maybe 2 or 3 direct sales consultants come together.  Each “consultant” would have their own table to showcase their products and have a  Mystery Hostess Party.  Have lots of activities for the kids to enjoy and have fun doing.  Games could include pin the tail on the donkey, three legged races, face painting, ring toss, water balloon toss, etc.  Each consultant supplies a prize for the winning child and their mom.  Kids have a good time, and moms won’t miss the chance to be scoping out your products.  All kids will receive a “goodie” bag to go home with.

Photo Shoot Party

Host a photo shoot with our products and your guests. I love this idea..It is not only a fun event for families to get together and capture photos but it allows your guests to get a sense of how they would use your products with their families.   Email them the photos for them to keep.  Have fun props too – hats, silly shirts, etc.  Kids love the chance to be “famous”  and have their picture taken.  I will bring some additional props to add to the fun.


Nap Time Online Party

Can’t get everyone together in person, let’s have a “Nap Time Online Party” for Moms! Host an online Facebook party while all of the littles are sleeping soundly.  You, as the  hostess, are in charge of rounding up the attendees and get the hostess benefits. I will offer prizes and promote the event yourself  as well as offer up some extra incentives for anyone who decides to schedule a party for themselves during the event.

Colorful Creations

My NEW favorite party for moms and kids.  Guests pre-order their favorite black playful parade product.  The night of the party, the kids get to color with the markers while moms get to enjoy some girl time.  This is great for any age because if the color gets on the black, it won’t show up.  Who doesn’t enjoy making their own bag?

coloring party

Color Party 2

What are YOUR best SUMMER kid-friendly party ideas?  Share them with us.  We still have 3 weeks left of summer.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!