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Too Tired To Workout

Too Tired to Workout sarahkayhoffman.com

One of my BIGGEST goals for the new year is to MOVE and get back to my goal weight.  Over the last 2 years, I have let life get in the way and some of those pounds have slowly crept back.  I have done a lot of talking but the truth is, I haven’t done the work to get there.

I have been using the excuse I am just too tired to workout.  The truth is I wasn’t motivated, I was sitting on a pity pot!  I used my health issues as an excuse not to watch what I was eating or to at least move out of the chair.


As I get ready for the new year, I am wondering if you have been “too tired to workout”. Working out can be different things to different people.  Some think of expensive gym memberships with personal trainers. Others will make a commitment to workout at home.  While others, like me, will simply commit to getting up and moving whether it is a short walk around the block or a game on the Wii.  Yes, I still have mine and I need to dust it off and get busy.

Getting back on track starts with portion control.  Funny, the healthy things (low in Weight Watcher points) I faithfully measure out.  Yet, the other foods – snack foods or higher point items, I eyeball the portion.  How many of you do the same thing?

There was a time when I loved, loved, loved being active.  I was always on the go and working out (or walks) were just natural.  But then the health struggles started and now I

….Am Drained

The comparison inner gremlin has even invaded my weight loss and movement journey.  I see others running and wish it was me.  I see others watching their weight and wish it was me.  I see others “moving” being active instead of a couch potato and wish it was me.

I am battling with this – big time. Yes, my joints ache.  Yes, I get exhausted after a short walk especially in the cold.  Yes, I am out of breathe just walking up the stairs some days. So out come the excuses.  If I workout in the morning, I will be drained all day.  And if I wait to workout until night time, I have used up most of my spoons for the day, so I don’t have any energy left.


I never, ever, ever, ever wanted to find myself here. Ever. I reached my goal weight (with lots of struggles) and swore I would NEVER gain any back.  Never say never, right?

But each day, I am beginning to battle it less and less…

I have set a goal of 3,000 – 5,000 steps per day and I will keep moving even if it is walking around the condo in circles till I reach it.  Once consistently reached, I will up it to 5,000 – 10,000 steps.

I will stop beating myself up for the past and focus on what I can control – TODAY!

I will figure out my own workouts, intensity levels, and find MY balance instead of comparing myself to anyone else.

I will focus on the other things which bring me joy instead of focusing on the negative.

But for today, I am just too tired to workout.

Are you too tired to workout?  Share your solution..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel


I was introduced to GRAZE about 6 months ago.  I was looking for some proportioned healthy snacks that were out of the box…. no, not literally, just different combinations of some of my favorite things.  The best part is that each box is different AND it is single portions so if I don’t like something, I can say that I don’t want it again.

This is from GRAZE’s about page….

Graze was started by seven friends sick of chips and candy, who wanted a better way to snack.  We quit our jobs and camped out in a friend’s spare room for months and after a lot of hard work, graze.com was born – snacks that show off the tasty side of health and are delivered directly to you.

moving to the graze kitchenFast forward a few years and we have developed a range of over 100 delicious snacks and designed an intelligent algorithm, that we call DaRWIN, to customize each and every box specially for you.

Amazing creations that above all taste great

We know the secret to great tasting food is creativity so our specialized Taste Team, led by Eleanor (we call her “the Taste”), are always in the kitchen. Their sole mission is to discover exciting flavors and create delicious new combinations that will delight your taste buds.

It’s not just the unique combinations and flavors that make our snacks great, it’s our dedication to find the highest quality ingredients. Some people think that an almond is just an almond, but once you’ve tried our Californian almonds with our sweet yet spicy salsa mesquite seasoning, you’ll never look at an almond in the same way again.

We pride ourselves on working with small suppliers who we feel give us unrivalled ingredients and products. We don’t compromise on quality and only work with suppliers who love food as much as we do.

One of our favorites is the White family – Lynne White’s flapjack recipe has been passed down generations and we’re sure you’ll agree that the love and affection put into the baking really pays off.

White family bakers (1989)White family bakers (1989)

variety – it’s our hero

From pure fruit, to wholesome treats and dips & dippers – our huge variety (100 snacks with millions of graze box combinations) means there’s always something different to try so you’ll never be left standing at the vending machine feeling glum again!

snacks with benefits

Our in-house nutritionist, Jess, works with the Taste Team to make sure that every single recipe has a benefit for you – whether it be essential vitamins and minerals or a source of protein, you can always rely on our Jess.

perfect portions to the rescue

Jess is also a big advocate of portion controlled packaging which means that when you’re feeling peckish you have just the right amount to make for a satisfying snack and you’re not tempted to put your hand in the cookie jar.

just how you want it

Here at graze our service is designed to fit around you. Don’t like an ingredient? Trash it using our rating system and you’ll never receive it. Worried about waiting at home for your delivery? Don’t be, graze boxes are designed to fit into a standard mailbox. Need to stop your deliveries? No problem, easily stop and start your deliveries online at any time.

Whatever the issue you can always drop us a line and our friendly team will be happy to help.

So, would you like to receive your FIRST box from GRAZE free?  Go the website and enter the code: HOPEW4HQE.  Give it a try – customize your boxes to what you like.

Can’t wait to hear what you think….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!