Unclutter Your Life


 55eef6a8e8254f1bae601a971425ff29We all know that motivation is the key to success in everything that we do but especially in direct sales or when you have your own business. Lack of motivation makes it hard to take action, and without action, your goals remain unfulfilled. Did you know that there is actually some types of motivation that hinder you rather than help you?  Everyone who reads this blog or knows me, knows that I am a HUGE believer of the Law of Attraction.  I may struggle practicing it some days BUT I never give up.

Based on that belief, If you’re motivated by what you don’t want to occur or what you’re afraid will happen if you don’t take action, that is that motivation that is keeping you from reaching your goal.  Think about it – are you ever excited and motivated to run away from something?  Are you motivated when you feel like you have to keep moving to stay ahead of what you’re afraid might happen?  Now, if you are being chased by a bear or something, yes that is motivating but I am talking about reaching your goals.

Everything starts with a thought, right?  So if you are thinking about what you DON’T want, you are creating more of those things that you wish to avoid.  Make sense?  Think of it this way, when you create a  a feeling or thought of what you don’t want, you are actually drawing it to you and giving it strength.

If you create a very clear picture of what you do want, decide how it would look, sound, and feel to have it, and then start moving toward that goal.  I struggle with the feeling side of this so it helps to talk it out with a friend; with their help (and asking me lots of questions) I can start to put that into a visualize.  It feels good when you are moving towards a goal.  Regardless of how big the steps are, you are creating positive energy and drawing those goals to you.  It feels good to move in a positive direction toward something you want.  When you focus your energy on what you want, the Law of Attraction kicks in.

When you are clearly focusing on your goal and visualizing how it will feel once you have it, amazing things start to happen.  Here are a few examples of mindset shifts you can make that will shift your motivation from moving away from to moving toward courtesy of JulieAnn Jones
  • Change from: “I don’t want to be broke and I have to be able to pay off my debt” to “I’m abundant and I know money is flowing to me as I work toward my business goals.”
  • Change from: “I have to get more bookings or my business is going to dry up” to “I am a booking magnet and I love doing parties for all of my excited hosts.”
  • Change from: “I’ll never get everything on my to do list done. I have to work harder and longer to make it happen” to “I love taking positive action every single day with a clear plan and path to what I want to achieve.”

I know it can be tough.  It is amazing to me how changing just one or two words in a sentence (don’t want or have to get) can change the whole flow of the Universe.  It feels like magic.  Training your brain takes practice and you really just need to be intentional about opening the flow, getting out of your own way, and allowing what you need to come to you.

The best way that I have found to stay on top of this shift it to take a gratitude walk.  I don’t mean an actual walk although that is a great option BUT what I mean is to close your eyes for ten seconds a day and give thanks for the things that you already have.  When you feel positive about the amazing things you already have, whatever goal you’ve set for yourself seems within your reach.  If you do nothing else and just do this, you’ll be amazed at what starts to happen in your life and business.

19bb61a19b604b65823f28343e6f8506Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!