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What is Your Recipe for Life?

The last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster.  Our sweet Baby (fur baby) is nearing the end of her life because of a tumor. Father’s Day causes me to stress because I’ve lost so many memories. Hubby’s pain levels have been higher than normal. Restless nights so my sleep is off.
All of these things tend to leave me feeling drained.  I am by no means complaining, but I guess it sounds like it, right?  LOL.  I will admit, I have found myself on the “pity pot” several times this week which leads to resentments which is never good for this recovering addict.
It always amazes me how listening to a business training call can change my entire mindset.  The topic was “power hour” and I was ready to just mindlessly listen when the importance of changing our mindset was mentioned…. Not only does this apply to business but also in our everyday lives, especially during those woe is me days.  Then while reading my Just for Today… it was all about surrendering. Do you think God is trying to send me a message?
When I was in rehab, I remember a saying something like: If one person calls you a duck – you can toss it aside, if two people call you a duck – it deserves some consideration but if three people call you a duck – you MUST be a duck!”  I am not waiting for the third person because I know I need to change my mindset and get off the pity pot!
So starting this morning, this duck is changing her mindset.  Do you need to change your mindset?
Here are a few questions you can answer which might help:
  1. Identify what happened to cause the change
  2. Why did it happen
  3. How can I use this for my personal growth
  4. What changes can I make to improve in the future
  5. Where can I find help or who can help
This “recipe for life” was part of a devotion I was reading.  Maybe this will help you in changing your mindset or counting your blessings:
Begin with a case of Joy
Add a heaping spoonful of Gratitude
Fold in a large dollop of Kindness
Stir in a handful of Forgiveness
Sprinkle liberally with Love and cover with Peace
Always serve with a large side of Faith
(Author unknown)
What do you do to change your mindset or get off the “pity pot”? Maybe you take a walk and count your blessings.  Maybe you do a gratitude list.  Maybe you put on some music and dance around.  Share your best tip with us!  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!
Business Tips and Tricks

How To Grow Your Business

January 31st and the end of the first “J month” of the year.  For those of us in direct sales, we have repeatedly been told J months are traditionally NOT good months.  I won’t lie – this January was not one of my better ones but it wasn’t bad.  I hit my personal minimum and my team hit theirs (barely) so I am okay with it.  

Thirty One offered a great opportunity to end December STRONG and to kickstart January with a 4-week Outlet Sale.  Every week they added new products to help us make money while helping our customers get GREAT deals.  Then things started to fizzle.  I struggled with how to transition online parties between the two catalogs.  I lost focus.  As a result, I think my team lost focus.  I know, what does this have to do with building your business, right?

The reality is sometimes we need to go back to basics.  Remember the things which helped us during the busy holiday season when business seemed to fall into our laps.  We picked up the phone or sent text messages to people when we saw something they were looking for.  We shared on social media the things we were loving.  We shared family and friends using our products.  January hit and things stopped.  Yes, we were tired.  Yes, we have a life (and maybe a day job and kids) in addition to our DS business.  BUT when we find just 20 minutes a day to work our business (or our hobby), we see results.

Another leader posted this quote and I LOVE IT:

Everyday should be an lesson in Empowerment with our teams. Teach a WoMan to fish and so she can feed herself for a lifetime! Don’t hold her captive so you can feel needed.

Don’t have a team – that’s okay.  The more you practice this recipe the easier it will be for your team (when you get one) to follow along.

EVERYONE has “stuff” going on in their lives… Full Time jobs, School, Kid(s), illness, social lives, part-time job(s)… EVERYONE has some “excuse”- as to why their business is not moving forward or moving at all….

It’s up to YOU to take the time, 20-31 minutes a day, to work your business or you will not see results. Operating a business or expecting results in ANYTHING takes positive behaviors consistently repeated.  Even if you are just doing it for fun (or a hobby), by being consistent you will see results from your hobby.  Who knows, it could turn into more???

What are these behaviors in our business you ask?

  1. Making 3-5 contacts a day for sponsoring (recruiting), booking and selling
  2. Check your back office for announcements & information Daily to stay up to date
  3. Make the effort to communicate with your upline (the person who brought you into the business or someone above them)
  4. Get organized (Search power hour on google and implement it)
  5. Following Up! With customers, Hostess, potential recruits, people you met last week…
  6. Be a Walking Billboard- Use the products! Share how they make a difference in your life!  Share DON’T sell!
  7. Get a catalog. Open the catalog. Study and know your catalog! I will admit I don’t know all of the names of the products or the names of our prints BUT I do know where to find them in the catalog.  People will understand.  They don’t expect you to be a walking catalog of information but they do expect you to know the benefits of the products so you can help meet their needs.

Now Repeat!****

I know this seems so basic but it works. Ask the leaders in your company how they got to be at the top.  It wasn’t about “joining at the right time”.  It wasn’t about a shortage of consultants in their area.  It was about consistently sharing their product with friends and family – not being afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

What is holding you back from moving forward or earning a little bit more money?  Are you ready to kick things into gear in February?  Smash those inner gremlins who have convinced you January is a sign of things to come.

What is your best tip for being consistent in your business?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks

The Power of 5


Carrie Wilkerson offered an online 7-Day Business Blitz and it was wonderful.   Yes, I had my doubts.  I figured it was just going to be another online course that I probably won’t have time (or make time) to listen to.  SURPRISE!  The videos were less than 5 minutes long with practical tips and worksheets to help you through the tip of the day.  The one that really stood out for me was “The Simplicity of 5 Things Everyday”.

Carrie share Jack Canfield‘s theory of 5 things:


Now, I know I have talked about the power of 3.  The idea of having just 3 tasks on your to do list for any given day.  No, this does mean that you should go from 3 to 5 things.  You will still have JUST 3 tasks on your to do list BUT you will do that task 5 times.  I know it can be confusing but it is really simple.  Then combine the Rule of 5 with the Power Hour – OMG!  Not only will you be chopping off your to do list but you will also be making great strides in your business.  I am not foolish enough to think that everything on your to do list can be done in the power hour or needs to be done 5 times BUT for many in direct sales, this is a great way to block out chunks of time to work your business.

Let me show you what I mean with my “Action Steps” for one day:

  1. Make follow-up calls/pink glove calls
  2. Put hostess packets together for upcoming party/event
  3. Schedule social media posts

So, the 3 tasks are pretty broad and too generic as Desiree Wolfe would say.  By being vague, it becomes a daunting task and may appear overwhelming.  The result of those negative feelings is that we do the avoidance dance.  So look how I changed these tasks to capitalize on the Rule of 5:

  1. Make 5 follow-up/pink glove calls
  2. Put 5 hostess packets together for upcoming party/event
  3. Schedule 5 social media posts for your business

Easy peasy, right?  What would the result be if you did the first task every day OR at least 4 times a week in your Power Hour?  By the end of the week you have reached 20-25 customers, provided AWESOME customer service and given them an experience that they will remember.  The added bonus is that there is a good chance that you have booked a party, gotten new orders or a fundraiser depending on your business.

What if each day you set out your 3 tasks and they included the “Rule of 5”?  Would your business grow?  Would you overcome the FEAR of the phone?  Would you overcome your inner gremlins that keep you from success?

Being a success in business means taking ACTION every day that moves you closer to your goals.  What are YOUR action steps today and will they include the Rule of 5?  Share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Regroup And Recharge


Happy Monday!  It is the start of the holiday WEEK!  Yes, I said – week.  Thanksgiving may only be one day and the meal itself may last only a few hours but as of today, most of us begin preparing with gusto.  Maybe you are having family come in for the holiday.  Maybe you are going away.  Maybe it is just going to be a quiet time for you and your hubby.  Whatever YOUR holiday time looks like – take some time for YOU!

Taking time for me is something that I don’t do very often.  I have always placed myself last on the list of priorities in any given day or week.  As a result, a few pounds have crept on, my sparkle has dulled a little and I am content to stand in the back watching everyone else succeed.  Not good for moving my business forward or for my personal life.

If I learned one thing last week at the Authentically Audacious Virtual Planning Retreat, it is that the ripple effect starts with ME!    And when momma’s not happy, no one is happy!  Right??  Then I listened to a great video from my business coach – Alisha.  Guess what she talked about?  Scheduling a power hour a day for ME and 3 hours of me time per week.  No need to feel guilty about taking the time because if I don’t, my whole world suffers.

I LOVE being self-employed.  It has lots of benefits but one of the major downfalls is that we forget to take care of ourselves.  I love the analogy about putting on your oxygen mask FIRST then your kids.  The truth is, if we don’t take care of ourselves, the rest of our life will suffer.  I get grumpy!  Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie take up residence in my head.  As a result, nothing gets done.

So, I made a HUGE step last week and went back to Weight Watchers.  I know, I was at Lifetime and then I let go.  I stopped taking the 90 minutes a week for me.  I stopped tracking every morsel that I put in my mouth.  I thought “I got this”.  The result, a few pounds over goal and I am not a happy camper.  The ripple effect has been awful.  This is the first step to taking care of me and getting my sparkle back.

Here are some other ideas, you may want to try:

  • Step away from the computer and take a walk OUTSIDE!
  • Watch a funny show on TV or a movie
  • Work in the garden
  • Get a mani-pedi
  • Listen to some music and dance around the living room.

It doesn’t have to be expensive … the point is that you need to recharge your battery and believe it or not, everyone will WIN!  What if you started every morning with ME time?  Would that change your outlook on the day?  Would you be more productive?

I know that thought of getting up earlier makes you cringe.  I am already up at 6AM so I am going to set the alarm for 5:30AM to start.  Once the body adjusts then it will be back to 5AM and my morning power hour.  In the meantime, I will do a power half hour in the morning and save my exercise for the evening.  At least exercising is on the agenda for a change.

12 steps for self care

What do you do for yourself to recharge your battery?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!





Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

The Power Hour

When I was growing up, church used to be the power hour.  It was one hour a week devoted to your spiritual beliefs.  For some that carried over into daily life while for others, me included at that time, it was the only time that I spent in worship with God.  No this blog is not about beliefs or God but a different kind of POWER HOUR.  

When I “fell” into leadership in the early days of my DS career,  I dreaded picking up the phone.  I am sure that everyone has that moment.  I don’t mean picking up the phone and talking to friends.  I mean picking up the phone and talking to people about your business – easier said then done.  I know the age old excuses (I have used them and more): I don’t want to be pushy, I don’t want to bother anyone, I don’t want everyone to THINK that I am trying to sell them something every time I call.  Enough with the excuses because it is those excuses that will leave you STUCK, never moving forward in your business.

I have heard about this tool described by several different leaders, so I wanted to share it with you.  The Power Hour allows you to get a lot done in a short amount of time.  Get one of those old timers (you know the ones you use to set in the kitchen when you were cooking) and set it.  START NOW!

First 15 minutes – Make three-minute phone calls to three or four people (hostesses, party leads, recruit prospects or follow up calls from mailings and fair leads).

Second 15 minutes – Make three-minute phone calls to five people on your team. If you do not have a team, use this time to build one by making calls to recruiting prospects!

Next 5 minutes – Analyze your results and your performance. What worked well and what will you do differently to make your next “Power Hour” more productive. (Should you try phoning at a different time of day? Would a different script work better?)

Last 25 minutes – Service the people you have called. Now is the time to mail out recruiting packets to long distance perspectives and hostess information for the parties you have just scheduled. Place any phone orders and pop recognition post cards out to team members as needed.

For me, winging calls and messages are not good.  So, I do a short script just in case I get a voice mail so I don’t sound like a blubbering nut on the phone.  If I get a real person (few and far between), I actually just touch base with them – use this call to build relationships with them.

So, I CHALLENGE you to try the POWER HOUR. If you are happy where your business is, use this time to develop loyal customers by providing AMAZING customer service.  If you want to grow your business, this is a proven way to do it.  Will you try the POWER HOUR this week?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!