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You’ve Got the Gear for Great Things!

Sunday’s have been a time when I shared messages from others but today, this touched my heart and I felt as if I wanted to share personally with you.  The post I read started like this:

Pretend with me for a moment. Let’s say you are on an island in the Pacific. Pick an island, any island, but make it a tropical, lush, and beautiful one. You walk out onto the porch and see some equipment laid out just for you. You know what it is, and you know what it’s for. You’re excited! You’ve always wanted to do this, but never had the right gear.

You slip into a black sleek wet suit, zip up the front closure, and most likely marvel at the way it holds everything in. Then you squeeze your feet into squeaky black flippers. I know they’re tight, but go ahead and wiggle your feet in. Next, you strap a heavy oxygen tank on your back. One arm. Now the other. Finally, you slip a facemask over you nose and eyes, and place a mouthpiece between your lips.

But rather than heading out to the ocean to explore the marvelous coral reef, vibrant fish, and swaying flora, you turn around, go back into the house, fill up the bathtub, and settle in.

I know it sounds silly but think about how many times you may have done the same thing. God has blessed us with many gifts and talents yet how many times do we run from the abundant life to stay in our comfort zone – living in mediocre faith.

I have done it many times.  Always being behind the scenes, not wanting to step out in faith.  Letting fear and doubt keep me from experiencing all God has planned for me.  The truth is, we all have the gear we need, it is just up to us to jump in.  Experiencing our pre-ordained opportunity (destiny).

How many time have you had the argument with God, telling him the many reasons you are not the right one for the job (or the opportunity or the calling)?  I know I have.  Lately, my argument surrounds my memory issues and how I am “not good enough”.  Yet, when I stop and embrace the challenges (actually blessings), I am amazed at the abundance in my life.  I need to take time with God each morning, not just talking (praying and asking) but listening to what he has to say.  The message may not always be clear (brain fog has me struggling) but God’s message will come through one way or another.

I let fear keep me from God’s abundance.  I let the comparison game keep me from stepping out of my comfort zone.  I let the inner gremlins dance in my head and question my faith and my ability to know what God wants me to do.

Many are suited for great things and didn’t even know it.  As a result, they live a life never experiencing the many blessings God has for them.

Here’s my question for you today: What will you say to God when He calls your name or taps you on the shoulder and says, “Now’s the time?”

Perhaps today is the day.  Will you JUMP in, walking in faith or will you retreat within your comfort zone?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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Core Values

When I began my journey with Thirty One, I thought core values were things like “freedom, love, family, spirituality, self-love, honesty, loyalty, respect, commitment, etc.”.

I don’t know about you but being in business for myself I feel like I am doing it all which we usually are, right?  We want it all, right?  A successful business, awesome relationships, big bank accounts, and good health.  When we don’t get it all, we wonder why?  I never really thought about aligning my values up with what I wanted in life.  I know, crazy, right?

Over the last four years, Thirty One’s Core values have become a part of me.  I apply that particular principles to my business willing myself to actually OWN it.  Can you tell that it doesn’t always work?  Here are those core values:


Authentic    Courageous Curious Flexible Fun-Loving Gracious Hard-Working PassionatePurposeful


The TWO that I would love to say is ALWAYS me are: Passionate and Purposeful.  The truth is that when I ask people which one they see as me, 95% of the time they say FUN LOVING and 5% of the time it is Passionate!  Really?  Can you tell that I am shocked?  Yes, I want to have fun with my business.  The truth is that I never really embrace the “fun-loving” side for fear of what people will think.

Alright so there are times when I don’t worry about it – National Conference, Celebrate and Connect, Premieres and anything that is specifically Thirty One.  Why? Because everyone else is in the “pink bubble” and understands the excitement and craziness.  I wonder if the REAL world would think I am bordering on crazy and run in the opposite direction or call for a straight jacket.

I wonder what would happen if I truly “owned” those two core values?  I mean not worry about what people think.  Have fun? Enjoy the moments instead of always planning for the next thing.  Would everything align?

What do you think?  Which of these 12 Core Values best describes you?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!