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Finding YOUR Customers


Happy Monday… It was a crazy busy and exciting weekend but it is time to get back to work.  I am on a mission to fill my calendar for August AND find some new customers at the same time.  I saw an article on Bloglovin’ that had some tips that might help all of us find our “ideal” customer and hostess.


What kind of service do you offer your customers? For most of us in direct sales, it is all about our products, right?  But what is the service that you offer linked to that product?  It’s essential that we package what we offer in a way that catches the attention of our ideal customers.  I mean there are 31 uses for a certain bag, one of them MUST fit your needs.


There are lots of “consultants” with your direct sales company BUT what makes you POP out.  What makes you stand out online (or in person) so that you attract the right people for you.  I have heard – just cast a wide net and the goods ones will be caught.  For me, that isn’t working so well.  Help your future customers to figure out whether you’re the right fit by being brave enough to stand out. Share rather than sell. Encourage instead of plead.  Provide amazing service without expecting things in return.


Your content is how you can share your expertise, build trust, brand awareness, and build a deeper connection with your audience.  The best part about content? It’s sharable, so when done right it can open you up to bigger audiences along the way – and therefore more potential customers.  Who are you appealing to (your target market) with your products?  Who can you connect with to share the value of your products using terms they are familiar with and that appeals to their lifestyle?  Keep showing up and being of service to your audience. Create content that connects with them, that they can file in the back of their mind, and that they would be willing to share with friends and family.


Not only online but change your seat.  A different restaurant, a different bleacher seat, or a different Facebook group. We can’t expect potential customers to find us if we’re not actually hanging out where they are.  We need to be seen, not necessarily heard. That doesn’t mean just showing up for the sake of it but being available and aware of what’s going on around us.  Sharing appropriate content, engaging in conversations, collaborating and networking with others are just a few ways to show up.  Putting yourself out there can be scary, but having an empty calendar with no customers and no money in the bank is even scarier, right?


This is the BIGGEST thing for me when I am seeking new customers and hostesses.  Think about it – in many cases, we are asking people to let us into their homes while they give us access to their friends and family.  Seriously, would you do that if you didn’t have at least a basic trust of the person?  Being authentic every single step of the way is important. We need to commit to showing up and being transparent, to being open, and honest with everything that we do as it relates to our business.  When we are consistent in our message – online and in person – we develop a presence that builds authentic connections, relationships, and trust with future customers

So, what makes you good at your job?  What makes your services so valuable and worth your customers investment? Wouldn’t it be great if you could attract ideal customers so that the work that you do every day not only feeds your soul but your bank balance.

Share your thought with us.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Ideas on Increasing Your Sales

In February of 2011, I joined my first direct sales company with the goal of it being my full-time business SOMEDAY!  I joined companies before mostly for the discounts and there may have been a passing thought about it being more than a hobby but none of them really panned out.  I should say, I didn’t work them as all of them are still in business despite my lack of business.  

As I am still working on growing my team and reaching my monthly minimum in sales, I am always looking for new ideas to increase my sales.  I do many vendor shows and honestly need to be better at the follow-up from those – I know that should be my first stop when trying to increase my business, right.  Well, for those of you who have a 500-pound phone, here some more ideas:
  • Cross selling – is recommending related products that complement others that have already been purchased.  When I am talking to someone about our products, I ask them general questions and then offer solution sets for them demonstrating how our product can help them.  This way you can pay attention to the customer’s specific needs.
  • Best value quick sales is offering products/ services that give customers value for their money and quick delivery.  I always have a cash and carry display when I am at a vendor show.  These are NEW products that I have which I sell at a discount.  The basic discount is 25% off because I have already earned my commission during the initial purchase from my company.  I also don’t charge tax or shipping on these items since I am just recouping my money for the initial purchase. 
  • Business referral exchange program – teaming up with other businesses or consultants in your area.  At vendor shows, I have to say that other vendors are some of my best sales people.  They carry my product and will share tips with customers who see it – referring them back to me for the sales.  I am looking for more ways to develop this WITHOUT joining another direct sales company.  Still a work in progress for me.
  • Personalize appointments is one of product offerings.  As a direct seller, we are a  party plan company but the truth is some people just want to SHOP!  They are not interested in having people to their home and claim that they are not good at it.  I have begun offering “a product experience” for those women who want to “try out” our products.  I have done a few of these and they have been successful.  A no obligation opportunity to see if our products work with their vision for using our products.  To date, everyone who has had one of these appointments has purchased the products that they tried.
  • Reward your customers – for referrals whether it be for more parties (booking bonuses) or for more customers.  I have a VIP Facebook page where I offer contests with product prizes, discounted products that help boost my sales and special events that allow them to bring guests and get more gifts.  I also have a Frequent Buyer Program which encourages my customers to continue to buy from me for the discount that they receive after so many purchases.
Creativity is the key to increasing sales and expanding your customer base.  What other ideas do you have to increase sales?  What has or hasn’t worked for you?  Please share them below in the comments.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!