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Inner CRAP

This past Saturday, I was invited to be a vendor at a Woman’s Pampering Event at a local church.  An AWESOME concept that combined women business owners with a morning of networking. Not an unusual, right? The best part was the speaker who touched us all with her story and the praise team songs.  It was just what I needed as I am getting ready to start on what for me is an intense commitment to my business.

I remembered seeing a this in a recent blog: When you are ready, you will know.  

Change is a funny thing.  Although I embrace it, I also tend to let the excuses take over and as a result run from it.  The truth is that when I am ready to run it is usually because my inner crap comes to the surface and lingers until I address it.

De-cluttering your inner crap can be difficult if you have no idea where to start. So I’ve found 4 easy to understand classifications:

C: Conflicts

This is when you question what you think you know about success. You may say to yourself: Shouldn’t I be further along than I already am?  I am doing everything I’m supposed to be doing but I still don’t see results. Why?

This is the comparison game.  This is when you question whether or not you are in the right business?  My new mantra when this hits is: I am exactly where I need to be and I will define success to my own standards.

R: Resistance

This is the excuse phase.  This is when you may say to yourself:  I can’t do this because I have “obligations.”  I’m not good at [fill in the blanks].  

Maybe you know it as Negative Nellie or Doubtful Debbie.  Turn the negative into a positive: Whatever I don’t know I will figure out.

A: Assumptions

This is when you base decisions on emotions or wrong information. You may say to yourself: I need to build my brand/business “this way” because so/so does it that way.  I know what my audience wants even though I didn’t do any market research.

Due to my inner “crap”, I have jumped on the bandwagon of many training programs.  Seeking to find the ONE.  The truth is that despite lots of money spent, I have based my decision on emotions (doubt and fear).  I have tried to fit into the mold that others think I should be….Instead try: My brand + business is a work in progress and that’s OK.

P: Projections

This is when you put your own ‘ish onto other people. You may say to others: You’re doing it wrong.  You’re not going to succeed doing it that way.

My projections are more like “pre-jedgements” on whether or not people will like my products, my party style, the business opportunity or better yet ME!  When people decide to go with another company or another consultant, I doubt myself and my abilities.  I am not alone, right?  Instead try: There’s room for everyone to thrive doing it their own way.

Success is an inside job so take some time to tackle whatever inner crap you may have so that you can clear to space for AWESOME to happen.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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