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Small Thinking


 What do you think holds you back in your business (or maybe in life)?  I am sure you can think of a MILLION reasons why you have not achieved your goal or reached your dream but the truth is that it is nothing more than “small thinking”.   GUILTY!  I had some loving women call me on my stuff not to long ago.  I said I was “content”.  Content not to dream bigger.  Content where I was. Content to be stuck.  The truth was that I am afraid to imagine the possibilities in case I fail.  In other words, FEAR!  The emotion that is tied to the outcome is WAY stronger the the desire to work through the process.  I had convinced myself that it was God’s plan for me to stay where I was….SMACK!  I hadn’t even asked him or dare listened to his answer…

You know you have “small thinking”, if you think like this:

If only I could get one booking

I wish I could get people to spend just a little more money

I would be happy with just 1 new team member

I don’t need to earn the FREE vacation, I just want to make ends meet

I don’t want to be rich, I just want to pay my bills

 I can hear the groan!  It is all about changing your mindset, right?  It is more than that, here is some advice from the  President of Pure Romance..

TAKE it!

LIVE it!




FEEL it!

OWN it!

The truth is that you ARE what you focus on.  WOW! I don’t mean the just the negative thinking, I mean limiting your dreams, or letting FEAR rule your decisions.  FEAR of failure.  FEAR of what people think.  What if you were to “Commit to the process and Detach from the outcome”?  Sounds kind of scary, right?  We all want to see a successful outcome BUT when we focus on the outcome, we have emotions attached to our decisions. YIKES!!!

Thank you PowerCoach Alisha for this mantra:

“I Commit to the process & detach my emotions from the outcome”

I don’t know about you but emotions tend to control my life – personally and in business.  If I could detach from the emotions tied to the outcome for just a minute, I might get through the process long enough to BELIEVE that the goal is obtainable.

Okay, so what is YOUR small thinking statement?  Share it with us.  Let’s all “detach from the emotions together” so that we can KICK it in 2015.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Is Facebook Working for You



Facebook has been around for what seems like FOREVER, right?  In the beginning, we  posted things about ourselves and our family as a way to connect with people we knew across the country and the world.  As time went on, it became a tool for our business.  I can hear the groans now!

You have all seen them in your news feed right… the pleas to join a particular company, to try a particular product, to help someone meet their goal and the addition to groups that you never wanted to join.  I have to admit, I always wonder if I am guilty of the same thing.  What has the result been for YOUR business?  Do friends respond?  Do you get random team members as a result of your desperate pleas?  The truth is that most people will “unfriend” you or take you out of their news feed so that they don’t have to see the repeated advertising.  So, how do you tell the world about YOUR products without “puking” your business all over them?

Here are 5 keys to Facebook Success from Power Coach Alisha:

  1. FUN – post fun facts, pictures or videos.  Remember that posts like this get shared more PLUS get more “likes”.  More “likes” help increase how often people see you in their news feed.
  2. FUNNY – people like to laugh. They will share funny videos or pictures with their friends.  The more your posts are shared, the more people get to know your name.
  3. EXCITING – this doesn’t mean just exciting BUSINESS things.  It means exciting things in YOUR life.  Accomplishments of your kids, goals you reached, the surprise flowers hubby gives you… anything that is exciting to you – SHARE!
  4. ENTERTAINING – This ties into the fun and funny posts.  Remember when we were entertained by Facebook posts.  How about a silly or funny You Tube video?
  5. EDUCATIONAL – I don’t know about you but I have learned some neat tricks that I now use from Facebook, Pinterest and even You Tube.  Share what you have learned with others.

So, what will happen if you STOP posting all of those pleas and start focusing on these 5 areas on Facebook?  You will begin to build Facebook relationships which will lead to bookings, recruits and sales.  Honestly, how many hours do you currently spend on Facebook TRYING to get business in a given week?  How many bookings, recruits or random sales have you gotten as a result of those hours spent on Facebook?  Now, divide the hours you spend by the amount of bookings.  Isn’t your time more valuable then that?  Think of the relationships that you could be building if you were NOT always selling your products.  People might actually stop by and visit your Facebook page more often instead of just waiting for things in their news feed.

The end result is that we want to INTERACT with people.  We want to have a conversation with people.  Conversations lead to sales, bookings and recruits.  Isn’t that what building our business is all about.

Check your Facebook page… are you using any of the 5 Keys to Facebook Success? OR are you “puking” your business?  Try for the next few days to NOT post anything about booking, selling or recruiting on your personal Facebook page and see what happens.

Hope you have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel



According to the dictionary the word TRY means “To make an effort to do or accomplish something”.  So it generally sounds like a good thing, right?  You are making an effort even if you may not succeed.  The other side of the TRY coin is the word FAIL.  The word that starts that spiral into the land inhabited by Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie.  So let’s look at how this LITTLE word can effect the way we do things in our personal and business life.

The word “try” actually means the exact opposite of doing.”  Thank you Alisha of Rockstar Mompreneurs for bringing that to my attention with a hard SMACK across the head.  TRY is a word that I use a lot.  This reality check was a true eye opener.  Who would have thought this small word would have a HUGE impact on our life.

Let’s be honest, I know that I have done this… When Belinda was growing up, the word “try” was usually my gentle way of saying NO.  I may have wanted to, planned to or even attempted but the end results was that it didn’t happen. BUT I TRIED!  Belinda may have been disappointed but as long as she thought that I made an effort to do whatever it was – all was good.  Of course, it wasn’t often that trying lead to failing but there were those times.

How about this one: You get an invitation to an event (or party) and you aren’t thrilled about going.  Maybe you want to but you have a million other things to do.  Nothing to wear.  Won’t know anyone. Too cold, too hot.  Have you been there?  I know that I have.  So, instead of saying NO, we say “I’ll try” which equals out to a maybe. The host knows that it is probably your gentle way of saying NO without hurting their feelings.  She may hold out a glimmer of hope that you will attend but “try” let her know not to count on you.

So, now let’s look at your business.

You have set a goal. Or you company has an incentive.  You are pumped and ready to take action, right?  You start making calls and talking to people. With each NO,  a little air leaks out of your bubble.  You have now gone from “I WILL” to “I am trying”.  You miss making calls for a few days.  In your head you are still trying but the truth is we really aren’t giving it our BEST.  We give the illusion that we are doing our best.  We may talk a good game.  We may make minimal effort.  So when we haven’t reached our goal or achieved that incentive that we wanted to badly, we say “We tried”. Then we come up with a million reasons why it didn’t happen.

What if we were to remove the word TRY from our vocabulary.  Never use it again.  Could you do it?  I know it is a challenge for me.

What if we substituted in power words, words that set us up for success and let others know that they can depend on us?  Do you think that would change your business?

Substitute TRY with “I will do my best to..” or “I’ll do whatever it takes to..” or “I will be certain to…”. These statements instill self-confidence.  We start to trust other and they will trust us.

We set ourselves up for success!

Let’s try an experiment and see how many times in the course of a day or week, you said the word “try”.  Each time you do, STOP and change the wording to a power statement.  Share the results of you change in thinking with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Hope Wissel

Regroup And Recharge


Happy Monday!  It is the start of the holiday WEEK!  Yes, I said – week.  Thanksgiving may only be one day and the meal itself may last only a few hours but as of today, most of us begin preparing with gusto.  Maybe you are having family come in for the holiday.  Maybe you are going away.  Maybe it is just going to be a quiet time for you and your hubby.  Whatever YOUR holiday time looks like – take some time for YOU!

Taking time for me is something that I don’t do very often.  I have always placed myself last on the list of priorities in any given day or week.  As a result, a few pounds have crept on, my sparkle has dulled a little and I am content to stand in the back watching everyone else succeed.  Not good for moving my business forward or for my personal life.

If I learned one thing last week at the Authentically Audacious Virtual Planning Retreat, it is that the ripple effect starts with ME!    And when momma’s not happy, no one is happy!  Right??  Then I listened to a great video from my business coach – Alisha.  Guess what she talked about?  Scheduling a power hour a day for ME and 3 hours of me time per week.  No need to feel guilty about taking the time because if I don’t, my whole world suffers.

I LOVE being self-employed.  It has lots of benefits but one of the major downfalls is that we forget to take care of ourselves.  I love the analogy about putting on your oxygen mask FIRST then your kids.  The truth is, if we don’t take care of ourselves, the rest of our life will suffer.  I get grumpy!  Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie take up residence in my head.  As a result, nothing gets done.

So, I made a HUGE step last week and went back to Weight Watchers.  I know, I was at Lifetime and then I let go.  I stopped taking the 90 minutes a week for me.  I stopped tracking every morsel that I put in my mouth.  I thought “I got this”.  The result, a few pounds over goal and I am not a happy camper.  The ripple effect has been awful.  This is the first step to taking care of me and getting my sparkle back.

Here are some other ideas, you may want to try:

  • Step away from the computer and take a walk OUTSIDE!
  • Watch a funny show on TV or a movie
  • Work in the garden
  • Get a mani-pedi
  • Listen to some music and dance around the living room.

It doesn’t have to be expensive … the point is that you need to recharge your battery and believe it or not, everyone will WIN!  What if you started every morning with ME time?  Would that change your outlook on the day?  Would you be more productive?

I know that thought of getting up earlier makes you cringe.  I am already up at 6AM so I am going to set the alarm for 5:30AM to start.  Once the body adjusts then it will be back to 5AM and my morning power hour.  In the meantime, I will do a power half hour in the morning and save my exercise for the evening.  At least exercising is on the agenda for a change.

12 steps for self care

What do you do for yourself to recharge your battery?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!





Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Connecting Through Social Media


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a sponge for information and then sharing that information.  A fellow blogger (and Thirty One consultant) always talks about her business coach so I was curious – I mean she is a ROCKSTAR in the our company so why not see what makes her tick, right?

ROCKSTAR MOMPRENEURS has given me some definite pointers in building my business in just a few short videos.  I am an impulse shopper (part of my addictive nature), that I jump in feet first all of the time.   Then I think about things instead of checking things out first.  I mean that is how I joined Thirty One – looking for discounts and a little extra money!  This is another time, that I am glad that I jumped in.  I love that the video trainings are about 15 minutes in length which makes listening to them easy.

Alisha talks about building your list which simply means growing your network of people online.  How many of you have hundreds of people as “friends” on your Facebook page?  High school friends?  College Friends?  Customers? Friends of friends? Some of those people you probably haven’t talked to in ages, and have you looked at their Facebook page lately to see if they are even on Facebook?  I have to admit, this makes me a little uncomfortable reaching out to people who don’t really know me but I figure as long as we have some mutual friends, it is okay.

Maybe you are “puking” up your business and people have started to avoid you, could that be possible?  Remember that our business is all about building relationships not constantly posting about “buy my stuff” or “I need orders to meet my goal”.  There are many direct selling consultants that do that and after awhile, people get tired of seeing it, right?  They begin to avoid you, stop looking at your Facebook page and maybe even stop getting your notifications.  As a result, you have lost the opportunity to build a relationship and a potential customer or hostess.

What if you were to change the way you did thing?  What if you ONLY posted about specific business things when the opportunity presented itself? I LOVE this advice:

 Do you realize the potential of the number of people you can be exposed to through social media that you don’t even know yet! It’s all about “other people”, and who they know, that now you have the opportunity if you consistently play in the world of social media to get to know, build a relationship and BOOM!!! Add to your list!!! Then repeat.

As I begin planning for 2015 (it is never too early), I am reaching out to NEW people to make those connections.  What about you?  Will you connect with new people in an effort to grow your business by letting them get to know YOU?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!