Hope Wissel

WooHoo Wednesday In Honor of Our Veterans

USA Hero

Veterans Day is an official United States holiday that honors people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, also known as veterans.

Today, I want to thank those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I want to thank the dedicated soldiers at home and deployed across the seas for defending our freedom. I want to thank the families of these dedicated men and women – see they pay the ultimate price too as they share their loved ones with us. Life for a military family isn’t easy either so today I honor them too for their service.

My dad served in the Army. He never really talked a lot about it but I do know that he changed his birthdate on his birth certificate so that he could join the Army. It one of those stories that we always wondered if it was true. My dad is great for TALL tales….. I never really knew many in the military growing up.

I do remember one year that we had a few soldiers come for a holiday dinner. Dad picked them up and they spent the whole day with us while they enjoyed a home cooked meal. Then I would have to fast-forward to my next real encounter with the military – enter my best friend – Steph, her hubby – Bill and their kids – Jen, Sean, Ryan and Shane. Our families become melded into one during Bill’s deployment during Operation Freedom. It was my first up close and personal experience of the sacrifices made by our military and their families.

Now, my nephew, Jimmy, is stationed at Guantanamo Bay for the next 6 months – I am again faced with the reality of the sacrifices made by our military men and women along with their families.

This day is for you… if you should see someone from the military today, thank them. Better yet, buy them a cup of coffee or lunch. What better way to thank them for their selfless service that with a random act of kindness.

As for me, I will be again doing OPERATION ZIPPER POUCH…For just $23 you can sponsor a Zipper Pouch personalized with USA HERO. I will use ALL of my commission to fill them with mints, candy, trail mix, gum, crossword puzzle book, a thank you card and a small American flag. My goal is 31 zipper pouches sponsored by November 30th. Yes, that is only 15 days away but I have faith in all of you. The bags will be shipped out so that they arrive around the holidays to show our military men and women how much we appreciate them.

So, who is with me? For $23 you can bring a smile to the face of some one who is far from home defending our freedoms. This project is near and dear to my heart – for my nephew and as a reminder of the days and nights spent with my best friend and her 4 kids while her hubby did TWO tours in Bagram during Operation Freedom.

Payments can be made via check or through Paypal at hopesgiftcloset@@comcast.net. If you don’t have Paypal, I will be happy to invoice you. ¬†Won’t you help to make a difference today?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!