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Will You Make a Difference? Join our Back to School Campaign

I know you are thinking it is only July, right? The kids have just started enjoying the summer with no thoughts of going back to school.  For many, they are already thinking of the struggles of going back to school – how to afford those back to school clothes and supplies.  I want to help and I need you to join me in this effort….

Let me squirrel for a moment….People start businesses for many reasons.  Some say it is to make money or to have a flexible schedule.  While others have a passion not tied to money.  I know it may sound crazy BUT the truth is my motivation in my business goes far deeper than being able to pay bills.  It is all about what the money can do…. don’t get me wrong, I definitely do need to pay bills BUT…..

My passion has always been to make a difference in the lives of others.  I am blessed to be able to use my business to make that difference with YOUR HELP!

Over the last five years, many of you have been a part of my “give back” programs.  Chemo comfort bags,  and USA HERO zipper pouches for our Vets.  We have raised money for Smiles for Trevor and Relay for Life, Suicide Awareness and have helped families with medical expenses.  Each of you are helping me to make a difference in the lives of others every day letting them know someone cares!

We are kicking off this year’s “Back to School” campaign by provide children with thermal totes filled with school supplies and some snacks.  This program is a joint effort to help each child start the school year on the right foot.

This is our THIRD year, and with your help we have provided over 100 children with THERMAL LUNCH TOTES filled with goodies.

We are doing this AGAIN this year.  For $20, you can sponsor a thermal tote filled with goodies for a child in need. If you want to help BUT you don’t have $20, donate what you can – $1, $2, $5, or $10. Maybe finances are tight BUT you know a business that may want to help, GREAT! Let me know or forward this information to them. I will supply a list of business sponsors in every thermal tote along with blogging about them – FREE advertising for helping out a great cause. Where else could they get FREE advertising for $20 or $40?

Won’t you help to make a difference today?  You can fill out the form below or contact me directly. I will be happy to invoice you. Let’s bring a smile to the face of as many children as we can this school year.  The deadline is July 9th!

Won’t you help to make a difference today? You can fill out the form below or contact me directly. I will be happy to invoice you.  Let’s bring a smile to the face of as many children as we can this school year. The deadline is July 14th!

Have ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Back to School: Backpacks and Thermals

Three apple

I think it is safe to now talk about those dreaded words for kids…. “back to school”.

I know some of the kids have been back to school for a little while BUT here in Jersey, it is always after Labor Day. The smell of pencils, paper, crayons, the excitement of a new backpack (or Trapper Keeper!)…remember those days? Or did you dread going back to school?

I want to share two options for back to school – the first is a cinch sac from Thirty One Gifts.  I know, based on what the kids have to carry back and forth to school, this may not be the best solution BUT….it is great for the younger kids AND for those smelly gym clothes.13912344_10101822516579273_6476467343845494805_n

Now, for those adults (and kids) who need clear bags…. I want to share “stadium bags” designed by my friend, Dori DeCarlo.  Check them out….13901412_1175911629097041_4989520814235758469_n

Now, for thermal totes, you know that Thirty One has the BEST!  Yes, I am a little bit partial!

8542580A0000  The NEW hot ticket is the Go To Thermal .  The best part is that it is machine washable.  Yes, you can toss it in the washer to get rid of the smells and keep it fresh.

8415040A The Chill-icious is a great size for kids.  I love that the handle is a clip on so it can attach to the book bag without taking up space inside.

3000565A0000 The thermal tote is a classic favorite.  Whether you need to keep your food cool or warm, it does the job. Great for school or work lunch, or for taking to a ballgame. Also great as a baby bag to keep bottles cold.

What is your favorite thing to pack for the kids (or you) for lunch?  I need some fresh ideas.  Share your tips.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!