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Second Half of Year Success

CnC 10 13

Throwback Thursday is about succeeding…The picture was taken at one of my early Celebrate and Connect meetings.  These are bi-monthly meetings that I am honored to be able to host as a Director with Thirty One.  This AMAZING group of women came to learn how to be successful in their business.  I love that I can call many of these women friends, today.  We are more than just a purse thing!


Can you believe it?  I was a little overwhelmed when I saw this picture of the end of the year dates.  What kind of year have you had?  Honestly, mine has been filled with challenges.  I’m not going to sugar coat things, I have struggled in many areas of my life.  I have talked about starting over, hitting reset and doing things differently.  The truth is, I fall back into the same mindset.  What I realized is that as much as I dislike structure, I need it for my business.  I don’t just mean office hours, I mean a daily check list of things to do.  A daily push to step out of my comfort zone and be accountable.

That being said, I found some great tips courtesy of JulieAnn Jones to ensure that we achieve the goals that we set at the beginning of the year.  I want to challenge you to take a few hours and to look at your own business (or life).  Okay, if not a few hours at least some time to work through the lists.

The first step is to assess where you are, I don’t mean the should of, would of, could of things.  Let’s evaluate our results to date – the GOOD things.

List #1 – Write down all that you’ve accomplished so far this year and celebrate your successes! Way to go!

List #2 – Write down everything you still want to accomplish before the end of the year and create a plan for getting there.

List #3 – Make a list (as long as you can) of every single thing for which you’re grateful up to this point in 2015.

Focus on that gratitude for at least a few minutes every day for the rest of the year.  I actually have an alarm on my phone that rings and asks me “What are you grateful for today?”.  Some days, I sit and write it out; other days, I just speak it out to the universe.  It is important for me to stay positive.  Yes, I squirreled!

Back to the lists…. Now, that you know what you have accomplished up to this point, let’s look at where you want to be before December 31st. You are going to make three more lists for this:

List #4 – What did you plan to accomplish at the beginning of the year that you’ve haven’t gotten done yet? Make a list of at least three to five concrete goals.

List #5 – What ACTION steps can you begin to consistently take RIGHT NOW and for the rest of the year that will bring about those goals (be SPECIFIC)?

List #6 – What obstacles might get in the way of you taking those actions and how can you avoid them? Planning ahead can make a HUGE difference in your results.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, find a new job, book parties, sell a certain amount of products or grow your team – by writing these lists, you will be able to set a plan in motion to help you reach your goals.

What did your evaluation and plan look like at this mid-way point? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel




How many times have you heard the word “NO” when you have called a potential customer, hostess or recruit?  I am sure more times that we want to admit to and each time it may sting just a little, right?

For some, the word NO is a personal rejection and not a NO to the business option presented to that person.  For some, the word NO is just a word and they move on to the next person.  Which one are you?  It has taken a LONG time but I don’t take it personally now.  The truth is:


Picture this:

You go out for lunch or dinner, at the end of the main meal, your wait staff offers you dessert.  You think about it and say “no, thank you”.  Does the wait staff never ask another person if they want dessert?  Does the wait staff go back and beat themselves up because they didn’t sell a dessert?  No, they just go on about their work – offering options to the next customer.

So why is it different in our direct sales business?  Yes, I know that there are LOTS of people who can take the same approach as the wait staff.  I also know that there are many who take it to heart, wondering what they could have done differently or letting the negative feelings take over.  Shaking them off may take a little longer for this person.  Why is it easier for some and not others?

I learned (the hard way) to change my mindset from always looking for a YES to always expecting a NO.  Okay, that sounds a little crazy right?  But when you are looking for the NO, you are excited about the YES.  I am not going to say that it is easy especially for those who are always looking for a YES and almost come to expect it.  It takes practice but changing that mindset can make all of the difference in your business.

The 100 NO challenge is a great way to help to change that mindset:

100 no's

Start tracking the NOs that you receive when you offer the opportunity to someone.  It can be to host a party, join your team or simply purchase a product.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you should imply the question, it means ASK them specifically.  Would you be interested in (insert the opportunity)?  When they say NO, cross it off.   Believe it or not, for every 10 NOs that you will receive, you will receive a YES.  Then celebrate that YES with a happy dance.  It will feel so good.

happy dance


A NO doesn’t mean that you are in the wrong business.  A NO doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at booking, selling, or recruiting.  A NO simply means that the person is not ready TODAY.  Call them in a week and the answer may be different.

A great lead in for that is when they say NO, ask them if it is okay if you call them back in (enter a time frame).  Maybe it will be month, maybe it will be a different season, to maybe it will be 6 months.  The chances are good that they will give you an okay to call them again.  On the far side that they said, please take me off your list – it is okay.  For the very few customers that tell me not to call again, I tag them to mail them a “thinking of you” card in about 3 months.  Maybe they had a bad day.  Maybe I can get them to smile when they get the card.  Who knows, maybe they will call YOU because you thought of them without getting a sale.






The key is not to give up.  Who is going to join me in the 100 NO Challenge?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Chasing Rabbits



“You cannot chase more than one rabbit at a time and catch either one of them.”  Mary Kay Ash, cosmetics mogul

This is a busy week for those in the Thirty One pink bubble as well as other direct sales companies that are launching a new catalog on August 1st.  It is the end of the month and the end of the season.  It is a week of transition between old and new catalogs.  It is making sure that your customers don’t miss out on their favorite retiring products.  It is getting your hostess packets and marketing materials ready to ensure that you have a full calendar for the next few months. WOW!  I am tired just thinking about it.  Actually my list is getting longer by the minute of things to get done.  What about you?

One of my biggest mistakes and maybe yours too, is that I try this idea, that idea, that website, and this coach. We want to try all of these things at the same time and see what works.  We are running around trying what everyone else is doing instead of looking at our own business and evaluating what worked and what didn’t work for us.

Change can be good, sometimes.  Just imagine a potential recruit.  Maybe she has been to a few of your parties.  You think she would be great on your team.  As you talk to her, you hear “I couldn’t do that”, “you are so (fill in the blank) and that isn’t me” or “I don’t have time to change things up all of the time”.  The truth is change can be good if it is for the right reasons but just for the sake of changing could hurt more than help. You may have just made your job look so hard that no one wants to do it.

Been there, done that and lost the recruit.  I have tried every party idea that came along because it sounded fun or because it increased XX business, so it will help mine.  The truth is our circle of customers can be very different.

I am kicking off the new catalog by going old school. What does that mean?  I am SERVING my customers and hostesses.  I had some of my best parties when I wasn’t “trying” too hard.  When I focused my hostess coaching to boost her excitement.  When I asked what kinds of things her guest would like – not just products but the party experience.  It wasn’t my agenda but it fit into what they wanted to do for the night.  My basic script was always the same. Some may say boring, others would say it was a good thing.



You know what is happening?  My hostess coaching is getting better.  I am building better relationships with my hostesses which will lead to a better relationship with her guests.  I am focused on the best products to present instead of what game to play or what I am going to say,  KISS – Keep It Simple Sister!

What have I learned over the last year?  Sales were down slightly. Parties were down. Why? I could blame it on the economy.  I could blame it on the “s” word. But when I get gut honest, it is the way that I ran my business.  I was so busy trying the latest party idea that I missed out on building a good relationship with my customers, hostesses and team.  I looked unsure, and possibly even insincere because it wasn’t me!  Love this statement by Carrie Wilkerson

You don’t want your baby delivered by the Dentist. You want a specialist. I could not have chased all those rabbits and done as well as I did.

Trust me – focus on one model that works for you. I am not saying that you can’t change it up once in a while BUT keep the basic format the same.  I love the simplicity of Thirty One’s WOW format – Welcome, Offer Solutions, Wrap Up.  We want our job to look as easy as it is.  We want people to climb on board as hostesses and team.


Do you get distracted in your business when you see LOTS of ideas flying around?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Home Party Burnout


Throwback Thursday… YES, these were all in the early Thirty One catalogs. Consultants brought boutique shopping to those who didn’t have the time or the money to shop in those cute little shops.  I am so glad that we are heading back to our roots…

Here we are in another “J” month.  I have heard from my team as well as other consultants – no one wants to party.  They are too busy, there are too many DS party plan companies and everyone is on home party burnout.  Really?

Is it that our potential hostesses are in “home party burnout” mode or is it you? Have you exhausted your circle of friends and family?  Have you moved out of your comfort zone to talk with other people about hosting or your fabulous products?  Are you excited or have you gotten bored with your parties and product?  Do you still have an emotional connection to your why?

Maybe it is YOU that has “home party burnout”!  Let’s be honest, if you were a guest, would you book a party with you? I remember the first time I was challenged to answer that question.  WOW!  I had to think long and hard about it.  We are usually toughest on ourselves but if the answer is NO, then it is time to re-visit your hostess coaching and your party presentation.  I have tried many different styles of party presenting – some fun, lots of games, open house, script, no script, everyone else’s script.  The truth was that I have tried so many things over the last year or so, I wasn’t sure what style I was most comfortable with anymore.  I thought back to my BEST parties, maybe not the biggest sales but the ones where everyone had fun (including me)!  What about you, think about that party?  What were the things that made it the best?

If you have been doing the same thing and are feeling a little bored, the summer is a great time to try something NEW.  Something that will excite YOU and your guests.  Maybe a trunk party.

trunk party

How about a BINGO night.

thirty one bingo (2)

Get creative – people are busy and the kids are out of school.  You may need to find a new way to lock in those parties.  If you can flex your schedule – a Saturday morning at the park, a lunchtime office party, coffee (drinks) after work for about an hour – do it!  Maybe a summer theme party.

2015-01-16 16.19.05! brunch & bags color with me party Lawn & lemonade mommy & me old bag party porch partyparty at the field11411647_10204619372707414_8394670241888029007_o11268890_10103115810787124_1466902764780968361_o11258833_10204574904675741_5466285870274299592_oparty in the park

Remember, you never know when your next awesome opportunity is going to arrive, so pull up your boot straps (errr, big girl panties) and remember all the reasons why we do this business. And remember – absolute WORST case scenario….the party is a complete bust- you have some “girl time” with the hostess and make a few new friends.

Graphics courtesy of Christina’s Creations.  Which one sounds like fun to you?

Have  a ThirtyOne-derful day

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Google Door Prize Slips

It is Throwback Thursday!  Just a little something for those of you who thought Thirty One was JUST purses.  This is from the early years!  I am so excited that we are moving back to our roots with Promising Picks….



Door prize slips……. do you use them?  If so, when do you use them?  What do you do with them once you have them?

Traditionally, these slips have been used to obtain information from perspective customers and hostesses at a vendor event.  You entice them with a prize.  Now, they already know that this is a way for you to get their information.  If you are diligent and work your business, chances are whether they win or not, you are going to call them.  You are going to try and build on that initial interaction in the hopes of growing the relationship and booking a party.

Some consultants use them at their home parties as a way to avoid the “dreaded” booking and recruiting conversations.  I know Consultants that NEVER ask guests to book a party at a party. They believe that people are there to enjoy, not be solicited to book their own party PLUS people don’t have their calendar.  Okay, now I know there are a lot of people that will disagree with this BUT it works for these consultants.  Follow-up is the key to their success.

Some use the slips as a drawing for a door prize at their home party.  The results are always the same, you are soliciting information from the guests in the hopes of booking, recruiting or selling to them.  Now you have additional information that will help you when you follow-up with them.

So, what about an online party or a Facebook event, what do you do?  You don’t want to miss out on these contacts.  What if people are invited but don’t order?  You either miss the connection or you are left to connect on Facebook, right?  I wish I could remember where I heard this great idea (probably another amazing idea from Melissa Fietsam) BUT it is AWESOME.  Use Google docs to create a Facebook Door Prize Slip.

Click HERE if you want to see the one that I used at my last Facebook party.  As each person RSVPed, I sent them the form.  It gave me so much information.  I got to find out about their interests – kids, products, shopping, booking a party, fundraising and even joining my team.  It helped when setting up my party to focus on those products.  Just like when you hostess coach and prep for a home party.  Genius, right?

I am going to create an “Enter My Drawing” google form for my VIP Customer group and on my business page.  Every month, I will post it so that visitors can enter the drawing to win.  WHY?  Just because a person says “not on your life” this month, next month may be a totally different story.  Each month, they have a chance to win.  Let them share the form with friends so they get extra entries. A win-win for everyone – they win a prize and you get more contacts.  I will also add it to my round of blogging every month with a picture of the prize!  A GREAT way to expand your circle of contacts, right?

What is your best tip for online and Facebook parties?  Share it with us

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!