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Do You Make a BAD First Impression?

Over the years, I have learned to let my sparkle shine but sometimes the shine is tarnished. I used to worry about what people thought – what their first impression was of me.  When working in the corporate world, I dressed and acted to fit the part.  When I worked in the non-profit world as a social worker, first impressions were the key to success when working with new clients. Despite how uncomfortable I was, I played a role in the hopes of making a good first impression.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes they saw right through the facade.

Now I have my own business and I am so grateful the business world is more relaxed because it really fits my style.  Even though I find most people will accept you for your inner beauty and not the outward appearance, there are still people who make judgments based on first impressions. I love the advice of one of my favorite business coaches – Vanessa Coppes:

Being the kind of person YOU want to do business with is a karmic synergy. You’ll be more likely to attract more like-minded people to you and your business.

People who may be looking to partner, hire, or buy from you will carefully dissect you, specially if they are looking to engage and do business with you.

It’s what I am sure you’ve heard of: The KLT Factor (Know, Like, and Trust Factor).

So what do you do? Being in direct sales, I feel like I am always making a first impression – a walking billboard for my business.  So, here are some things I try to keep in mind whenever I leave the house.  These are my top pet peeves, what about you?

Inappropriate Attire.

Running to the store, or out with the kids – sweatpants, yoga pants, something comfy is all okay.  I mean we have lives besides our business, right?  Be careful not to wear something too revealing because you will get attention, but not the kind you want.  Business casual works great for meetings, home parties, networking and so much more. Not sure what “business casual” looks like for you?  Find a style which suits your personality.

I tend to say I am “shabby chic” but I’m never quite sure what it means except I’m not a fashionista.  I’m a jeans girl and yes, they do work 95% of the time with a nice shirt and shoes.  You should pick a style that fits you and your industry.  Your clothes should be clean and neat. There is a difference between intentional business casual versus someone who doesn’t wash or iron their clothes.

Excessive texting.

Are you one of those people who is addicted to your phone?  I’m learning to put the phone down and walk away.  Honestly, what did we do before cell phones?  Yes, I do remember those days!  I have always said there isn’t a purse emergency so why I am so obsessed.  It is definitely one of those addictive personality traits.  “Do Not Disturb” has become my friend on my phone.

Did you know if you can’t stop looking at your phone, or responding, you will send a signal you find no one more important than yourself? YIKES!  Is that the impression you want to give to others?  Being present in the moment has more value than you believe.

Body Language (Proverbial Eye Rolling).

This is one I have to work on CONSTANTLY!  My face is an open book to what I am thinking which is not a good thing in any relationship but extremely difficult in business.  Crossed arms show you are not open to what they are saying.  Multi-tasking when talking to someone is just plain rude!  Everyone wants to feel important and appreciated. Saying “what” or “I didn’t hear you” shows your disinterest.  “Be the type of person you want to meet and take a reciprocal approach. Be the first to offer your focused attention.”

Half Full or Half Empty

I am generally a positive person.  Yes, I have those days, we all do BUT when I am having one of them, I try to limit my people contact.  Did you know if you always see the glass as half empty, you are projecting you are a difficult and dissatisfied human being? Who want to do business with some who is always unhappy?  Change your mindset and see the glass as half full.  Happiness IS a choice.

The bottom line is you want to be the type of person you want to meet.  Remember the Law of Attraction….. we draw the people and business to us when we speak into the Universe.  What or who are you attracting?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Home Organization

Clean Your Closet – Fast



Happy Monday morning!

Were you digging through the clothes in your closet for something to wear today?  Did you resort to the same old outfit because you couldn’t find anything else to wear?

I am a jeans girl through and through.  Lots of jeans and tops that go with jeans.  I realized the other day when I needed a dress/skirt to wear that I had NONE!  Sure, I have summer fun dresses – maxi ones or to go over my bathing suit but I didn’t have one dress or skirt to wear in the cooler weather.  My closet is overflowing with clothes and nothing to wear…. I’m not alone, right?

Do you doubt (like I do) that an organized closet is achievable. It just takes a system.  Yes, there is a system for everything and they actually work!

I have tried these tips from the “beautymom” on how to clean your closet in 10 minutes!  Okay so maybe not 10 minutes but 1 hour tops . Still, no more procrastinating…

The trick is to go with your gut. So let’s get busy with these 4 simple steps and get organized

1. Sort by Category:  Start with one category.  Let’s say tops first.  Move them all out of the closet. Then, as quick as possible, flip through them and give each one a Yes if you’re keeping it or a No if you’re tossing it. Don’t overthink it. Go with your first reaction. You know what you love to wear, so be honest.

Keep: Clothes you love, wear, get compliments on, fit well, flatter your body type and are in good condition.

Toss: Anything that is dated, worn/stained/pilled, unflattering, ill-fitting , or, for some other reason never gets worn.

2. Deal with the Discards:  For me, my discards are in just two piles: Donate Now or Donate Later.  Donate Now are items that are in good condition and ready to go.  Donate Later (I need to do this one more often) is for items that you know need to go, but can’t bear to part with. Stash these items in an inconvenient place, and mark your calendar for 3 months from now. If you don’t go looking for anything in that time, then out it goes.

3. Organize the Rest: With discards out of the way, let’s organize what’s left. I like to organize by the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet).  Then white is at one end and black is at the end. No, you don’t need a walk-in closet to do it, I actually manage it in my small closet in our bedroom of the condo.  Color coding makes it easy to spot the colors you have and those that are missing.

4. Repeat:  Now, it is time to repeat these 3 steps for each category of clothes in your closet.  Mine is easy because I only have 2 real categories – pants/jeans and tops.  Yup!  Time for this “shabby chic” momma to do some shopping.

Cleaning out your closet can be simple, but it’s not always easy.

Unloved, unworn clothes are like dead weight, that drags you down every time you open the door to your closet.  Practice some self-love by freeing yourself from them, then organize the clothes you love in a thoughtful, personal way.

This is a gift to yourself that can help you change your outlook each day by simply getting dressed.  By feeling good in what we wear, we are attracting positive energy into our lives.


Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Unclutter Your Life

Simplify Your Life

before closet

I am so glad it is FRIDAY!  Who is ready for the weekend?  With the crazy weather at the Jersey Shore this past week, I have been pulling out some spring clothes and tossing aside my fall sweaters.  I love the warmer weather but I have to admit my closet is a mess.

The change of season brings out the desire to change my wardrobe.  I know “if you haven’t worn it in the last year, toss it or give it away”.  I have always been a jeans girl – my style never changes but I want to change it up a bit.

I found a great blog post called “How to Simplify Your Life by Simplifying Your Wardrobe”.  This shabby chic momma is ready to change her look.  I can’t tell you how many mornings I have stood at my closet trying to get ready for a networking meeting and said “I have nothing to wear”.  I am sure that I am not alone, right?

I love Resa‘s suggestion of a capsule wardrobe.  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know what that was either so here goes:

A capsule wardrobe is a simplified wardrobe made of pieces that can easily be mixed, matched, and accessorized to be dressed up or down for any occasion.

FIRST step is to Declutter!  Grab each piece by hand and ask “does this bring me joy?” If it doesn’t, it’s time to let it go. Keep in mind that it’s hard to feel joy when something doesn’t fit quite right and brings a feeling of guilt or insecurity.  Get rid of the “what-ifs.” or “maybe I’ll need it later,” .  Let it go. Yes, I am humming the song from Frozen.  By letting go of the things, you are allowing yourself to simplify your life and surround yourself with things that spark joy.

Analyze and Assess what is left.  Figure out what the pieces have in common.  Chances are the pieces you have left are timeless classics that go beyond the trends and work for you right now.

Now for some fun. Figure out what kind of clothes you actually need based on your lifestyle.  As a home-based business owner, I would love a  mix of structure and casual style – a couple pairs of dark jeans you can dress up or down, interesting tees that you can layer with a good blazer, a couple nice blouses that you can dress down with jeans or dress up with a pencil skirt.  The next set of questions made to go “hmmm”.

Consider your aesthetic. Are you a more modern dresser? Girly? Bohemian? Edgy? Romantic? Figure out how you want to express yourself outwardly – clothes don’t have to be wholly utilitarian, after all! This all comes back to feeling joyful, so wear things that let you feel good.

Here is Resa’s recommended wardrobe framework:

  • 1 Bottom for Every 2.5 Tops
  • 4 Bottoms that Work for Most of Your Week – these should last you Monday through Friday in a pinch.
  • 2-3 Casual Bottoms that you love for weekends or play
  • 5-6 Casual Tops – These should be able to work under a jacket or on their own, with a scarf, with a cute necklace… These are your basics.
  • 2-3 Dressier Blouses – These should be ideal for date night, meetings, and office wear.
  • 1-2 Casual Sweaters – Make sure it’s something you can throw on for any situation and feel confident. Hoodies don’t count here (BOO!!)
  • 1-2 Accessory Jackets – A distressed denim jacket is always a good choice, and so are leather jackets.
  • 1 Blazer (minimum!) – This will upgrade almost any look, whether you’re going more casual or business

B4 & after closet copy

By picking pieces within a single color palette, you’re setting yourself up for certain success – nearly every top you have should go with every bottom. That’s the whole mixing & matching part. Keep in mind that this palette should be based on coordinated neutrals with pops of color, not the other way around!

I am ready to hit some thrift stores and make some changes without spending a lot of money.  What will you have in your capsule wardrobe?

Hope Wissel

Purses, Purses and More Purses

I am by no means a “fashionista”.  I am not up on all of the new fashion trends.  I am a simple girl that loves her jeans and flip flops.   So imagine my surprise when I found myself watching the Oscar’s Red Carpet event on Sunday. I was looking at the dresses and checking out the jewelry and the adorable little clutch purses.   I was even more shocked to actually be able to have a conversation about the fashions when it came up in conversation.

I know, what does that have to do with purses, right?  Well, I never thought of myself as a purse girl either.  So everyone was surprised when I started selling Thirty One.  Then I found my fav bag – the Retro Metro.  I was obsessed, I have one in just about every print and some are even personalized.

retro metro bag


Then the Jewell by Thirty One collection was introduced.  Can I say, I had my doubts?  The box arrived on my doorstep and inside were the purses that would transform this “shabby chic” girl into a budding fashionista (or maybe just a want to be).  I am still a jeans girl but my purses NOW catch people’s eye.  The Mini Diamond District arrived…

mini diamond

Hubby said… “if guys carried purses, this is the one I would carry”.  WOW!  If that isn’t a glowing endorsement.  See hubby would never be caught out of his jeans and sneakers or even consider carrying my purse when I was doing something.  So this was HUGE!  When I asked him why this one, he said it is the color!  YUP! That is what got me too.  I am still a “pink” girl and there are some awesome PINK items in the Jewell collection but this one drew me in to the world of “real” purses.

Thirty One’s biggest sale of the year is happening NOW on purses – 15 of them to be exact.  Spend $35 and get a purse at 50% off.  That is a steal considering that you could actually get TWO items for less than the cost of one of these awesome purses.  Which is YOUR favorite?

Jewell comparisons

Are you a budding fashionista?  Do you like to get a good deal?  Check out my website by clicking HERE!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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Hope Wissel

Shabby Chic

This morning’s devotional on ibelieve was entitled Shabby Chic Refinishing which got me to thinking of my own transformation over the last 6 months or so.

For many of us, we define ourselves by what we do or who we are related to not by just our name.  Growing up – I was Bob & Joan’s daughter.  At college – I didn’t know who I was.  When I entered the adult work force – I was Hope – Security Supervisor or Social Worker.  For several years, I carried the title of I am Hope – a recovering addict.  Then as a mom – I was always “Belinda’s mom”.  Don’t get me wrong – I wore each of my titles or hats with pride because that is what defined me.  I was like an antique (yes I am reaching the age to be called one) that had been covered many times with paint to change its color to match the environment that it was in. When Belinda left for college, for the first year I held on to that title for security purposes.  Then I had work so there I was a COO (Chief Operating Officer) for a non-profit.  I clung to that title for about 5 years because it kept me from peeling off the layers of who Hope really was.  

When I decided that I wanted to move into leadership with my direct sales company, I began to wear a new title “bag lady”.  I was excited to be part of a group again – able to be behind the scenes but again not peeling off all of the layers that covered who I truly was.  With a lot of help, the layers have been peeled off and the rough edges are being smoothed.  See, now that I peeled off those layers, I had to let ME shine.  I am working on ME and my personal growth.  I listen to 31 minute calls that will help me to grow my business.  I listen to direct sales trainers on how to be a good leader.  I attend meetings and networking events to meet more people as well as step out of my comfort zone.  I am no longer defined by the job title I have but I am now Hope Wissel – wife, mom, daughter, business women, life/ business coach, teacher, consultant, party planner and blogger.  I wear many hats but now not just one of them defines who I am.

If you met someone on the street and they said “Hi, my name is Hope.  It is nice to meet you?”  Would your immediate response be “XX, (your child’s name) mom? Or “XX, (your hubby’s name) wife?  They are hats we where but they do not define who we are on the inside.  Peel off the layers and find out who is on the inside.  It can be a little scary but the journey is AMAZING!

Transform from the shabby chic antique covered with layers to the polished antique that shows its natural beauty.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!