Hope Wissel

First Class Image

Did you know in 3 seconds people decide whether they want to continue a relationship with you or not?  I have heard this many times but I guess I always thought it had more to do with my 30-second “commercial” than how I looked.  Well, to say the least during a 31 minute training call this week, I had another AHA moment.  

Some may remember the show “PanAm Girls” (Am I showing my age?). When you thought of these flight attendants they were well groomed ALL the time, top notch, first class all the way.  Their hair, makeup, jewelry and clothes had everyone wishing they were like them.  What do you think of when you think of First Class?  As direct sales consultants, we are “on” all of the time.  Do people think we are well put together or a hot mess? People pass judgement on us without us even opening our mouth.  Our clothes have a language all its own and believe it or not, I am not sure mine doesn’t show that I am a hot mess more often then I want.  Is it a good thing that I am known for my PINK shirts?

I have been a jeans girl for as long as I can remember.  When I worked in the non-profit world as a Social Worker and even as a Chief Operating Officer, I wore jeans with comfortable shoes (no sneakers) and a nice shirt.  Of course, I dressed differently for things out of the office when I was representing the agency but most of the time it was still some form of jeans.  As a direct sales consultant, jeans and a company tee shirt has been my attire for parties – again no sneakers but comfortable shoes.  After listening to this training and the top tips, I may be going through a small transformation (nothing costly or dramatic) but just enough to  portray my best at all times.  Here are some of the tips that were shared with us during the call:
  1. Always where solid colors to a party or event.  You certainly don’t want to clash with your products.  As a Thirty One consultant, we have lots of prints to show so this makes sense but I also understand now why I see so many direct sales consultants in solid colors when they are highlighting their products.
  2. Be genuine, gracious and acknowledge others.  To me, this is a no-brainer for we Celebrate, Encourage and Reward our customers and hostesses.  This also is a great way to use Dana Wilde’s 10-second rule.
  3. Little details make up the big picture.  Pay attention to the little details that your customers or potential customers share with you.  When I am at an event or party, I even make notes on the order forms so I can remember something about the customer.  I tend to have
    “senior moments”
  4. Dress to showcase the best you.  Leave the tennis shoes at home.  Stay away from clothes that are too tight or too big.  Instead of jeans and a tee why not khakis and a tee. 
  5. If you saw you, what would you think?  Are you an all together girl?  Or are you a hot mess? When I think of an all-together person, there is a women at Weight Watchers who always looks FIRST CLASS.  Color coordinated, hair done, makeup, jewelry, etc. and she is just weighing in.  I always tell her that I aspire to be that together.
  6. You only have 3 seconds to make it or break it.  You are what you wear even BEFORE you have a chance to give your 30-second commercial.
There were 2 books that were shared that I have already ordered on Amazon:  Casual Power:: How to Power Up Your Nonverbal Communication & Dress Down for Success – Sherry Maysonave and You’ve Got Only Three Seconds – Camille Lavington.  What have I got to loose, right?  Who knows, I may recruit more & sell more so isn’t it worth a try?  The first step was to style my hair.  A clean cut that is more professional.  Next is a more put together look… one step at a time. How about you – do you portray a first class image or a hot mess?  

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.