Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

The Perfect Script

In direct sales, we are always looking for the “perfect” script for our parties.  The script that will get you sales, recruits AND bookings.  We want the magic want and we thing the perfect script is it, right?  So you memorize the script BUT it just falls flat.  You can’t figure out what you did wrong because it worked for Jane or Mary, right? So you look for another script.  The results seem to be the same – flat, not a lot of anything.

Now you are stumped, right?  Why didn’t it work?  I used the exact same words.  Do we every think that it could be us?   Maybe it is because you couldn’t get behind the words, they weren’t you.  No matter how much you practice, the words were uncomfortable.

So is the problem the script? Or is it that people aren’t buying YOUR essence?  Did you move your guests so that they wanted to buy?  Did they enjoy their experience?  Would YOU have sat through your party and bought anything?  YIKES!!

Genuine sales skills happen when you bring it to life or you reveal a deeper part of yourself through your work.  People buy from people they have a relationship with NOT because you have the best party script.

I will be honest here – for a LONG time, I tried to find the best script.  The one that brought the most sales, created interest in the products and where people had fun.  I am usually a little nervous getting up in front of people to talk even at a Thirty One party.  I know, go figure, right?  Then I realized that it wasn’t about the script – it was about me sharing my passion for the products.  Okay, I know that should have been a no-brainer after 4 years but I am always willing to try something else.  What worked for others just did not fit me and I had a hard time getting behind the words or the games.  My last party was an AHA moment in this area.

My script was one sheet that would be easy for anyone to follow.  Isn’t that the key to recruiting new team members?  The basic outline made sure that I stayed on track and hit all of the key points.  The real me shined through – the person they saw in front of them during the presentation was the same person that they chatted with during checkout.  They saw my love for the product.  They got to know me.  Bookings, sales and a recruit.

Being the genuine YOU moves people; they are influenced by you. They want to be in your presence because YOUR presence is contagious. And they want to do business with you.  You then become a great sales person because you are genuine.

The three skills to help you to reach that presence:

Silence – You need to cultivate the ability to quiet your mind. You may think yours is too noisy to quiet, but rest assured, there are techniques for doing exactly that.

Appreciation – The world is filled with wonder, and as a rule, you miss it when you live inside your own head. Start noticing the beauty around you and you’ll quickly become more present.

Self-awareness – We’ve been trained to avoid discomfort, so the minute we feel it we go unconscious and begin operating on automatic. Learn to feel what’s going on inside and to embrace it. This is a great aid for things like sales anxiety.

So, it isn’t about the perfect script.  Try these three tools daily and you’ll find yourself becoming more present, more magnetic, more influential, and ultimately, more capable of manifesting the sales results you desire.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!