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Small Thinking


 What do you think holds you back in your business (or maybe in life)?  I am sure you can think of a MILLION reasons why you have not achieved your goal or reached your dream but the truth is that it is nothing more than “small thinking”.   GUILTY!  I had some loving women call me on my stuff not to long ago.  I said I was “content”.  Content not to dream bigger.  Content where I was. Content to be stuck.  The truth was that I am afraid to imagine the possibilities in case I fail.  In other words, FEAR!  The emotion that is tied to the outcome is WAY stronger the the desire to work through the process.  I had convinced myself that it was God’s plan for me to stay where I was….SMACK!  I hadn’t even asked him or dare listened to his answer…

You know you have “small thinking”, if you think like this:

If only I could get one booking

I wish I could get people to spend just a little more money

I would be happy with just 1 new team member

I don’t need to earn the FREE vacation, I just want to make ends meet

I don’t want to be rich, I just want to pay my bills

 I can hear the groan!  It is all about changing your mindset, right?  It is more than that, here is some advice from the  President of Pure Romance..

TAKE it!

LIVE it!




FEEL it!

OWN it!

The truth is that you ARE what you focus on.  WOW! I don’t mean the just the negative thinking, I mean limiting your dreams, or letting FEAR rule your decisions.  FEAR of failure.  FEAR of what people think.  What if you were to “Commit to the process and Detach from the outcome”?  Sounds kind of scary, right?  We all want to see a successful outcome BUT when we focus on the outcome, we have emotions attached to our decisions. YIKES!!!

Thank you PowerCoach Alisha for this mantra:

“I Commit to the process & detach my emotions from the outcome”

I don’t know about you but emotions tend to control my life – personally and in business.  If I could detach from the emotions tied to the outcome for just a minute, I might get through the process long enough to BELIEVE that the goal is obtainable.

Okay, so what is YOUR small thinking statement?  Share it with us.  Let’s all “detach from the emotions together” so that we can KICK it in 2015.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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