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Calm The Clutter in Your Camper


 I have some great memories of camping with my family…. we went cross country in a station wagon with tents, we spent endless weekends hanging out at local campgrounds, and my grandparents RV was often my mode of transportation back to college.  RV’s have come a long way since I was growing up.  They are now designed with organization in mind. I am always amazed at where there are hidden storage compartments.  Being organized can help you make the most of your space.  You won’t have to worry about finding things or battling clutter because everything will have its place.  In most RVs the kitchen and living area are combined and it is the heart of your RV.   It’s the place to gather for meals, conversation, games, and entertainment.  Having this area organized makes food preparation easier, and creates a warm and welcoming space for everyone.

Most RVs now come with plenty of cabinets, BUT they usually don’t have shelves, just a big open space. Adding an extra shelf or two greatly increases the space and makes it easier to put things away.  A wire shelf gives more room in the kitchen cabinets.  Thirty One’s Your Way rectangles help keep cupboards clutter-free and keep things within easy reach.  The clear front allows you to see what is inside too.


Spices add to the flavor of things grilled on the open fire but those glass bottles can quickly get unruly without a system in place.  LEFT: Spice gripper clip strips from Amazon TOP MIDDLE: Ditch the glass bottles all together and store spices in small-labeled ziplock bags.  BOTTOM MIDDLE: How about designing your own magnetic spice rack? An old pie tin for the magnetic spice jars to stick on.  BOTTOM RIGHT: Spices in small drawers. The spices are labeled for easy identification.

I LOVE this inexpensive idea of using desk organizers (or file folder holders) for the closet to keep things organized and in place on the bottom.

RV Organization Tips

Use velcro to keep your remotes in place.

Use velcro to keep your remotes in place.

To make the most use of space in the living room, how about some bins to stow things in cabinets, under furniture, and on shelves. Storage bins can be a great place for extra toys, blankets and craft items for those rainy days.

12743976_992100247495794_5472616629628768676_nI was always a barefoot or flip flop kind of girl… BUT I was always looking for one of them…instead of fighting the never-ending battle to keep shoes under control, try Thirty One’s large utility tote.


A bedside caddy serves as a makeshift nightstand.


Here some tips on keeping clutter to a minimum in small spaces like bathrooms.


Another popular bathroom organizational tool is color-coded towels for each member in the family.

Utilize the inside of your doors

Utilize the inside of your doors.

Use broom holders to store your flashlights in a convenient place.

Use broom holders to store your flashlights in a convenient place.

 Make a “quick drop zone” for keys and sunglasses.  Directions here.

Make a "quick drop zone" for keys and sunglasses.

Add slide out drawers to an RV table.  Great for storing games and art supplies.

Add slide out drawers to an RV table.Calling all my RV travelers….. what are some of YOUR best tips?  Share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Home Organization

Creating A Kitchen Activity Center


Looks like the perfect kitchen, right?  Are you thinking “my kitchen will never look like that”?  Honestly, I’m not sure whose kitchen actually looks like this everyday if they cook!

In my efforts to de-clutter the kitchen, I have learned one very important rule: tools that work together should live together.


Living in a condo, we have that dreaded galley/alley kitchen.  Little counter space and even less cabinet space.  So if I am going by the “rule” to create activity centers, here are some ideas:

Most food prep begins with washing and cutting, right?  So, all the tools you  need for slicing, chopping, and cutting, should be close.  Here are some great ideas for storing those knives and it gets that wood block off the counter where there is VERY little space.


Hang a paper towel dispenser on the wall or beneath a cabinet to save space. To encourage hand washing and hygiene, decant liquid hand washing soap into a pretty pump dispenser and assign it a home next to the sink.

images shelf-mounted-paper-towel-holder

Cutting boards, grater, strainers, colander, mixing spoons, rubber scraper, garlic press, vegetable peeler, vegetable brush, melon scoop/melon baller should be in easy reach too.  Mine are all thrown in a drawer making it hard to find sometimes.  Again, counter space is limited but I do like these ideas:


How about those measuring spoons you are always hunting for?


We have about 2 feet wide of counter space between the sink and the stove which doesn’t really allow for a “cooking center”.  Pots and pans, are stored in a cabinet but if you have the space, here are some great ideas:

525565f0dbfa3f0d48000a37._w.540_h.352_s.fit_   How-to-Organize-Pots-and-Pans1

I am grateful for my under-stove drawer that let’s me store those often used pans.

Herbs and spices need to be conveniently located for easy seasoning, but make sure they are in a cool place: they’ll lose their savor stored under hot conditions.


Keep cereal, snacks and unbreakable dishes into spot for the kids. Place items on a low shelf for easy reach.


Keep seldom-used serving dishes in the way-back of the cabinet shelf, while plates and soup bowls enjoy the shelf front.

My nemesis is those plastic food storage containers.  You can keep them nested and handy.  Corral lids separately in a basket to prevent fallout.


How do you create “activity centers” in your kitchen to make life easier?  Share your ideas with us…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!