Hope Wissel

Coupon Clutch and More

Happy Saturday!  I am off to St. John’s United Methodist Church in Hazlet for their fall fest and craft show.  If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.  I will be partying Thirty One style along with having my handcrafted angels.

Today, I decided to focus on one of Thirty One‘s “overlooked” products.  I say that because when customers see the words “coupon clutch” they immediately react with  – I don’t use coupons.  I have to admit, even though I use them – I seldom carry them with me unless it is a PLANNED shopping trip.  As you know, I have been talking about budgeting and Dave Ramsey‘s envelope system.  I have a friend who got an adorable cash envelope system from Daisy Lane Designs on Etsy which got me to thinking (since I am all about different uses for Thirty One products) what would work the same way?  ANSWER:  The coupon clutch.

coupon-clutch 1

The coupon clutch has 5 accordion pockets for each of your categories along with 5 colored tabs for labeling each dividing pocket.  You can even have it personalized to encourage your saving habits.

Not into budgeting?  Are you a commuter?  Do you gather lots of receipts when you travel only to have to try and sort through them when you get home?  Why not use the coupon clutch to store those receipts?  You can label the tabs as: transportation, food, business expenses, medical – or whatever other labels you need to keep your bookkeeping records straight.  You can either carry it in your purse OR leave it in the car and then on the first of every month, take those receipts, log them in and return the clutch to the car to start all over again.

One of my “mom” customers, uses hers to hold all of those loose things in her purse.  I would use a mini zipper but am always open to suggestions.  She says it is easier to keep band-aids, tylenol packets, shout packets (for those little messes), nail file and more in this clutch.  If she is going to the fields to watch her children play sports, there is a pocket for her id, money and even her cell phone.  Add a wristlet strap and she is ready for any minor emergency.

So, the coupon clutch isn’t just for coupons… what would you use your COUPON CLUTCH for?  Add your ideas here and who knows you might even win one of your very own.