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How To Get Unstuck

We are at the end of the first “J” month.  In direct sales, June is one of those dreaded months where business can slow down.  Does it really slow down or do we loose our focus?  For those with kids, the summer means juggling activities and keeping them busy.  For others, it means nice weather so trips to the beach, barbecues and just enjoying time with friends and family.

Did you know, when you allow a summer slowdown, you are really forecasting what your business will be like in September and October?  What you do now will effect your business in 90 days…….It will be like restarting your business all over again when everyone else is gearing up for the busiest shopping time of the year.

Here is a simple three step process from one of my favorite business coaches, Julie Anne Jones. to get you unstuck.

Step 1:  Focus On What You Want

I know I am not alone because as  human beings, we naturally focus on what’s wrong and try to fix it, when things aren’t going our way.  The key to changing your mindset is you need to look for a solution instead of focusing on the problem itself.  I have talked about positive affirmations before – bringing the “good” into your universe, right?  One of the easiest ways to do it is to use these to get your mindset working for you.

Grab a sheet of paper or a journal and answer this question:

If the perfect outcome to your problem magically appeared, what would happen (be as specific as you can. Add details and remember to stay focused on what you want to happen, not on what you don’t want to happen). Doing a thorough job during this step will make the next two easier.

Step 2: Activate Gratitude

When I am feeling down or on the “pity pot”, I take a gratitude walk.  Sometimes it is outside enjoying nature but when it isn’t possible, I start writing a list.  Gratitude is the quickest, and easiest way to change your mindset from the negative to the positive. It’s hard to stay stuck when you’re focused on everything in your life you’re grateful for.

This step is fun…create a “Gratitude List” of at least five things you’re grateful for RIGHT NOW.  It can be as simple as “getting up this morning”, or having a roof over your head.  Keep writing for about 10 minutes.   See what happens when you focus on what you’re grateful for and how quickly things turn around for you.

Step 3:  Create Affirmations

Affirmations are positive “I am” statements about the outcomes you want.  You state them in the present as if they have already happened. Here are some examples:

  • I am attracting the perfect clients in my business and love helping them succeed.
  • I am making enough money to pay my bills
  • I am booking parties and love helping people get FREE products
  • I am at my goal weight and am enjoying eating healthy

Can’t wait to hear how your summer turns out…. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Travel Tips

Traveling with Kids


Summer will be quickly upon us and for many that means VACATION!!!!  Whether it is a day trip or a road trip. Whether it is a 1 hour ride or a 12 hour ride; keeping the kids busy and happy can always a challenge.  Belinda always used to fall asleep on long rides so we didn’t hear a lot of the “are we there yet?”.  She was just like me – I was (and still am) asleep about an hour into riding as a passenger on a long trip. Belinda loved staying at hotels as long as they had a pool and room service but what kid doesn’t, right?

Traveling can be tough on kids, which makes it tough on parents.  So here are some tips to help while on the road or when you arrive at the hotel.

Snacks. Picking on snacks and road trips seem to go hand and hand in our family.  I can remember snack bags being packed even as a child when we were on the road.  Bring the ones your tot likes at home it will save some money, and have some healthy options, and eliminate LOTS of food stops.  Let each child have their own bag filled with snacks


Activities:  Whether you are on the road or in the hotel, you want to have some of your children’s favorite toys or movies (within reason). Give your kids something familiar to play with by letting them choose a favorite toy to bring along.  Let them pack their own activity bag:

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I love this suggestion from one of my readers….


Now, you arrive at the hotel – for some kids (not mine) it can be hard to get comfortable. But there are lots of ways to bring a bit of home with you – without bringing your whole house along – that will help your kid feel more at ease and get a better night’s sleep.

Bedding:  Wouldn’t you sleep better with your own pillow or a blanket? For kids who crave consistency and routine, these homey touches can make a bland hotel room much more appealing.

Bedtime routine is usually tossed out the window when we travel, right?  But taking the time to read a book, or sing a song, or whatever your child loves to do before drifting off to sleep will help.

Bring their favorite sleep item. Belinda has puppy.  Puppy went on every trip from the tip she was 2. In fact, puppy traveled to college and if I were to ask her now that she is married where puppy is, I am sure he has a special spot in her home.  Make sure you bring that something special that comforts them at night.

What do you bring with you to help your kids feel at home on the road? Share in the comments.

Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

A Weekly Staff Meeting?

monday morning

Okay so it is really Tuesday!  BUT for most, yesterday was a holiday SO today will feel like a Monday.  I am ready to kick off the week with some new structure in my business that I wanted to share with you.

I spent last week trying to regroup after being away for 5 days.  Mentally, I was away for like 2 weeks with all of the wedding festivities.  I struggled to get back on track.  My sales in August were down but I expected that – why?  I wasn’t working my business.  I coasted through the summer meeting my minimums.  I did the same as I did in 2014 but definitely not where I want my business to be next year during the summer.  How many of you did the same thing?  Did you set a goal to do better over the summer but then fell into the same Vacation Veronica syndrome?  Admit it – we let life run our business.  A lack of structure or systems has kicked us in the butt!

Well, the kids are back to school.  The busy holiday season is rapidly approaching and I am ready to capture the business.  Are you?

Deb Bixler, a home party plan coach, posted a comment in the Women in Business Facebook group that said:

At the end of every week, have a meeting with yourself.How did I do this week? What do I need to accomplish next week? Am I stuck on anything, and if so, who can help me?

This was such an AHA for me!  Have you or do you currently work some place where they have weekly staff meetings?  You know the ones that you hate – come together to talk about what needs to be done or the status of current projects.  I had them all of the time when I was managing a non-profit.  I never thought of having one in my own business.  Why would I – I have a team not a staff.  The truth is this is a great way to take that LONG To Do list and narrow it down for the week.

So, starting TODAY, I am going to take action to put some structure in my business.  I always thought structure was for other businesses NOT my home based business.  Crazy, right?  I avoided structure and just flew by the seat of my pants.  Where did that get me?  Low sales.  Low party numbers. Low recruiting numbers.  Overall, a poor example for my team.

It is time to reframe our thinking.  Structure doesn’t have to be boring.  Structure doesn’t have to suffocate you.  Structure helps us to set systems in place so that we can reach our goals.  I know for some this is a no brainer.  Yes, I thought I had a system.  I am in my office every morning with a daily checklist of things to do.  I mark them off and feel like I have accomplished something BUT a lot of it is busy work.  The truth is my systems didn’t work.  The tasks were not income producing – they were just tasks.  So, I am revamping and it will include a weekly meeting.  Maybe even 2 meetings with myself – one at the end of the week to see how things went during the week and one at the beginning of the week to regroup after the weekend to see if anything needs to be adjusted on my weekly planner.

What is on YOUR agenda for your weekly meeting? Share your best tip for staying on track in your business.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Hope Wissel

Thirty One Gifts JUNE Hostess and Customer Special

In just a few days it will officially be the start of summer.  No, I am not crazy it will be Memorial Day Weekend and for someone who grew up on the Jersey Shore, we knew this was the start of the season.  Belinda and I were just talking about that the other day… her friends were at Myrtle Beach and it was a cloudy, dreary day with a hurricane working its way up the shoreline.  Belinda told them “that is the BEST time to be at the beach”.  Well to say the least the mountain girls didn’t feel the same way.

I am so excited about the Thirty One’s June Hostess and Customer special.  It is a GREAT way to kick off the summer with everyone planning their summer vacation.  I am sure you are counting down the days to your summer vacation, right?  If you have kids, we know they are counting down to the last day of school.  There are THREE opportunities with Thirty One in June”

Want to be a hostess?

Thank you to Christina’s Creations for the visual.  For just $200 in orders, YOU can have a qualified party.  Did you know that was only 6 orders of $35?  I offer home, catalog/online, on the go and Facebook parties.  Which one will fit into YOUR busy schedule?


Do you just LOVE to shop?  

Thirty One’s Customer Special for JUNE is a combination of a limited edition product AND one of Thirty One’s Top 20 products – the Double Duty Caddy.

11154664_10153277645914188_7857692294119877623_oGet this for just $25 (retail $80) with just a $35 purchase.

2015-04-23 11.21.14  11161734_10153277645924188_7486327860803817178_o

double duty 3 Get this for just $10 with a $35 purchase.

How about surprises?  The product contained in these “surprise bags” are valued at double the cost.  I can guarantee that you will LOVE whatever you get.

c6:1 c6:8 c6:15 c6:22

The third option is to EARN money. Want to join my team?

flip your party

So, there are THREE opportunities with Thirty One this summer:

3 options

Which opportunity is for you? Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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